Collins: Impeachment Vote ‘Tramples Everything This House Believes In’ | NBC News

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  1. Trump never pretended to be anything other than a cruel, crude hate mongering divider from day one, so yes the world knew it was just a matter of time that this impeachment would take place. It was painfully obvious that this man was not up to the task and that Republicans were holding him up and not doing a very good job of that. The only ones surprised by this are his supporters.

  2. Why do these Republicons always lie about the majority of Americans voting for this president. That is a demonstrable lie. Over 3 million more Americans voted against trump than voted for him. That's just an indisputable fact.

  3. That is why the people took the House away from people like Collins. What they believe in is not what most of us believe in.

  4. Speaking of due process, how about due process for Joe and Hunter Biden? How about due process before Marie Yovanovich was slandered and removed from her post? I guess it only works one way.

  5. This is not about parties. It is about protecting the people and our Constitution. Trump’s poor mental state has been obvious for years before his phony “ election”. Intelligent people realized from the start that he is and was mentally incompetent. Sadly, he has been used to further the agendas of wealthy oligarchs and their puppets. The
    “ electoral college “ voted for trump. This system is corrupting our votes. Trump did NOT WIN the POPULAR VOTE, which represents the majority of American voters. The fact that at least one foreign dictator manipulated our elections should make his election NULL and VOID, along with every self serving action he has taken on behalf of himself and his puppet masters. Kruzchev predicted many years ago that Americans would “ come, like lambs to the slaughter.” We must wake up and get a mature, honorable, honest person to lead our country back to sanity! It’s NOT about parties or winning some childish game! We need decent, mature adults leading our country.! Please stop acting like a bunch of spoiled little boys in a little league game! GROW UP! IMPEACH and REMOVE this corrupt, mentally incompetent puppet!

  6. Collins is a rambling blowhard and he has no real defense of his beloved Trump. The only thing he has is the chapped lips and brown nose from kissing and eating Trump's butt.

  7. Thank you. This isn’t as solemn as all the Democrats say. They’ve planned this since trump was elected. Any excuse will do. The Democrats should just admit this.

  8. My guess is that this Seinfeld Impeachment will go to SCOTUS after the Senate acquits…..both articles could be thrown out as HC and M

  9. Go Doug so on point. DOH! Did You Know There’s a Treaty Between the USA & Ukraine Regarding Cooperation For Prosecuting Crimes? Treaty 106-16 that Clinton administration evoked in 1999. With Biden saying he held money from Ukraine to remove a Ukraine prosecutor, well I would have done the same.

  10. Knowledge is power.
    Think for yourself.
    Trust yourself.
    Do due diligence.
    You awake, and thinking for yourself, is their greatest fear.
    Sheep no more.

  11. #taxpayers pay for hamster wheel of 3yrs. We get nothing, stop this ! Protest highest Service, we pay for this. B4 ur eyes we are being deprived of happiness. Nothing!!!

    #people #veterans #citizens #potus

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