Cenk’s Rant After 2010 Election Results

uh… i was right and i think uh… if anything i’m gonna doubled okay uh… it because there was the faction within the the progressive movement that said no no no play nice of the democrats
uh… need to be supported and if you just the you know uh… pat you know support them
enough and it surely for them uh… they will deliver an old women know
that there’s no to that well they didn’t and they lost repairing so i have been dot right idea is not to keep supporting democrats
just because they’re democrats physicality next their name look the system
is corrupt has corrupted the democratic party right now i think the role is state keep on
losing for the republicans they’re playing that washington generals uh… that’s their
role uh… and and are not the supported democrats their
anything and without the democrats ten times more because your if u wading on this democratic
party to come to the rescue you’re waiting on that terribly fossil ok now it is not say
that republicans are good i need you to have a little bit of logic i can’t have you sitting
there do all of these like that because it looked like the republicans now that there’s a big eighty cents you know
i don’t like republicans i think the republicans are wholly owned subsidiary
of multinational corporations the richest people the most powerful people in the country
their republicans are useless with are already know that but if you’re hoping against hope that’ll
probably right back in the democratic party will do the right thing well that hope that extinguished tonight organic it’s over they don’t know what the hell they’re
doing and i got clobbered the right answer was top-flight the right answer was that take
the republican ass but they were never gonna give you that answer as their role was in that it was filled because the system is so awash with money that the money goes by refit including the
democratic party and accept the mopus axes and he when she
gets well which here which is a big help there was not a lot
for you tearing down ok that’s doesn’t mean replace
it with the republicans that these in primaries yet the rug real progresses or to go after these guys it easy who worked was and i don’t wait for a politician
workforce fundamental change in the system and fundamental changes campaign finance reform
first of all ok as long as a lobbyist pay these politicians they will buy them they
will buy them all built by the republicans that they will by the democrats and they already an that number two corporations are not human
beings if you get them the rights of human beings first amendment rights the right and
uh… spend money and by politicians they won’t do it they’re not even more great any
moral it is their job to go get a good investment and united states senators
and excellent investment you pay nicole and he had billions back ok they are anymore only
sheens and you have to play that they are not the
landings they should not have the same constitutional
rights that we have number three which when you talk about you know uh… that senators as congressman
and presidents and your staff going to get jobs like afterwards as lobbyists
and cashing in welcome back to ensure calls to by the way that gives them tremendous instead of just tell us out so they can cash in later as chris dodd is
about to do the senator from connecticut as almost every the get retired guy guy for the pentagon does
bible it’ll work for a defense contractor here’s my new proposal here’s what we do if you worked in the government
either a staff or the congress is out there or color in general and for working for those companies mir’s well gee i don’t know but how do i get
rich well you’re not supposed to get rich usable
for starbucks usable as we are representatives the point of error is in to go get rich and rob us now you’re banned for ten years if you don’t
want to don’t take the job don’t become a cargo don’t become a general
don’t become a senator that the other people take the job we’ll go
for that fundamental change the democrats of along with the republicans will rob you blind
as they’re doing right now forget the democrats strongly forget the republicans we have to
start doing it on our own and of any politician doesn’t agree with that web them down man weapon down out there that party there it
you have to have primaries and used and that’s the whole point of primaries
at the problems don’t do what you want and they’re not doing it well that us out

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  1. @calimar28

    Free collective bargaining has been a basic right of union workers since the 1930s. But you don't have to take it from me. Behold the sacred words of Ronald Reagan: "Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost."

  2. Elections have consequences!! AND YOU LOST! You were friggin HUMILIATED!! HAAHAH!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAHAH!! What a defeat!!

  3. @cvict6 why would he be pissed off with a Democrat government again? given the potential candidates the Republicans have atm, they haven't got a hope of winning. there's no enough idiots in the country to let that happen

  4. Fuck this country and its "democracy". The only people who get any real say are the ones with the most disposable money.

  5. HAHAHAHH!! HAHAH!! It was fu^&ing WIPEOUT! 63 Seats! 600 PLUS state legislature seats!! 6 Senate Seats!! HAHHAHAH! YES ! YES WE CAN!!

  6. @TechnoDevotee I think the first part is true while the second part is false. If Democrats went really hard left they'd really have their asses handed to them. Republicans have the advantage though because alot more people identify as conservative than they do liberal. As people age they gradually move rightward especially when it comes to fiscal matters so they are more likely to vote Republican.

  7. Once again TYT still does not get, more progressive in office and another he still claims that Republicans cater to big business, when in fact most campaign contribution come from and go to democrats and progressive a good example NObama and Hilary Clinton. Also their are more rich Democrats then republicans that is fact whether or not people believe it.

  8. @pretorious700 You know, if you don't agree with somebody's point of view (in this case with the view of this "clown" doesn't give you the right to insult other people. Does insulting other people make u feel better about yourself because your boss fucks u in the ass daily so you come on the internet to insult people and feel better about your life? pathetic, get a life

  9. TYT = The Young Turds
    What I don't understand are people saying how the USA sucks, how they hate it, yet they remain here and take advantage of the opportunities and resources this country has to offer. If you truly don't like this country, then go elsewhere. This country doesn't force you to stay here.

  10. @EQgamer4life You think people should leave your country if they have complaints? What's wrong with tying to change things?

  11. @fredriknorand why would I leave the country I love? Besides, I sincerely doubt Nobama is going to win a 2nd term.

  12. 0:00 free ad skip. your welcome. like to keep at the top of the page to help more people out.

  13. @blahmehblah1 no need to say you're sorry. I'm sure whatever 3rd world country you're living in is punishment enough for you.

  14. @blahmehblah1 I guess it must come as a surprise to you that the US has higher education rankings (in reading, math and science) than the UK……. and we even learned to brush our teeth too.

  15. @blahmehblah1 I believe you said that he couldn't read because he was American… but I guess actual facts are a hard thing to swallow. And I also guess you're the one that is trying to compensate for something, not me. I'm just showing you what the truth is.

    And how does it make any sense that because we have a larger population we have higher education rankings? So you're just a small group of knuckle heads? Hmmm..

  16. @blahmehblah1 Your logic is completely flawed but oh well….. with a higher population we'd also have a higher chance of having lower rankings because of the amount of people. It can go either way. That's why the statistics are based on averages.

    On an individual basis we'd have an advantage…such as… we are more likely to have more geniuses based on the fact that we have a higher population. However, we are also at a higher probability to have more morons than the UK.

  17. "Corporations aren't human beings," he says. I kinda see it differently. Corporations are fully comprised of human beings. People don't lose their humanity by going into business, people ARE the business. I think Mr Uygur is sacrificing more than a little credibility in his desperate, near hysterical need for a de-humanized 'bad guy' to blame for everything. He might as well be stomping his feet in this video.

  18. Uh, generals and colonels are not elected to anything and it's absurd that they should be denied any job for any about of time after retirement. Not surprised this idiot Cenk doesn't know that.

  19. @t0paggie All you are doing in nitpicking because you don't like "idiot" Cenk. That doesn't change the fact that there are instances of generals bought by corporations to lobby in their behalf to buy weapons and maybe even start wars. They don't care about the humanity, God or whatever. They only care about money. That's what I think Cenk is saying.

  20. @MarioSMB3 blah blah blah, excuses, come dude, stop trying to dodge the point. Bush was no socialist he made some bad decisions but not a socialist at least much farther from one than Obama and liberals. Again, wait till 2012 and you will see part 2 of the last Nov. election.

  21. Idiot if you knew your shit Obama wouldnt be in office if it werent for corporations and America rejects your liberal progressive thinking

  22. You were such a threat to the nwo …
    that they had to buy you off with a stinking show.
    You're as loyal as your options, Cenk.
    I wouldn't trust you to get the ammo.

  23. I'm glad to know what it took to buy you off.
    I'd hate to have respected you for so long…
    only to find out that you didn't deserve it.
    Every man/woman has their price…
    now I know yours.
    You're either stupid to work for Gore…
    or dirty.
    Take your pick.
    Either way….it's a big disappoint.
    You just screwed your entire family let alone
    your country for stinking money and larger audience
    share. lol to death. lol.

  24. Democrats lost because they're cowards (and rightfully so), not because they were passing laws to move this country forward. They also lost because of stupid independent voters who didn't get 8 million jobs in 2 years, so they voted for the mental (GOP) party who caused this recession instead.

  25. @gabebokmaUSMC

    our year? are you part of the 1% go watch your fox channel feeding you lies, because you are a impotent loser and doesnt likes responsibility but is a mindless zombie slave..

  26. you like anything that promotes the muslim agenda.you want to take over.and right now the only way to do that is to vote democrat.at least in your mind.you're not a democrat either, you just want to vote anybody that might promote your muslim ideas.like i said before you ain't fooling me.you hate all americans.

  27. @jenova000 yes thats' true mainly.but at least here in america you can practice your muslim religion without persecution.how many christians are being killed or persecuted in the middle east for practicing christianity.and they are being persecuted by the average muslim over there.not just the so-called extremist.

  28. @rogerbahakel Your ignorance makes me laugh…have you ever been to the middle east? Christians are not being prosecuted, the U.S. army goes and kills so many innocent civilians for no reason. How many cases are there of innocent Christians being killed there? How would you feel if middle eastern soldiers came here and started killing off innocent Christians?

  29. @jenova000 just recently in eygpt over thirty christians protesters were killed by the army.there are many instances of persecution of christians over there.its not being reported by the goverments.but underground like the 700 club.

  30. @rogerbahakel 30 Christians? Please go look up the Iraq/Afghanistan casualties but of course people like you do not consider the Middle Eastern people human beings so I doubt you would care how many innocent civilians are killed there.

  31. @rogerbahakel WOW. Your logic= since one group of extremists killed 3000 americans on 911, you get to go to Iraq and kill over 19000 civilians? With your logic they have the right to kill over 50000 Americans now.

  32. you talk tough on the computer.this guy here is a muslim and he is promoting his agenda,which is to take over the world.he doesn't like democrats either you are the lesser of the two evils to him.and you can't see that because either you are too young or ignorant or both.

  33. don't pretend to know how i feel.you don't know me.i don't like our troops getting killed no more than you do.i don't like people who attacked our country on 9/11 and they were muslims and they did it because of their of beliefs.and if we didn't fight the muslims in iraq they would've bombed us here at home.and i believe that.and many moderate muslims in our country were happy when 9/11 happened and if you don't know that then you are very ignorant.

  34. they didn't destroy the "liberals" they destroyed right wing democrats. Most "liberal" members kept their seats. I doubt the tea party will win in 2012, they've demonstrated themselves to be a collection of ignorant christian corporate tools.

  35. Wiener was forced out by the democratic party, he otherwise might of kept it.

    Dare I ask what all the rally's in Washington were about? Are you trying to tell me the majority of the signs are not representative of the people, and the overwhelming number of people at the protests are not representative of the protests?

    Are you telling me the koch paid transportation has nothing to do with the tea party?

    I'm a libertarian, and these aren't small goverment conservatives. They're right wingers.

  36. I don't know, the national debt isn't relevant. oil prices are. inflation is. the debt isn't. Unless there is another massive financial collapse and the goverment decides to prop it up, then sure, it would eventually become a problem, but the current debt isn't.

    spending and revenues are a bigger problem IMO. the debt is a symptom.

  37. I just said I'm not a liberal, why do you keep insisting?

    No, I don't think it will happen. It can happen, but it likely won't. I'm not going to play your semantics games. It's not enough debt, and it's not hard to pay it down. Most right wing economists were screeching about hyperinflation around the 08 recession and I am yet to see any evidence of this.

    I'm not sure I'm going to take this any further, you're wasting my time. If you want to have an argument, stop making up my positions.

  38. This Turk is mad because leftism lost, and he thinks he should be able to win through deception and voter fraud.

    The Democrats and their associated organizations are probably some of the biggest users of voter fraud in the developed world. Search "ACORN (organization) voter fraud" to see an example of this. Democrats in California and other places are always trying to make it easier for illegal aliens to vote.

    I find it to be very disgusting that honest people's votes get cancelled like that.

  39. How is he a liar? Also, propaganda for who exactly? Definitely not for a political party that's for sure. Try to use your brain before you say something.

  40. thats not what he's saying. He is saying that in a democracy where companies buy all the politicians, then it doesn't matter. The people will lose every time no matter which party wins. The thing is that people usually look to the democratic party for change, but they won't change the system. The people have to. When we have money out of politics, then, and only then, we can have a real democracy. That was the point of this clip

  41. In a way sort of. He has been very outspoken about this. The power of money runs things in our government. Pretty much all the republican party is bought, why the companies flock to them? I don't know, but they do. A lot of the democrats are bought, but not all. t you have a handful like Alan Greyson, Al Franken, so on and so forth. So when the republicans win, the corporations win, thats why he hates when they win and is always talking about getting a constitutional amendment.

  42. I think i see what you're saying. No matter who wins, the opposers won't be happy. But the thing is he is mad that the corporations run everything. they want the republicans to win, so they win. I feel the same way Cenk does to an extent. We have to get money out of politics so the actual people decide instead of the big corporations. When they are out of the picture, then even if conservatives win, then ill keep my mouth shut because the majority has spoken. see what I'm saying?

  43. If Republicans were truly backed by Big Money they would win every election, as it is there are some businesses that supply to the GOP some that Supply to the Dems, and some that supply to both; you want to get rid of Big Money well its a two sided coin Big Business or Big Labor, both have controlled our elections for too long

  44. I'm guessing tea party voters learned this lesson, despite being fodder for the immeasurabley greedy rich and powerful.

  45. How about getting banned from working in a union after working in the government? Oh, wait, Cenk would have to be consistent then… How about making people not participate in Christian/Communist organizations after they stop working for the government, as that would make them biased…

  46. Republicans have won more election in the 21st century (Presidential and Midterm) than the Democrats.

    2000: Republican
    2002: Republican
    2004: Republican
    2010: Republican
    2014: Republican
    2016: Republican

    2006: Democrat
    2008: Democrat
    2012: Democrat

  47. The Democrats haven't been this upset since Abraham Lincoln and the rest of the Republicans took their slaves away! LOL !!!!!

  48. Looking back at this in 2019, we’re still dealing with the same bs, but we have 6 MoC that actually fight for us.

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