Change UK: Heidi Allen launches European election campaign

We’re here today with
a really very simple message. If you’re fed up with
our broken politics, join us, get involved
and let’s change it together. The Conservatives have drifted
yet farther to the right, now so anti-Europe and anti-business
that Conservative voters can barely recognise
their party anymore. And Labour have continued
to let the country down, offering ineffective opposition
to a government at the time when the country needs it most,
lacking leadership on Brexit and still, still failing
to tackle antisemitism. But with parliament in deadlock
and European elections scheduled for 23 May,
we’re here to say we stand ready. Because these elections
are a chance to send the clearest possible message:
we demand a people’s vote and the right to remain
and campaign to remain in the European Union.
[Applause] These, ladies and gentlemen,
are our candidates. From all walks of life,
right across the UK. Teachers, nurses, leading
professionals in their field, carers, ex-armed forces,
public sector, private sector, people who are new to politics
and disillusioned seasoned politicians who have all concluded
the same thing: that the old political parties
have let them down. This is no rebel alliance, this is
the home of the remain alliance. [Applause] And just like us MPs, many of
our candidates have left their political parties
to join us. And just like us, they believe
the British people want politicians to put
the national interest first, not themselves and together
we will fight for the change this country needs based
on evidence, not ideology. So that’s the evidence to
tackle climate change, the evidence to tackle poverty
and social injustice and the evidence to tackle
those healthcare challenges. And right now, a Brexit deal
carved up just to keep the two main parties in tact,
that’s not good enough either and we will do everything in our
power to ensure that the United Kingdom has
a better choice for the future.

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  1. Rachel Johnson and Gavin Esler to stand for Change UK ►

  2. Why don't they call themselves the neoliberal semitic Globalist Establishment elite party ie more of the same…

  3. We the public will have change. We are going to vote every one of the current Mps out.
    ALL of you have betrayed democracy. Roll on the next general election.
    This country will have change that's for certain!!
    Brexit party will wipe the floor clean.

  4. Change UK wants to stop brexit and keep things the same, so clearly none of them has grasped the concept of irony.
    Especially since they were the Independence Party which wanted to be controlled by the EU.
    What a master stroke of re-branding.

  5. This is highly undemocratic, we already had a “people’s vote” in 2016 to leave the EU. We can’t have another one.

  6. Heidi Allen

    Generally voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability

    Consistently voted for reducing central government funding of local government

    Generally voted for a reduction in spending on welfare benefits

  7. Shame UK will be buried by the peoples' Brexit Party. The Shame UK MPs will be out of a job soon, and they'll then have to find another outlet for their anti democratic globalist extremism.

  8. "Change UK" – Ironic considering your entire purpose is to maintain the status quo and keep thinks as they are. Centrism is not new or exciting – so don't act like it is. It's about sitting on the fence – giving answers to questions which end up being the worst of both worlds. When you stand for nothing – you stand for no one. Go away.

  9. These people are despicable. They helped to break politics and now they are trying to break democracy. They betrayed their voters, they changed their colours and they didn’t even have the bottle to stand for a by-election. Here they are trying to keep everything the same, they do not intend to change anything, They have the wrong name. I will be voting for democracy. I will be voting the Brexit Party.

  10. These are already zombie politicians…..their sell by date has expired….might as well have called it the zombie raving loonie party…..or how about the deliberately frustrating the democratic votes of 17.4 million voters party…..

  11. Oh dear clicked on the wrong video, will go back to watching something interesting, got some washing to do and can't wait for the spin cycle.

  12. I must say if i was Prime Minister and Heidi Allen asked me nicely for a second referendum i would have to consider giving her one.

  13. Those deserters on stage should listen to that famous speech by Enoch Powell on EU. You can learn something about PATRIOTISM and INDEPENDENCE You get educated too. You all have clue about the potential of this country

  14. what a bunch of a-holes – it's people like this lot is why we are all so fed up with politics – and it's not a people's vote, it's a losers' vote

  15. Change UK to caliphate???Uk sheeples have no right to live in this world.Why to live with this poor IQ less than tribes.Nationslists in Western Europe must go to Eastern Europe with your daughters before your child got gangraped snd murdered.

  16. Hypocrite, I will with all my being, even though I voted remain, make sure leaving happens or democracy is finished, she then stuck two fingers up and did the opposite, another PM in the making. What a bunch of losers, but beware don't cross her, as she, to use her phrase will become hopping mad, this liar and parasite has tried to become mayor of Peterborough and failed like she does every thing else, a true sponger on society, she jumped the Tory ship as she was being deselected, a truly undemocratic misfit at that.

  17. We have already had THE people's vote. We won……..that means YOU LOST.
    You promised to uphold the result of the referendum…..YOU LIED.
    Who in their right mind will vote for LYING LOSERS? …..NOT ME.

  18. I couldn't give two fucks what this shower say.
    There will be out of a job at the next general election.
    Vote brexit party.
    At least thay represent most of the population.
    This lot are a shambles lol.

  19. Change UK…what? You mean Remain UK! Oh I forgot, you are now the Independence Party aren’t you, independence from what? The EU? You are a joke, you are a disgrace, you will do everything in your power to ignore the electorate. Shame on you all.

  20. Change UK MPs are the establishment a group of Blairites and Remainers. They will be wiped out at all elections.

  21. A question for Change UK MPs. Will you be having bi-elections, as you were all elected as Labour or Tory MPs?

  22. Britannia, trying to break free from the EU, which Cameron wanted to reform (but it wouldn't), has been struggling with the tentacles of a clever octupus. Those tentacles are present in our own Government and Parliament.

  23. I am willing to make a large bet that for the EU elections (a) the Brexit Party will have more votes than other party and (b) that ChangeUk will be struggling with the Green Party down at the 3% or less end of the scale.

  24. anyone who plays the anti-semitic card to me is almost certainly a Blairite and Israel apologist and thus not to be trusted on anything really

  25. Have to laugh at some of the Brexiteers comments on here, moaning about democracy being ignored. They’re just upset because they thought democracy ended on 23.6.16.!

  26. The Brexit party will sweep every UK election until we the people get our democracy and our country back. Vote Brexit – vote democracy

  27. I’m a remainer but these lot are just so blatant about it, they’re going to get a right pasting 😄

  28. How this woman thinks she is up to running a political party is beyond me, blatantly out of her depth.

  29. My son just suggested they should change their name to "Remain Uk". It would be more of an accurate title as the last thing they want is any change to our current EU membership.

  30. Change? What are we changing? A democratic vote? You insidious halfwit… stop waving your hands around, stop massaging your ego, stop with the idiocy and stating you know what you are talking about. You are going to lose, spectacularly so

  31. And the milkshake party takes it 😂😂😂😂 do one soyboys and snow flakes! Justice prevails

  32. Hammered out of sight in the election! Where are you Soubry ,still in hiding I guess ,your finished so open that flower shop before you find yourself signing on.

  33. This vacuous nonentity left Change UK after the first signs of trouble. Not surprising. Her and Chucky saw the prospect of losing their seats and now try to get into the Lib Dem’s to save their seats. Horrible self promoting hypocrites

  34. More ridiculous than The Monster Raving looney party ….. àlthough the word "Looney" does make some sense when you look at the candidates, as for Anna Soubry….. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha …. a perfect example of a politician that will be remembered for contributing absolutely nothing to the Country she says she represents.

  35. Yesterday she quit as leader of this rag-tag bunch of political hand-wringing misfits. So much for a new meteor on the horizon, more like a damp squib. Heidi Allen soon saw the light as reality kicked in, so she thought "sod this for a lark,  I'm off !" Never mind with Anna Soubry in charge, Change UK won't be around for much longer !

  36. Heidi Allen, say's where to stay – mmmmmmmm, I don't think so! Barely 2 months in and she's already left a sinking ship 
    (Change UK) it's her politics that are broken.

  37. According to BBC radio 14/6/19 Chuka’s just slung his hook and left for the Liberal Democrat’s……surely some mistake there they were all doing so well.

  38. Hedi Allen says "We remain Ready"……….ready for what exactly, political ridicule? Obscurity? Total collapse? Tell us Heidi, we are waiting !!

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