Chris Matthews: Americans Should Be Allowed To Vote — It’s That Simple | Hardball | MSNBC

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  1. Voter ID is not the problem, it's voting illegally that MSNBCannibals want so their Illegal aliens they have not eaten can stuff ballot boxes.. We in TRUMP land are dissappointed in TRUMP for allowing the level of Votefraud that has occurred under his watch and it's why some are turning to YANG (who will sell us out to china)

  2. At least we No Longer have to take the "How Many Bubbles Are in a Bar of Soap" Intelligence Test, in order to cast our ballot. Once a common practice.

  3. Try telling the xenophobic GOP that…
    They only consider "themselves" as the "True americans" after all and everyone else either a traitor, a invader, or cheap labor.

    They don't care about democratic rights at all.

  4. I want every high school graduation in America to have a voter registration table set up in a high traffic area this spring.

  5. The “Age of Empires” now
    showing :the Dotage of the Dotard”, the “game of thrones” now showing “the game
    of pubic-ans Dotards” Starwars is now taken over by the Dotardians re-pubic-ans
    wars”…next :.The Art of A Dotard”

  6. Why is voting ever limited?
    If laws will apply to me, I need to be able to vote. Period..
    I should be uninfringed when I go in said voting booth and stand and watch my vote be counted.

  7. They should have voting machines in prison too. All Americans should be able to vote! You shouldn't lose your right to vote because you got a felony.

  8. That's right. It's a testament to the times we live in that this simple fact is under assault by the GOP: Americans should be allowed to vote.

  9. Inez Qtaish is writing" united states of so called land of the free will no longer be, there are rules to obey, Inez Qtaish is changing the constitution , no more free will, people will get what they give, eye for an eye, those who commit crime will suffer the same faith. Every body will get what they got coming, Inez Qtaish makes the rules and Everybody on earth will obey, my rules is for the best , land of the free ha, nothing is free , somebody somewhere have to pay one way or another.

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