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Let’s get straight into it. Tonight was a night
where most people were looking to see
how Joe Biden would recover from his first debate
performance. Do you think he did a good job? I think, uh,
Joe found the magic again. I think he woke up. I don’t know if he, uh,
took some uppers or something, -but he certainly…
-(laughs) -he certainly was flat
the first debate. -Right. -In this debate, it seemed
like he was prepared, ready. They came at him
with a lot of punches, but he gave as good
as he got this evening. I think he was the adult
in the room that a lot of people thought
he would be in the first debate. This debate he-he came back
and had a solid performance. He really had an interesting
tactic this time, because the first time around
he seemed surprised -by what had happened.
-Yes. But even from the beginning
of the debate, as we saw, when he came out,
he said to Kamala, -“Take it easy on me, kid.”
-(laughs) Right. But, I mean, that was him going,
“I know what’s about to happen,” -in a way.
-Yes. And, when it came to records, it was interesting that they
brought up his record, -but then he brought up
his record. -Yes. Is a record a good or a bad
thing to have in this situation? The-The good news
for-for his opponents is he has a long record. The bad news for his opponents
is he has a long record. I mean, he has a long record
of actually accomplishing things and doing things, right? The whole thing, (stammers)
about the Hyde Amendment– he pointed out the fact
that most of them on the stage -had-had supported the
Hyde Amendment. -Right. So he does have a– So he does
have a solid record, but there are some things there
that certainly are problematic, certainly around the crime bill. But I thought the interesting
back and forth between him and Senator Harris, like, you’ve got to be careful,
’cause, obviously, she has a bit of a glass jaw
on the crime bill as well. -As Tulsi punched her–
-Right. Right. Right. -But, Tulsi, to me, was
the punch of the night. -Yes. Uh, it was the punch
of the night. And I think, I think she was
staggered by-by that punch. I thought– That was a line
I also thought, uh, Cory Booker may have had
the blackest moment in presidential primary history. I don’t think anyone has brought
Kool-Aid out at a debate. (stammers) Never anything
as black as that in primary history
in debate history. When you look at Kamala Harris, why do you think that glass-jaw
moment is so severe for her? Because, you know, Joe Biden
gets attacked, but, you know, his support among black voters
remains strong. With Kamala, it does feel
like that’s a weakness. Why? Well, it’s interesting because,
and by the way, I will remind people that Obama
started off at this point, he was not winning
African-American voters either. Matter of fact,
he wasn’t winning anyone. We were 30 points behind
everywhere. Uh, but African-American voters
are such a large swath of the electorate, and you will
notice that in her attacks from the first debate,
which she rose in the poll, it didn’t come primarily
from African-American voters. -Interesting.
-Uh, you know, so I think there’s also a part of her
where she’s got to be careful. I can’t say this
on television, right, but if I were advising her,
I’d say, “There are stereotypes out there
about angry black women, (stammers)
“and there’s some sort of cues that you have to be careful
’cause it turns people off.” And it’s not fair, but I think
there were moments where she flashed anger tonight, and I don’t think
that’s particularly helpful. That’s an interesting point
that you bring up. -Because…
-But I didn’t say that. No, no, no. You didn’t.
I mean, we… We’re not live, there’s no one
here, and no one’s seeing this. No, no, no. But, you know,
it is an honest and interesting point that you
bring up is that there is a double standard in the world
that you live in, where, you know, if you’re a man
and you get angry, they go like, -“The passion came through.”
-Strong. Yeah. Right. But, now, Kamala has to,
like, you know, -figure out how to-how to, like,
-Modulate that. straddle that line between
showing her passion whilst not coming across
as any of the stereotypes. And it’s even worse
for African-American women. African-American women
have-have it very tough. -Right.
-News flash. African-American women
have it really tough. Let’s talk about some of the
other candidates on the night who are trying
to have their moment. Who do you think stood out? Everyone said Marianne
Williamson won yesterday, which is– I mean, it’s such
a huge term that people use. I think it’s crazy, but there
are moments that stand out. Were you surprised that
Marianne Williamson had a cat? From that last segment,
I thought, “Of course she has a cat.” Of course she has a cat. Uh, you actually stole my
“missed her hand” joke. He… (stammers)
He totally missed her hand. Uh, but he did have a–
have a breakout. I think, um, Inslee had a, sort of had some moments,
but also, Yang. Listen,
I think Yang won the debate, ’cause I want my $1,000 a night. $1,000 a month, right? But he also got
very big applause lines. But some of those cats were
clearly in the mode where, “I have to attack; I have
to make a breakthrough.” And some of it seemed desperate but some of those cats
will not make the next debate. And you can tell I’m old
’cause I use the term “cats.” -Yes, I can.
-So-So some of them will not make the next debate. Who had the breakout? You know,
did de Blasio help himself? I think he came across
as New York tough, and he certainly
went after Biden, but does he have a breakout? You know, I think Cory Booker
needed a breakout moment, too, ’cause he’s been sort of flat. And I think,
I think we will not question whether Cory Booker’s black
enough again after this debate. -Which is a win.
-Yeah, that’s a win. That, to me,
is a win in a debate. That’s gonna help him
in South Carolina. When we look at the
larger narrative, though, one thing that concerns me, and people who watched
the previous debates, was the narrative coming into
the main debates was Democrats are not here
to fight against each other. It will be a battle of ideas
to present to America -who should be the next leader.
-Yes. It feels like that has quickly
devolved into, “You’re the worst, you’re the
worst, here’s your bad record.” Does this work for Democrats
by putting them and keeping them in the news,
or does it hurt them by basically breaking them apart
before the main race? I don’t want to beat up on CNN. But I’m-a beat up on CNN
a little bit. Uh, the way they set it up, they almost set it up
so there would be contention. And they–
The way they asked questions sort of directed back
at other candidates, it set up a format
for fights and tension, which-which can be good ratings. But I think the substance
of the debate was heard. We were 20 or 30 minutes in
on the health care debate, and we didn’t really have
a great understanding of people’s
health care positions because they were just defending
and attacking. I done think that was
particularly helpful, and I certainly hope
we won’t see that again. I would rather for them
to ask questions, okay, “Tell us about
your health-care plan and why is your health care
better than everyone else’s?” Now, if someone else wants
to pivot back in on that, that’s fine, but don’t
set up the tension. That’s an interesting point. Thank you so much
for being on the show, -Thanks for having me.
-Great having you here. Cornell Belcher, everybody.

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