Democrat Lt. Gov. Charged With Criminal Misconduct, Liberals Demand Immediate Departure

Another day, another Democrat caught in a
scandal. We never have to wait long before we learn about another dirty Dem. It’s almost
like clockwork these days. You’d think that their party would take
drastic measures to change their ways. Yet we continue to hear about Liberals breaking
the law or harming their own staff. This time, a fellow Democrat is outing one
of her own. And based on the information provided, it is for the best interest of everyone if
this creepy Lt. Governor steps down immediately. From Daily Wire: California Lieutenant Governor and Democratic
gubernatorial candidate, Gavin Newsom, is taking heat from his primary opponent, Amanda
Renteria, for his history of alleged sexual misconduct. In a statement made Thursday,
Renteria called on Newsom to exit the California governor’s race and to step down immediately
from his current position. Renteria pulled no punches in her missive,
accusing Newsom of misusing his power over female subordinates. “The most progressive state in the union
will not go back to a time when we had to politely smile while someone with a history
of harming employees and misusing his power gets promoted. No more. Not ever again,”
Renteria said… She went on to call on Newsom to “step down
from the role you shouldn’t have to begin with.” Newsom has a history of dirty deeds. As mayor
of San Francisco, he had an affair with a staffer’s wife. He also dated a 19-year-old
model, taking her to parties where she drank underaged. Democrats caught in sexual scandals has become
a common-place thing. It seems like they can’t keep their hands out of the cookie jar. But before you think Renteria is doing the
virtuous thing but demanding his departure, keep in mind how it will help her. Don’t
be fooled, she is attacking him simply because it will help further her political career. For decades, other Democrats were happy to
sweep these scandals under the carpet. And don’t think this is a “man versus woman”
issue. There have been numerous female Democrats exposed for sexual crimes. Especially in California. So, when is America going to reject this toxic
party? All of their major contenders either commit sexual crimes or hide them. It’s about time we demolished this party
once and for all.

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