Corrupt Democrats DESPERATE For Centrist Nominee

>>Last night following the Democratic debate
in Ohio, Cenk mentioned that he believed Bernie Sanders and progressive over all won the debate. Now the mainstream media has a completely
different view on who won, and I wanna talk about that a little bit. Politico has a piece out, and the title, the
headline really caught my attention. It read quote, I’m starting not to care, that
she is brutal to her staff. And that was a quote in regard to one of the
20 political experts, they spoke to about the debates last night. And this individual is apparently a fun of
Amy Klobuchar. Let me give you the exact quote, it’s from
Larry Salvador. He’s a political contributor. He said, quote, Klobuchar had some smart answers. I’m starting not to care that she’s brutal
to her staff. Why do we care so much about that? 99.9% of us will never work for her.>>Okay, look, he’s an interesting character
and he has his spots where he brings you numbers and stats and stuff that I find interesting. But like almost all the rest of them have
a bias that they’re not that is so deep, they’re not aware of it. We’ll get to that in a second. But that particular line is horrific. And he should have thought. I mean, that’s a smart guy, man. You’re very dumb comment because you couldn’t
use the same logic for Harvey Weinstein. Hey, 99.9% of us didn’t work for Harvey Weinstein. So what difference does it make what he did
to his staff? No, it makes a difference. Okay, now I’m not saying closure. So I say yc, don’t get me wrong. But yeah, you should care about what kind
of person they are. But that’s a small part of this. It’s just a really bad code. The bigger issue is, they’re bias.>>Look, I think that that quote is not a
small part of this, right? Because, the message behind it is, we don’t
care how much these centrist democrats could possibly hurt the American people, democratic
voters, whatever it is. I would rather have a centrist who’s gonna
keep things nice, and comfy, and cozy for me even if there are abusive people, even
if they could cause actual harm to people. Because it makes me comfortable, that’s what
it’s communicating. That’s why I think it’s important to mention
that to you. But then they have a former House Republican
committee council member, Sophia Nelson. And here’s what she had to say. The winners were Klobuchar and Buttigieg. The centrist Midwestern candidates went after
Warren with a vengeance all night and they genuinely think that those attacks worked
that they landed. But I don’t know maybe I have a bias but I
felt like their attacks were incredibly lame. In fact, I’m gonna show you one of them. I’m gonna go to the Klobuchar video next. This is AB Klobuchar from last night. And she’s going after Elizabeth Warren on
the issue of the wealth taxes. We all know Elizabeth Warren wants to implement
a wealth tax, and Klobuchar isn’t a fan of that. Take a look.>>Will a wealth tax work?>>It could work, I am open to it. But I wanna give it a reality check here to
Elizabeth because no one on this stage wants to protect the billionaires, not even a billionaire
wants to protect billionaires.>>We just have different approaches. Your idea is not the only idea. And when I look at this, I think about Donald
Trump.>>So let me give you a sense of what her
different approaches are. These are statements that Klobuchar made last
night. One of the statements was this Trump tax plan,
these tax cuts, terrible. If I got elected I would repeal significant
parts of that tax legislation.>>In other words you’re gonna keep most of
the corporate taxes.>>Yeah, let’s keep it real.>>Yeah, and by the way, you don’t even have
to agree with most. She said it. She’s at least gonna keep some of the corporate
tax cuts. In other words, I just have a difference of
opinion with Trump that is of degree, not of kind. So Sanders and Warner are saying, no, we’re
gonna do things completely differently. Not only are we gonna restore those tax cuts
or those tax rates to where they were, but we’re gonna add tax on top of that. So that’s a legitimate difference of opinion
and policy. Klobuchar says, well, I’m not gonna do any
of the taxes you’re talking about, and the Trump tax cuts for the rich. I like some of them, but some of them is too
much. Well, that’s not a very compelling case. But that’s gonna get to the heart of this
issue, which is who’s right and who’s wrong. Because they think we are bias. We think their bias. I am going to make our case in a second. But there is an easy way that you could find
out. Well, how did they do? So I am telling you right now, and then as
I have said in throughout the different debates, I will tell you who I think I am, who I think
one, and then you will see it as you have seen in almost every debate. And I know they’ll find it unbearable, but
you can go back and look at the videos. You could go back and look at the numbers
and this is important. And I’m gonna get to the political ramifications
of this in a second, but I’ve been right. And so I told you, Yang was gonna go to six
he did. I told you Warren was gonna rise cuz of policy
issues. And she did, is it about me? Not remotely. The policy matters, it matters. But the rest of the media says, no, I like
Klobuchar fighting back, policy doesn’t matter. And so I told you that Kamala Harris would
rise after she went after Biden, and she did rise. And I’m not a fan of Kamala Harris’ policies
overall, so what’s the objective? I tell you what’s going to happen, based on
what actually occurred on the stage that night. So this time around, I told you last night
I think Sanders won, I thought Warren did one and all the progressives had great. And now all the panels are telling you, you
almost all of them and Politico and on television say Klobuchar and Buttigieg won, so let’s
find out. So over the next couple of weeks I think Sanders
will continue to now come back and start to rise. And they think apparently Klobuchar did great,
so she should rise. And I’ll tell you right now ahead of time,
so you can’t cry about it later and say, Cenk, you’re doing puffery. Okay, I’m telling you as always ahead of time,
Klobuchar will not rise. She will not rise. She did not do well. She went on stage and told everybody, I’m
not gonna give you this, I’m not gonna give you that. I’m not gonna go for big change and I’m not
gonna go for hope. It’s a terrible, even if you don’t agree with
it or you do agree with it policy wise, it’s terrible politics.>>Yes.>>You remember that moment where she was
doing a town hall, CNN and she said hey everybody look under your chairs. And that’s what I’m gonna give you, nothing.>>I can’t believe it like-
>>And upon this look at that and go giving the average person nothing way to go, Klobuchar
is awesome. I get to keep all my money, all my millions
of dollars. And you get nothing from Klobuchar, she’s
rising. Really? Because she isn’t, I told you she would never
get above a tiny tiny numbers and she’s sitting in 2%. She’s barely making it on the stage who was
right and who was wrong, it matters why does it matter. I’m sorry, I’m back here one second to Ana,
why does it matter? Because it’s millions, potentially billions
of dollars in free media that is at stake. So these guys do puffery of Klobuchar and
Buttigieg, and so it’s nonstop ads, Buttigieg, fantastic, fantastic. Klobuchar, fantastic buyer, which is Sanders
terrible, terrible terrible, and that’s an unbelievable amount of advertising on the
side of the establishment.>>Can I?>>And then they say know your bias, no, your
bias is preposterous. You know matter how many times you prove to
you that you’re wrong, you will not get off of it because it isn’t about being right or
wrong factually. It’s that you just want to support the candidates
you like because your bias is through the roof.>>So Sophia Nelson who I coded earlier in
regard to obviously her lufer Klobuchar, Buttigieg also commented on Warren and Bernie. So just to juxtapose which she had said previously
here what she says about presidential candidates. Warren maintained her status quo. Sanders was back considering he just suffered
a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. Wow, expert opinion, really that’s excellent.>>And that’s as kind as they’ll ever be to
Bernie Sanders. And if you notice her title, she’s a Republican.>>Yeah.>>Why are we asking the Republicans what
they thought of Democrats? Of course, they like the most conservative
Democrats, Klobuchar and Buttigieg. Wow, what an interesting story. Republicans, who do you think we should pick? Could you imagine Republicans doing likewise? Going, Democrats, what do you think our debates? Who do you think we should pick? And the Democrats go I think you pick Mike
Huckabee. And the Republicans are like, okay, let’s
pick Mike Huckabee, that conversation would never happen, never does happen. It’s absurd, the Republicans don’t give a
damn what Democrats think. In fact, they gon in the opposite direction. But yet the politicals of the world, the mainstream
media is constantly like, hey you better do what the Republican consultants tell you to
do about who you should pick as your nominee. The only person who would do that is someone
maniacly stupid. They’re on the opposite side. Are you so bias you can’t even see that?>>I have promoted a podcast on the show previously
because I do listen to it daily, which is the name of the podcast The Dailies, The New
York Times podcast, but I will criticize them when it’s appropriate. And today’s episode of that podcast was terrible
and it was also titled, The Moderates Strikes Back: the 4th Democratic Debate.>>Well, I’m gonna tell you what I like about
that is it makes you think of the Darth Vader. Empire strikes back. Well, that’s true. Good luck with that.>>No.>>I got news for you, turns out your Death
Star has an Achilles heel.>>Now, we don’t have polling form the debate
yet, and I’m sure how we’re gonna see how the debate impacted the candidates’ numbers,
but we do have some pieces->>I’m sure Klobuchar won.>>I’m sure, yeah, she won from, what, 1%,
if that?>>Does anybody thing Klobuchar, all of the
wash the things Klobuchar won. Does anybody think ahead of time that the
polling is gonna show that Klobuchar won.>>Now, here’s some data that we do have,
right? When it comes to social media, Twitter specifically
who was tweeted about the most. So if you take a look at this list, you have
Joe Biden at number one, you have Elizabeth Warren and number two.>>Bernie Sanders at 3, Kamala Harris at 4,
Pete Buttigieg at 5, and Tulsi Gabbard at number 6. Now, I’m mentioning this because in the Spin
Room, based on what Klippenstein, one of our reporters said, everyone was buzzing about
the establishment and centrist democrats. And he had specifically mentioned there was
a disconnect between what was going on in the spin room with mainstream media sources
and what was actually happening on social media. So there’s that, and then one other thing,
what was the most tweeted moment? And this actually surprised me, and it was
a strong moment for Julian Castro. It was when he said this, quote. I’m not gonna give these police officers another
reason to go door-to-door in certain communities. Because police violence is also gun violence
and we need to address that.>>Yeah, so look, I think the things that
are tweeted the most is not a great indication of who won the debate. But the mainstream media consistently manipulates
the evidence. Al Gore won most of the debates against George
Bush, so did John Kerry. Combined they won 5 out of the 6 debates. But the media didn’t play it that way. They said Al Gore did the sigh and the rolling
of the eyes, he lost, he’s terrible, etc. He takes advice by a woman on how to dress. I can’t believe it, what a beta male. They went in and they did every republican
talking point. They never actually told anybody no Gore won
the debates, including the one that he cited. They never told people that Kerry won the
debates. Instead, they said he’s a wallflower, a flip
flopper. They did every republican talking point. And so then they turn around and say, it’s
the liberal media hilarious. So look, guys, proofs in the pudding. The polls are gonna come out they’re gonna
continue to come out both for the debate and overall and Klobuchar will not have won the
debate and her numbers will not move. They paint when Bernie Sanders hit his Nadir. He was at 14%, still solidly in third. Right now he’s actually rising and in New
Hampshire, he’s in a statistical tie with Warren and Biden. They’re in a three way tie, okay. And then learn the latest George Washington
University poll. Nationally, Sanders is moved to number two,
Biden has gotten down to number three. But when they talk about Sanders, it is constantly
framed as going down, going down in really bad shape, moving down, right? Well, where’s Klobuchar going? Has she moved up?>>Yeah.>>Has she ever, ever ever. So why don’t they ever frame it as Klobuchar
who’s had a disastrous campaign. Klobuchar who’s never moved up. Klobuchar, who’s had no momentum.>>Whose jokes never land during debates.>>Right, no, they never say that. How about Buttigieg? They’re like, we got Buttigieg, it could be
Buttigieg, Buttigieg! Okay, so at his peak, he’s at what, 5%? So well, Bernie Sanders at his worst was triple
the numbers of Buttigieg. Did a single article in the mainstream press
ever frame it that way. Now those are facts, but then they will turn
it around and say, you guys like progressives, so you’re bias. The original thought as you’re bias for Bernie
Sanders because he’s your uncle. Okay, I don’t know why they thought we were
bias for Bernie Sanders. I’ll tell you why, because we’re progressive
and unlike you liars, we don’t cover it up. You’re for the status quo, and you pretend
you’re not. You’re for the establishment candidates, and
you pretend you’re not. That is a much more insidious bias, whereas
we are honest about our perspective. So now, I like Elizabeth Warren as well, and
they’re like, is she your aunt? No, because she’s progressive. So I support the progressive candidates based
on their policies. But when you look at the polling and who has
momentum, those are facts. And yet as a two progressive take the lead
now, clearly been in the top three the whole time now moving to the top two. Still talking about, I don’t know about Sanders,
he’s really, and here it comes, Buttegieg at 5%, Klobuchar at 1%. No, you guys are so bias, you can’t even see

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  1. Cenk is so biased that it is funny to hear him talk about someone like Larry Sabato having a bias so deep he is not aware of it. That statement fits Cenk like a glove. Cenk brags about being right almost all the time — for example, saying that Harris would rise after she attacked Biden in the first debate. What he doesn't tell you that her rise in the polls was a temporary blip that quickly faded. By the way, it's pretty clear who Trump is most worried about as an opponent — that's why he is going after Biden with everything he has.

  2. I respect and admire Senator Klobuchar. I don't favor her for the 2020 nomination. I'm inclined to support Pete Buttigieg. It's looking tough for him, though. The three elderly candidates (Sanders, Warren, Biden) may have this thing locked up. 3.5 months to go. We shall see.

  3. Patern. Bill Mahr mentions his interest in Amy Klobuchar as the democratic pick. Progressives laugh. Bill Mahr has Amy Klobuchar on for a some air time and promo. CNN gives her more time than what she certainly deserves. Main stream media claims her to have a great night. When is there going to be a real debate not run by CNN or MSNBC?

  4. But Cenk!
    It's ok Amy Klobuchar will win the general with her 1% anyways because you guys still have the Electoral College.

    Ps. Vote Bernie or Warren

  5. I wish Cenk would up and smell the coffee about Warren. She's👏 not👏going👏to👏do👏things👏 completely👏differently👏.

  6. Its over for Bernie. Its over for progressives. Probably forever. Mainstream media won this fight hands down. We're just going to have to get used to being punished for getting sick or trying to educate ourselves. This is a immoral nation and we only vote for corrupt politicians. Then afterwards, we sit around complaining about it like retards.

  7. Elizabeth was great. The attacks were just opportunities for furthur explanations, and her explanations are refreshing big ideas.

  8. Weak ass filthy gop that's tired of trump, they're too weak to stay on their ship, but corrupt democrat brass is welcoming the same spineless republicans that elected trump.

  9. Ok I disagree with your analogy of Klobuchar, We need someone to win, I am a centrist and no I don't agree with all of the junk that the far left want to give to us free this free that
    work on making the Obama care better I listened to Bernie and that crap is not going to fly in the mid west and warren, I could go with her if she tells me how she is going to pay for all of the crap she is promising
    but if we get rid this stupid debate style they are doing like 12 people on the stage you don't know what someone is for if they have 1 minute to talk, spit them up us some of that money we are sending you 4 on the stage each night for 3 night cause all i hear is the Yang guy talking about giving people money
    Wrong answer

  10. Swedish Television has reported that they consider Elizabeth Warren to be the winner of the debate.

    At least, the amount of time she has been given to talk, is pointing towards everyone else in the room seeing her as the biggest (or most dangerous) opponent.

  11. And why are we corrupt:? If we don't agree with giving a bunch of lazy people that wants to use the system I am for helping everyone if you need help but if you think you deserve it cause of the past that don't work anymore and mine you I am African american man and I hate trumps guts but if we as democrats keep moving to the left we will lose more to this orange clown cause there are plenty black and brown people in the country that's working there butts off and loving it.

  12. They're all corrupt, you rotund idiot. Seriously, Ana, consider Weight Watchers before you start breaking chairs with your flabby ass.

  13. even if she restored the pre trump tax cuts to status quo it would only take us back to 2016. to get there on income tax like she suggested you would have to go back to pre reagan tax cuts. that would see all the loop holes closed and the richest income earners paying more then double the max rate now.

  14. Ana is correct. Neoliberalism really doesn't care about rule of law or treating people well at all. In fact they will often make excuses for their own corruption because it's not about anyone else's life. They only care about their own. In particular they only care about people like themselves. Scholars that have lost all sense of moral responsibility, and Capitalism that only rewards nepotism, and classism is right up their alley.

  15. Three out of four of the last Democratic centrist candidates- Clinton, Kerry and Gore- got trounced.

    Democratic Party: We'll lose without a centrist candidate.


  17. In my honest opinion, every candidate presented themselves well as far as their speaking abilities were concerned. O'Rourke has made a massive turnaround from his awful performance in the first debate.

    But as far as content of their answers go, yes, Sanders and Warren are tops without doubt, and the goal of the night was clearly to knock Warren out of 1st. Sanders and I think Steyer were the only ones not to take that tack. I think Castro, O'Rourke, and a few others had some good input, but still weren't nearly as strong as Warren. Warren's only misstep was not saying the word "taxes", but that's kind of also obvious if you're even remotely familiar with any policy she's been talking about.

    Kamala Harris was the biggest let-down of the night. She did not command any of the answer sessions, and I don't think she led or maintained a lead in any of the answer sessions. But the non sequitur indignation stunt she tried pulling on Warren over 45's lying ads and Facebook was the most nakedly straw-grasping soap box crocodile eye-watering display of the debate (though Booker's constant tone-policing was a close second). It's too bad because I really liked Kamala in the first couple debates and for how she absolutely steamrolled Biden, but in this debate I came away far less convinced she'd be a strong progressive ally at best, but more so that as president she'd be another center-right-leaning Reagan Democrat at worst.

  18. Really appreciate Cenk's reminder that at Bernie's worst, his numbers were triple those of Buttigieg. What mainstream media does when it ignores and/or lies about the Bernie Sanders campaign, is to slap the faces of millions of people across the country who are supporting Bernie, and the faces of the entire public because they lie. I believe there is an underground current of support for Bernie Sanders that is surging. MSM's frantic search for a corporate stooge that will appeal to the surging left, is so transparent!

  19. "i'm not saying Klobuchar is weinstein" lol sure man, you literally just did that exact same thing. When people talk about Libs being soft… This is the shit they're talking about. Bitching about someone who is a mean boss? Come on guys, grow up!!!

  20. Ego. Alot of people run for president because of ego. Ego keeps them in when they should quit, and the big donors just laugh as they can spin that ego like a top for any number of reasons. Blur that media time between many candidates for as long as you can for one. Use that ego up until they give up. All to keep Bernie away, which everyone now knows is what is behind all of this.

  21. associating moderate views and 'corrupt' people is ad hominem. This sort of debate is debasing for all it touches – the people who are attacked and the people who use this sort of language.

    Trump is corrupt because we can outline, with evidence, actual corruption in his work and personal life. 'corrupt democrats' is nothing more than a lazy, idiotic perjorative.

    Grow up.

  22. Amy Klobuchar is "Bought & Paid For" by the International Bankers & Multi-National Corporations. With regards to the Billionaires, who cares if they have to start paying at 90.00% Tax Rates????? Let them, they live here, they have had 5 Free Rides since 1982 A.D. with every "Tax Cut Welfare" that got handed to them by Streetwalkers of the GOP.

  23. Ignore the trolls, repeat, ignore the haters, repeat. Remember that when they don’t like the way a woman thinks or speaks they criticize her appearance and/or weight. Ignore the trolls, repeat, ignore the haters, repeat – Listen to Women, repeat,repeat, repeat!

  24. And can anyone tell me why they constantly refer to each other’s mothers in such negative terms. I didn’t notice one “your father is/has a “scrawny dick” comment (i.e. Porter or alpha) weird!

  25. This "news organization" is shilling for Warren pretty hard now. Those attacks in the debate did land. Some of them pretty hard. She couldn't give a straight answer most of the night and would switch to platitudes. Yang destroyed her wealth tax idea. Basically saying your pushing for things that have already failed in many other countries. This most recent debate showed most of the Democratic options aren't that great. Identity politics and idealism. I want facts. I want data. I want researched well thought out policies. Even if you killed the idea of UBI, I would still vote for Yang.

  26. Klobuchar has been getting an inordinate amount of positive and free press at least on the MSNBC with almost zero hard edged questions. She is forced to defend nothing. No part of her record or history. Yes there is a clear effort to keep her afloat even if just as an attack dog on progressives. It's just fair to recognize the fact of the matter. They want the centrists with their empty rhetoric to atack Sanders and Warren and the end game I think is to keep Biden in contention.

  27. America is such a circus, i keep waiting for the clown to come out to say somthing stupid too.
    Now you can all live in your embarrassing joke of a shit hole. But now that your bullshit antics are seeping north into Canada, i Cant help but hate your Country even more than i did Before. There are decent people in the states, but i feel the USA needs to get its ego bubble poped, and crushed, and your orange leader draged to the street and shot.

  28. Partisan names are no longer valid, much to our inconvenience. Centerists, leftists, conservatives, right winger, are no longer valid. When the Republicans trickle down narrative was demonstrated false, Clinton was elected and he took up those policies using other names. Thus he destroyed the working class and took a large chunk out of the Republican Party and the political line was driven to the right creating the Neo liberals (centerists). The corporate cronies secured their corporate socialism and the Banksters, Big Pharma, Wall Street big money buy outs and
    rolling corruption took over all the parties leaving Americans with no choices to vote for. Forget the Centerists! Here we are, Oligarchy! Ana Kasparian, your cover is blown.

  29. When is someone going to go to Yang's website and discover that he's pro torte reform, media consolation and will use his UBI to eliminate all welfare? Plus is TYT so uninformed that they don't recognize his language as libertarian or mention how he's been a regular at their conventions for years.
    Come on say it. Who was the most Googled candidate after all three debates that she was in and that was pretty much for every state in the Union and Canada.

    Warren's policies? You mean her foreign policy because she doesn't have one and she wouldn't say how she would say for her M4A. I predict Gabbard and Sanders will rise and Warren will fade but lets hope that they do enough post debate polls to tell us something.

    I predict Steyer and Warren will do well because they're spending a lot of money and selling themselves the best but polices? I don't think so. Total BS that Gabbard is not more progressive than Warren.

  30. I recently watched a Thom Hartmann video where a caller from her state talked about how klobuchar b-listed wolves from the endangered species list because they lived in a protected area oil companies wanted to drill in.

    I didn't research it yet. Anybody have any insight into this?

  31. I'm in the military… we will work for her if she wins the Presidency, which she won't. So I guess he was right. 99.99999% of us will never work for her. Lol.

  32. None of the dems will become president. Biden is senile. Sanders whilst full of integrity, is way too old. Warren will never garner any republican votes. And this lady is establishment. Sad

  33. Everything about Klobuchar creeps me out. Yang is kind of "odd" so not interested in voting for either one. I still want to hear more from Steyer. I know he is a billionaire but seems to be a more ethical and moral one compared to most. Since Trump is so defensive about his net worth, I think if a true billionaire was the challenger in the general, Trump would poop his pants "at the outrage" not to mention probably destroy what's left of his mind… so works for me.

  34. the only candidate more boring than Klobuchar is Michael Bennett; I can't think of a single issue Klobuchar stands for

  35. Imagine watching a football or basketball game and the commentators sound as if they’re calling a completely different contest. That’s pretty much what’s unfolding as MSM covers this primary.

  36. To hell with the corrupt democrats. It's the uncorrupt democrats that want a progressive candidate Not a moderate centrist candidate, So Gropin Joe should go away

  37. Maybe they are smart enough to realize that policies like taking people's guns, shutting down their churches, raising taxes, and taking away people's choice in healthcare is pretty unpopular and won't go well in a general

  38. Midwestern idiot ideology. We are paying more taxes now that the rich are paying little to none. So after the progressive put more money in our pockets who cares if we pay more taxes for healthcare & climate change protection. Like I always say these idiots more want to believe that welfare is the cause of the lack of funds instead of them voting for Republicans that give the wealthy unnecessary tax breaks. Tulsi, Pete & Amy all need to go home. Neither of them want to fix our broken system of inequality. They like Joe Biden want to go back to the same old ways.

  39. Cenk, I pray you're correct and Bernie will make it. Even though I'm watching all of this from the other side of the globe, seeing Trump every day hurts my head. Seeing Reps defend him hurts even more (even though this should hurt them more than it hurts me). So please vote for Bernie, the world (and not only you Americans) finally deserves a progressive POTUS!!

  40. You lose so much credibility when you do this shit. Why do you always have to paint everyone but Bernie and Elizabeth as corrupt? You have no proof of anything and you guys haven't learned anything from 2016.

  41. Your suppose to stuff ur bias down deep and give the facts to the people that's what make a free media work. Also not locking up and torturing whistle blowers.

  42. Examples of this logic:

    99% of us will never get eaten by Jeffrey Dahmer so why should I care?

    99% of us will never date R Kelly so why should I care?

    😂 𝙖𝙣𝙮 𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙚𝙭𝙖𝙢𝙥𝙡𝙚𝙨 𝙜𝙪𝙮𝙨?

  43. I am so sick having to listen to the mainstream media opinion. They are responsible for Donald Trump as president. They shoved Clinton down our throats and swore she was the best choice to beat Trump. First of all they have an agenda end besides that they are idiots and have no idea what they are talking about. If Amy Klobuchar wins the primary I am done with a Democratic party forever because she is awful, and she might as well be a Republican. The Republicans listen to their base and they got a racist elected president don't tell me we need a Centrist

  44. The Republicans don't push for Centris they go with their base and they got a racist liar elected president she don't tell me we need to pick somebody Centrist because that's what we did last time and where did it get us

  45. I want to give you a reality check to Amy Klobuchar you have no chance of winning so why are you running. Victory is not possible for you give up cuz you suck

  46. Compromise never worked for the current crowd of political incompetents. Besides compromise only works when there is an appearance of strength, not by "being nice" and conciliatory to assholes who want to destroy you.

  47. Again with this Warren love affair, she is NOT Progressive. Will you please stop with this shit TYT and do some bloody research into her voting record.

  48. The wealth tax only kicks in on amounts over 50 mil….and then its only 3 cents on every dollar over 50 mil…..not much of a tax…

  49. These moderates are getting very annoying. I haven't heard them give any good plans yet maybe they should talk about their policies more than anything

  50. cough I'm not 100% in with Gabbard but like Buttigieg, she is the most presidential. I do not want an old woman or man in the White House solely due to their pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  51. Warren spoke for @ – the most time.
    Biden had the second-highest speaking time, at @.
    Bernie has the most $, most donations, biggest crowds… all the crickets = betrayal of democracy.

  52. Why don’t you change the name from TYT to Bernie Central. Plus all of these clowns are 🤪🤪! Especially Butthole O Dork!

  53. I think Klobuchar would make a great President or vice president. She is tough and that is what America needs right now.

  54. Centrists have more balls than liberals.. pretty sure they're just trying to beat trump. Something that is secondary to liberals.

  55. They're not trying to push Klobuchar now our throats. She and Butjudge are always being interviewed. Warren is the front runner and I am seeing less and less of her.

  56. I, personally, like Amy although I feel we need her, if not in the Senate, then in a cabinet position under the new Democratic president. Most people probably don't remember or know that in 2009 Amy had to represent MN on her own for months as in the 2008 election the incumbent refused to acknowledge Al Franken's win and Al wasn't sworn in until July 2009.
    I also think if you want to see who Amy really is, go back and re watch her questioning in the Boofing Brett Kavanagh hearing. You can also revisit her many appearances on Stephen Colbert. She is a good person and we can't afford to lose her in Washington.

  57. Democrats are the party of the devil
    Vote all Democrats out of office in every election cycle,they are a cancer in our society and government
    A vote for a Democrat is a vote for communism
    The Biden crime family should be arrested for treason against the United states and face a firing squad immediately

  58. Although I would say I lean left on average I'm MUCH closer to the middle than the left or the right. In my opinion the left is too emotional and its' leadership is pretty spineless. However the right has a severe lack of empathy, problems with extreme violence, and a total lack of respect for the right, privileges, and opportunities of everyone not just the people they know/identify with. From what I've seen the most logical position is that of moderation.

  59. Need to stop calling them Centrist Democrats and address them based on their political leaning they're conservative lite… diet Republican… "yes, we want to sell out our country and people, in general, to private corporations though we don't hate gay people and black people!!!“

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