Creating Polls in Mediasite 7.2

Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks’ Instructional
Tech Tuneup. This week I want to show you a way to add
some interactivity to your Mediasite presentations Let’s take a look at the Polling feature. You’ll find it’s pretty easy to handle
polling in Mediasite. I began by logging into My Mediasite at the
usual address. Now I click on the presentation title to open
the presentation. First things first we have to turn Polling
on before you can create a poll. So I click on Edit over here on the right And then Player over here in the Tabs. Scroll down, and click on Enable Polls Don’t forget to click Save at the top Now we go down here on the right to where it says Edit Polls. A new window opens up, this is where you
create your questions. They give you a blank question to start, so
I will edit it. I have something ready which I will copy and paste “ This presentation taught me about the
proper use of resumes” I’ll leave the Type on Single Selection,
what that means is the user can choose only one answer. And then I enter the answers Answer one is yes, answer two is no Notice here you have control over the Question
Visibility. If you select Hidden that essentially
turns the poll off and no one can see it, maybe that’s good if you want to wait to publish
the poll. I like to leave Show Results selected, so
that user and you will see charts displaying the results of the poll. And then finally I click Save Question Let’s do another one. I want to add a new question so I click new question And then I edit it Copy…. and paste What things should you NOT include on your
resume (pick all that apply) This time I’ll use multiple selections which means a person
can pick more than one answer. So let me add some answers. Marital status Contact Information I want to add another choice so I click Add Choice Gender Add another one Date of Birth Again I’m going to leave the poll open and I want to show results And I click Save Question Now I’m going to close this window and go back so we can view the presentation I’ll move that down so you can see what I’m doing and I click on the X I’ll move it back up and now we click on Watch Now if you look – let me move this again If you look at the bottom Play tab You notice an extra icon there and that’s Show Polls Click on it and the polls pop up in a new window. Let’s take the poll “This presentation taught me about the proper use of resumes” – Yes and click Submit There you can see the chart and take this poll “What things should you NOT include on your resume (pick all that apply)” Gender and marital status – and Submit Since I’m the only one that took the poll, there really isn’t a lot of interest there, but you get the idea And that’s it Think about including polls in your next Mediasite
presentation, and if you have any questions at all you can reach me at [email protected] Thanks for watching!

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