Cringey Election Finale, Illegal Ballots Stir Controversy, and BJs for Hillary… I’m over this.

Sup you beautiful bastards hope you have a fantastic Tuesday welcome back to the philip defranco show before we jump into it oh my god it’s here, election day is here I voted this morning i got in line like four minutes of drama where maybe I wasn’t gonna be able to vote, I was able to vote everything’s good oh my god what’s gonna happen tonight I don’t know I just want to be over i know that we’re gonna have to live with the results of it but it’s just like *horse noise* anyway, let’s jump to the first story today and the first thing is i have a brand new favorite moment from this election cycle last night in New York’s Washington Square Park Madonna had a surprise concert in support of Hillary Clinton and you know how sometimes when you’re at a concert when an artist is between songs they’ll start talking to the audience and that will lead into the next song well Madonna was doing that and this moment happened *Madonna* because there’s a lot of people out there you don’t that don’t believe that women have a voice or that the minorities have a voice and I do consider myself a minority *Background* What?! *Madonna* uh yeah I do *Phil laughing* What? I hate when something legitimately makes me laugh because i hate my real laugh it borders on that horrible ricky gervais laugh keep in mind this picture shouldn’t be a shock to you remember when she ah, she tweeted out this hashtag on a picture of her son and she deleted it repost the picture with a get off my dick haters then tried to patch in the statement saying that women are marginalized and there are there are a lot of cases where they are is still weird the Madonna considers herself a minority although I mean if you think about it she is a part of the one percent is technically a minority but uh, not the way people usually use that term in this country my final note on this one I just want to say to the woman that said what I love you because it sounded like you didn’t mean for that to come out of your face like a brain was so confused and rejected Madonna just said your body went blah what super ultimate main point I would like to organize the million Madonna March Madonna’s in this country are minority that have been swept under the rug granted it’s likely a silk rug like this one that sold for 4.4 million dollars in 2008 but still why is no one out there defending and talking about Madonna rights I my friends am ashamed to live in this country and that’s why my friends on Election Day 2024 please vote DeFranco so we can make American like a virgin again and i’m done with this but don’t you think you’re a minority anyway next story then what other election news do we have there are reportes that Trump said the bill belichick and Tom Brady were voting for and someone asked Gisele hey are you and Tom backing Donald Trump she said no no that matter the most of the story means is like oh and Tom Brady and Gisele don’t support the same candidates there are also 2 pornstars angelina castro and maggie green made a video is saying that if you follow us on twitter and you don’t vote for Donald Trump your vote for Hillary Clinton we will blow you as far as how you collect on said bjs they said that they’re going to post the details on three days after the election tentatively they are planning on Inauguration Day as the day to give those blowjobs out and I’m trying to think of the nicest way to say this actually there’s there’s no nice way to say it a next story then we have people calling for Eric trump to be arrested because he tweeted out a picture of his field in ballot Eric Trump lives in New York a state where technically if you tweet out a picture of your ballot that is signed it is illegal it’s technically a misdemeanor punishable with a one-thousand-dollar fine and up to one year in jail another celeb that might get in trouble around this justin timberlake he did a voting booth selfie back in Tennessee there it’s punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fifty dollar fine I’ve also seen everyday people doing it i just i don’t know if they will actually pursue it maybe because they are so high-profile they might want to make an example out of them but i just i don’t see that happening it also seems like an odd law to me what’s the difference between posting a picture where it shows that you vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or whoever and just tweeting out hey I voted for Donald Trump Hillary Clinton or whoever what like I just don’t get it also for those wondering no it’s not illegal in every state if you want to see just a quickie handy guide to see if it is illegal in your state link to that down below actually with that story I want to pass that on to you do you think that Eric trump or Timberlake should they be punished some people have argued the reason that it’s illegal isn’t so much that you’re sharing it’s like you’re slowing down the process to other people that might want to vote for taking up an extra 10 seconds 60 seconds that adds up to just be the final people being petty I don’t know what you think and why from there I want to share some stuff i love today and today in awesome brought to you by the DeFranco 2024 shirts doesn’t matter if you voted for Clinton Trump third-party candidate maybe harambee I will need your vote in 2024 to undo the damage of President Kanye West and vice president Taylor Swift have done and in the meantime let people know that I support common-sense and conversation also fun thing I saw someone made a video that like use the logo as a AR (RV?) experienced main point I put the shirt up for a few days the first bit of awesome it’s actually self promo awesome i put a video out on the PhillyD channel it’s just meant to be just happy something we can just take a break from the anxiety that is this election and just smile for like seven minutes we got another peek at ghost in the shell we also got the news that NASA has completed the 8.7 billion dollar james webb space telescope is the successor to the Hubble telescope and will collect seven times more light than the Hubble telescope and scan the infrared spectrum to see through dust then online we’re seeing a battle of the challenges over the past few days we’ve been seeing the mannequin challenge where everyone stays still in frame and now another one that has popped up is the Andy’s coming challenge that of course inspired by toy story and remember if you wanna see the full version is everything I share the secret link of the day anything at all links as always are in the description down below and in really big police beating news and it’s its extra important if you are a resident of Michigan 36.6 million dollars that are coming from the taxpayers of Michigan are going to william jennings. william is a 42 year old man who back in two thousand was arrested on a drunk driving charge and inside of the jailhouse he was beaten dragged to the floor had his face smashed into a cement wall was tied down with a bag over his face by police officers in the jailhouse and it was all caught on tape the defense for the five officers stated the force and maneuvers utilized where appropriate to control the situation which one of Williams lawyers said they attacked him in the jail then they handcuffed him and continued to assault him smashing his face into the wall they then took him into a safety cell covered his mouth tasered him and put a bag over his head and tied him down keep in mind this number might go down the defenses likely to appeal it is not guaranteed but it does look like the jury was trying to send a message here and and that’s a big thing to keep in mind around police brutality it’s not just a human rights issue it’s an economic issue you’ve got bad cops they’re eventually going to be caught and they’re going to cost your state A TON of money just to give you an idea of how much taxpayer money goes into stuff like this that since 2009 taxpayers of New York had to pay 420 million dollars just for wrongful arrest and civil rights settlements then in celebrity news that actually is kind of more than just celebrity news prince harry and meghan markle from suits are totally in a relationship OMG i don’t actually care about celebrity couples i think that people who put stock in relationships of famous people in their life if that doesn’t work then nothing will that’s stupid but the reason this caught my eye is that the announcement came from Kensington Palace they released a statement confirming that the relationship was a thing and also kinda sorta ask the media to stop being so sexist and racist here’s a small bit the past week has seen a line crossed his girlfriend meghan markle has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment some of this has been very public the smear of the front page of a national newspaper racial undertones of comment pieces and outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments some of it has been hidden from the public the nightly legal battle to keep defamatory stories out of the papers her mother having to struggle past photographers in order to get to her front door the attempt of reporters and photographers to gain illegal entry to her home and the calls of police that followed because this isn’t my cup of tea i had to look at some of the articles and wow the Daily Mail Harry’s girl is almost straight out of Compton when you read the article there are these racial undertones a kind of get the feeling that they want to call it hairy girls black black girl others describe her as not Harry’s usual type one paper when talking about her said her mother is visibly black with dreadlocks I mean I can handle black but visibly black as far as racist comments oh there’s a lot of them which also begs the question I I in general I don’t understand racism disliking or thinking someone is lesser than you because of the color of their skin it’s so it’s so stupid i think you have to be next level racist to look at one of the lightest skinned half black girls ever and be like ew that’s some what percentage of you is different in your blood kind of racist now as far as the harassment from the media of just hounding her family people trying to break in I don’t know what you do about that will never fully understand viewing someone is lesser or as a thing because they have a different skin color than you that’s so fucking stupid i am glad i see less and less than that from young people i think most inherently have prejudice some that we we don’t think that we have but if we have to deal with on a personal level beyond the smallest things that you just need to be honest with yourself figure yourself out when I look at people in my generation and now the younger generation it seems that there will always be some hate there but it is a much lesser hate the same loving or at the very least more open to those who are different than that many you agree with the idea that it’s stupid to dislike someone because of their race couldn’t care less who people wanna have sex with or marry or whatever main point people people don’t care of your royal years everybody who ever stop hating people for what they are and maybe hate people for what they do don’t fix everything but you’re fantastic start and you know what that’s where I’m gonna end today’s show I’m gonna I’m gonna leave from here I’m gonna get in a nice, i’m gonna get in a bubble bath I know some people have their hate baths I hate you not really but I really do love bubble baths like really hot to the point that you kind of almost pass out risking my fall asleep in the tub and then you get out of the blood pulsing through your whole body very unhealthy but i’m gonna do that relax see what America decides tonight yeah that’s actually where i’m going to end today’s show remember if you like this video like what I do on this channel hit that like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe button also remember if you want snag a shirt while you can but that’s of course as always my name is philip defranco you’ve just been phill’d in I love your faces and i’ll see you tomorrow if there is a tomorrow what do you want to say the people on Election Day Happy birthday together *Laughter*

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