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  1. This debate platform is garbage. How about letting the leaders have a detailed conversation/debate for more than a couple of minutes on each question? 10 minutes per question would allow for a much more fleshed out set of responses on actual policy. This platform only makes sense if you are trying to get soundbytes without context..

  2. Andrew Sheer has been a politician since he was 25 years old. He's now 40. So he's been living off tax payers' expenses for the past 15 years. Sheer makes better money and has a better pension plan than any of voter out there. And you want this guy as a leader representing our great country? Wake up and see the light. I support Justin Trudeau 2019!!

  3. singh is separatist, have been banned to travel many countries. it's shame, he is even allowed to represent party who had leader like jack layton.

  4. They lit the debate floor like they're filming a game show? Reply using only (fictional) Game show titles.

  5. only ELIZABETH May can beat Justin Trudeau but unfortunately, she cannot create wealth; other leaders will lose this election because they do not respect Canadians values

  6. The leader of the Bloc responded to the question about Aboriginal consent and consultation and territory by talking about Quebec rights? That is terrible.

  7. Ugh I have such a hippie lady boner for Greens 💚 I had no idea that Trudeau’s climate goals were just Stephen Harper’a recycled goals. That’s horrifying, he talks himself up so much. I’m so deeply disappointed at what a hypocrite he became. It’s a disgrace and has left me so jaded towards the Liberals.

  8. Based on an indepth study of the questions and answers by this pathetic lot, the result of the upcoming election is easily predicted; Canadians lose.

  9. Quite honestly after watching this debate I couldn't help but feel angry at how stupid they believe the average person to be. While every candidate pandered to the first nation communities with the same problems as if it were new, Maxime took the unfavorable position and said he would help them become self reliant on themselves. Politics when reduced down to its core is really just moral principles and you have to know when someone is telling you the truth when they speak to you about taking personal responsibility. That's a message which is not gilded with any superficial promises to capture the emotional. The only minority is the individual and once you discover that you're better able to straighten your life out. PPC definitely has my vote.

  10. M. Sheer critisize Trudeau because his plan for reducing pollution failed, but he himself said he wouldn't do anything in Canada to reduce climate change and instead ask other buisness from other countries to reduce emissions.

  11. The Government must remove all sorts of provincial taxes like the pst just this will put more money in our pockets, and really help citizens or at list remove the PST from food at restaurants like bakeries.

  12. citizen: asks a proper question
    leaders: zooms away
    scheer: see how they're running away? They learned that from trudeau's masks

  13. Elizabeth May- a burnout baby boomer who after 20 years of sex drugs and rock and roll looked down the barrel of middle age and didn’t like what she saw so what does she do .. becomes self righteous.. smh what a disgrace

  14. I investigated Maxime and he definitely gained a fan! Only honest candidate IMO. Mad Max all the way!! PPC for a stronger Canada!! 🇨🇦

  15. at this point we can all agree that canada is wack
    scheer: n o canada is wack because of trudeaus lies

  16. The only thing that matters right now is ending climate change.
    Everything else takes a backseat. Green party has my vote.

  17. Elizabeth May green party sucks, quebecois Singletary without equal rights I'm English Canadian apparently don't deserve the same rights, Bernier didn't mind, Trudeau sociopath not sure he understands truth, think best option Scheer?

  18. Scheer: You have 2 ethics violations and stonewalled an investigation. Do you think laws don’t apply to you?

    Trudeau: I like flowers.

  19. I don’t know much about Politics, and I’ve come here with an open mind, but the way Andrew Scheer speaks makes him look like a child

  20. why did elizabeth may only get 25 sec to answer while trudeau got one minute on the question concerning reaffirming indigenous rights?

  21. 'If you wear a yarmulke you can't be a judge?' WTF is Mr. Turban saying? As far as I understand it, Jewish judges in Canada are not vain or insecure enough to feel the need to project religious symbolism in the setting of the secular judicial system.

  22. What a joke, none of these children are fit to lead our country. They can't even let each other speak, or properly form arguments! This may as well have been called "Rehearsed talking points 2019, presented by the winners of the Canadian elementary school public speaking contest"

  23. Quebec IS Corrupt! So IS Ottawa..that's a GIVEN! lmao what a JOKE this turned out to be. 🙁 Still disappointed n near NOTHING for info

  24. From an Australian point of view pretty much looks like Canada is doomed that maxim bloke would definitely be my pick the others will destroy Canada

  25. It's either peoples or conservative for me, the girl had literally one platform, trudumb is a fake and a lier, the quebecoise guys isn't saying anything of value, and singh is like such a fake politician type that wants even more socialism and immigration.

  26. After watching this debate, I'm seriously concerned about this country's future. These clowns cannot lead Canada to a prosperous future 😔

  27. Why the hell does everyone want immigration?
    Everyone I speak to absolutely hates it

    And the facts are in only 6% want it.

    Who doesn’t want immigration?

  28. Guy with turban actually said he’s been held down because of his beliefs
    Wants mass immigration
    Wants more laws on speech.

    This guy needs to be shut down quick-

    He is what’s wrong with the left- he has an opinion and somehow that’s aggressive

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