Check on Your Absentee Ballot’s Status (ASL / English)

Check on your absentee ballot’s status. If you applied for an absentee ballot recently, you can check on its status online to find
out where it is in the process. Checking on your absentee ballot online is
easy and takes just a few minutes. If you don’t have a computer or Internet access, contact your county elections office. To check on your absentee ballot online, go
to the Minnesota Votes website. Look for how to check on the status of your
absentee ballot. It should be easy to find. Once you find the right page, type in your
first and last name. Then enter your date of birth by choosing your month, day and year of birth from the
drop down menus. Then it asks for your ID number. You need to give one of the ID numbers that you included on your absentee ballot
application. If you gave your driver’s license number,
type it in the box. If you gave the last four digits of your Social
Security number instead, type in your last four digits. Then, click on “Continue.” The second screen will tell you what has happened
with your absentee ballot. Has your application been approved? Has your ballot been mailed? Have they received your ballot back in the
mail? Has it been accepted? Has it been counted? Or, if they can’t find a record of your application, it will tell you that too. You may have entered some of the information
wrong – did you use a nickname instead of your legal
name? Or maybe it hasn’t been long enough since
you sent in your application. If you have questions, there’s a link so that
you can look up the contact information for your county elections
office. For more information, go to

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