College Students Share Analysis On The Democratic Presidential Debates | NBC News Now

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  1. Wow blatant misrepresentation of Kamala’s record. No parents were locked up over her truancy policy. Can we get some fact checks? Too many liberals have assumed she has an “awful record” as a prosecutor but aren’t able to speak accurately &/or specifically to any part of if.

  2. "Kamala was sending parents to jail and they couldn't take their kids to school" Wow. The Russian disinformation is working. Kamala Harris never sent any parent to jail, and the truancy policy worked, increasing school attendance. This is what's wrong and dangerous about Facebook. Stop believing every meme you see!

  3. Holy crap! This newer generation of young people are so much more wiser & articulate than previous generations, in my opinion.

  4. Trump has forever changed politics in the US; the question in every voters mind will be: Will this candidate keep their campaign promises. There's no denying that Trump has stuck to his campaign promises even though he hasn't accomplished all of them, he has nonetheless stuck with them like a dog trying to get the marrow out of a bone.

  5. 23yo here so I get to add.
    I don’t agree “too much time was spent attacking others” the nominee will be attacked by Republicans and Trump like no other before. They will be picked to the bone, called every name, and have lies and leaks about them created. They need to be able to take heat, be collected and be able to focus on the future. Buttigieg 2020!

  6. I was very happy hearing these people call out Kamala’s hypocrisy. Hopefully others are smart enough to dig into that manipulative liar.

  7. Um no i disagree. When black communities start ibsusting young people focus on groeing up and getting ahead instead of listening yo violrnt rap music then Kamila Harris as a prisecutor wont be so busy..

  8. Williamson is a great candidate as well. She is for reputations. It’s good to have so many more good candidates.

  9. If you don’t look at a politician and think: “Subhuman scum….” —then you’re not an American.

  10. 1. There is nothing wrong with sending people who commit crimes to jail. Kamala should not apologize.
    2. Reparations will never be a thing. inequity is not divided racially and the majority of black violence is committed by other blacks.

  11. They have all these ideas, yet no idea or plan how to pay for them. Think about that. Sorry, but I don't want my hard-earned tax dollars spent on something me, nor my entire family (all legal immigrants from Italy) had any part in.

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