Democrat Senator Slips Ford’s Lawyer An ‘Envelope’ Before Hearing

Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson of Texas was
caught on camera Thursday morning handing what appears to be an envelope to Michael
Bromwich, the lawyer who represents Christine Blasey Ford. On Thursday, Ford testified before the Senate
Judiciary Committee about her allegations that Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh
sexually assaulted her roughly 36 years ago. Kavanaugh strongly denies the allegations,
and will be telling his side on Thursday afternoon. Sign the official petition to tell Congress
to confirm Brett Kavanaugh here. But more importantly, what is Jackson handing
to Bromwich before the hearing? In the video clip below, Jackson can clearly
be seen handing what looks like an envelope to Bromwich while they secretly discuss something. The entire incident took place just behind
where Ford is sitting for the hearing. Of course, there are a number of theories
about what the document was, what might have been in the envelope, and why Jackson suspiciously
handed it to him while hiding behind Ford. Also, Jackson is a member of the House of
Representatives, not the U.S. Senate. Why is she even there for the hearing? The clip ignited a firestorm online, with
many social media users asking what Jackson slipped to Ford’s lawyer before the hearing
began. Aside from it looking like a shady, back-door
deal, it has not been a good day for Ford and Democrats hoping her testimony would be
detrimental to Kavanaugh’s nomination. Less than 30 minutes into the opening remarks
of the hearing, Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii got busted sending out fundraising
emails to her supporters. Hirono wrote in the desperate email that she
has been “fighting the Republicans who are desperate to rush Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination
and deny a fair investigation into credible sexual misconduct allegations against him.” The Democratic Senator serves on the Senate
Judiciary Committee overseeing Thursday’s hearing, which will feature testimony from
Ford and Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Ford alleges Kavanaugh sexually assaulted
her roughly 36 years ago. Kavanaugh strongly denies the allegations. Hirono has become one of the most extreme
voices for the Left’s anti-Kavanaugh movement, recently demanding that President Donald Trump
withdraw his nomination and claimed Kavanaugh’s “ideological agenda” was too conservative. Sign the official petition to tell Congress
to confirm Brett Kavanaugh here. The fundraising email was so bad that even
CNN reporter Kate Bennett tweeted out a screenshot of it on Thursday morning:
Later in the hearing, Ford came under fire numerous times for offering misleading, inaccurate,
and utterly ridiculous claims surrounding her allegations. One of the most notable exchanges came when
Ford was asked by Rachel Mitchell — an Arizona sex crimes prosecutor and expert leading the
questions for Republicans — why she previously claimed she was “terrified of flying on
airplanes.” Despite her claim of being terrified to fly,
Ford admitted that she has been on numerous vacations this year, all of which she took
an airplane to travel to. In another clip, Ford literally admitted that
it’s easier to fly when she’s going on vacation than for her to fly to testify in
Washington. Whether it’s Ford’s allegations getting
exposed, Democrats trying to exploit the situation for money, or Jackson suspiciously slipping
an envelope to Ford’s lawyer — this has been an awful day for the Democratic Party.

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