CNN Poll: Did Aliens Abduct Missing Plane?

CNN is continuing to embarrass
themselves over this missing Malaysian plane and since
there now running out with angles to cover the story from they
decided to do a poll on what people think about it and then
of course not proceed to talk about the poll for a week straight rat actually at the
rate they’re going probably for like two months straight so are they found
out that 79 percent a bus think that there are no survivors from
the plane not surprising forty-two percent of us
think hijackers took did airplane down 57
percent suspect terrorism to be a thought and here’s my
favorite nine-percent believes space aliens or beings from another dimension were involved now your first reaction to that might be
really 9 percent is kinda high but I actually I’m not surprised by the nine percent
number because I think at least 5 percent above that is
people fucking around and saying yeahh I believe aliens are involved CNN
I these guys are so silly so that’s not
surprising to me what’s surprising is that they bothered
in a poll about the missing plane to ask a
question about whether or not people think aliens
were involved stop and think about this CNN it
supposedly has the reputation of the most trusted name in News lol I N now they’ve but stoop to this slow House said is that man look I know this
is something I’ve been talking about a lot recently almost to the point where I’m even annoying myself about it but it
really it it’s such an indicator of what their
main concern is now a days their main concern is ratings and the
way that you get ratings is by cheating essentially they’re
cheating they learned that the more that they do breaking news the more people watch
so now they’re doing breaking news when there’s no breaking news we did the
story recently about how they said breaking news the Titanic sank a hundred
two years ago that would be the opposite a breaking news or the put breaking news
in the proceed to talk about how there’s
absolutely nothing new going on with the plane but they’ve got me even more silly
because it was bad enough when they originally
brought up Don Lemon was like well people are asking me on Twitter so
I’ll just entertain the question do you guys think this was a black hole know what was in a black hole of a black
hole was here would have sucked up the entire earth not just one plane and also a
black or we really entertaining this idea I mean but now you you went all the way
to aliens you did a poll any actually asked a
question about aliens how many things are going
on in the world right now that demand our attention more than this whether it’s the Nigerian girls that are
being kidnapped by Bach over Rahman extremist jihadist group whether it’s the Civil War still going
on in Syria where people are dying like crazy weathers the genocide that’s on the
verge it happening in the Congo if not already happening whether it’s flattery uprooting lining
up on the border a Ukrainian tried it bring back the old soviet union
whether it’s income inequality in it the fact that now eighty-five people
in the world have more money than the bottom 3.5
million people eighty-five people more money than half the earth but there are covering this
stuff with a covering it do you guys think aliens might have been involved with
that missing plane that went away two months ago is this really the news the people need
to know right now this is where you should be taking your time on got it drives me crazy n now also just
throw this out there that statistician Nate Silver did alexis
Nexus transcript search to look into CNN’s coverage further and he found that the term flight 370 has been used 13,000 348 times since March seventh in other words they’ve been speaking about this in
mentioning it 10 times per our once every six minutes on CNN they talk about the plane so said and just to contrast that with
something any quality is only mentioned .1 4 times in our this is mentioned once every six minutes
the plane once every six minutes any quality mention point 14 times in our and also not every segment they
do about any quality gives the fax and says hey this is why this is bad and is
why this is wrong they might talk about within the context
thereof well it’s not that bad right now that might have some people are more
conservative the bringing up in that light so it’s even less than .1 four times an
hour it’s upsetting many really is upsetting
I guaranteed you guys I told you that the ratings are gonna drop because
people are gonna realize that they’re cheating in this is an actually breaking
news that’s already happening but also I
should be celebrating this because the more that CNN does this garbage the more that the mainstream media Sox
an ass the better new media duce which means
the better we do in secular talk to us so by all means guys go right ahead will
fill the void actual information

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