Caller: Do Dem Candidates Need Black Vote to Win?

let’s take some phone calls at (617) 830-4750
a lot of folks wanting to talk about many things, including presumably at least some,
uh, the news of the day. Let’s start today with our caller from the
three zero one area code. Who’s calling today from three zero one I gave it this, a little bell up in Pittsburgh. How are you? Good. How are you? Okay. Doing very good and good. Um, I just wanted to ask you about, there’s
a new batch of polls that were released to gauge, do you see the, the Quinnipiac and
the UCO? So I don’t remember which pulse said what,
but I know that over the last couple of days there’s one poll which has Elizabeth Warren
ahead nationally. I’m wondering if that’s one of the ones you’re
referring to. There’s another pole which has, uh, Andrew
Yang pulling 8%. I think that’s the Emerson poll. So yes, I’ve generally been keeping up with
them. Gotcha. Yeah, like the, um, the Quinnipiac and one
at 27, bottom 25. And the YouGov, it was among the lucky voters. It was putting five for both biding Warren. Um, and I mostly highlighting, get to see
the breakdown for you go. But for the Quinnipiac poll, I saw it with
born in July of this year, she had 4% of the black votes, uh, by I’m 53 and then now it
says she has 19% of the black vote by 40. And yes, basically I didn’t make my eyes pop
up because especially for me, because I’m a black millennial and I would want more intimate
and I don’t want up against the white house. Um, so, um, I just had just a couple questions,
but that, do you, um, do you see, is there like a four that you think warm Walden need
to comfortably win the nomination or like among blacks of court and just assuming that
as a hypothetical vet, she, um, didn’t catch up with byte in terms of the black vote. I’m also costume, but she won a majority of
the early States such as Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada. Could you see a Obama Hillary type situation
where the box support swings away isn’t, I’d have to look more in deeply at
the numbers. I think that Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders,
Liz, I think any of these candidates could win the nomination without a majority of the
black vote, if that’s what you’re asking. I don’t think they need a majority of the
black vote necessarily. Um, but I think certainly we want to be paying
attention to, are there certain groups with which a particular candidate is or is not
doing well and what would the reasons for that be? But I’d have to, I don’t know what the floor
would be of like, I wouldn’t be prepared to say if Elizabeth Warren doesn’t get X percent
of the black vote, she can’t win the nomination, that number probably exists. I just don’t know what it would be. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah, like that definitely makes sense. Especially since I didn’t feel like I could
seem to have answered, but I just, because again, it was just released, you know? Yes. We will be looking at it in significant detail
and I appreciate you bringing it up. Lavelle from Pittsburgh. Great to hear from you today. I do appreciate the phone call.

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  1. YES! They have ALWAYS needed the black vote to win. And with the absence of a black agenda they are not going to get it! Don't let those polls fool you, neither party has majority of the black vote.

    David name a Democratic President who has won the Presidency without majority of the black vote. ADOS Tangibles2020

  2. The Dems don't necessarily need the black vote, but it sure does help with turnout in key states. Either way, 'black issues' are just human issues and that thought should have no bearing on policy.

  3. Without the Black vote no Democratic candidate can win a Primary let alone the General election a key reason Hillary lost in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin is depressed black turn out.

  4. Every voter matters! Not one group should feel left out or more important than another, so of course the black vote is important!

  5. We as black people need to stop voting for what the Man wants and vote for our best interest.

    If these dem candidates ain't helping us out we don't vote for um

  6. Trump voter block are highly religious and mixture of Hispanic and white vote.
    Alliance of black and white votes in more conservative voting colleges will be enough to landslide trump
    But deradicalisation efforts shouldn't be ignored or devalued
    Whether it's by former alt right like faraday the new atheist skeptic community like ocean and Mr atheist
    Even thunderf00t is back on board and I bet armoured skeptic and shoe on head will be able to circumvent white nationalist degeneracy
    Left tube and bread tube are determined on taking down the radical fundamentalist Christian vanguard that hide behind Nazi and fascist iconography.
    Contrapoints needs to come back though

  7. Yes, you need the black vote to win. No candidate will get the same amount of support as Obama did in that regard, but if you want a chance at winning, especially in the primary, you need a large turnout from the African American community, especially in the South.

  8. The fucking democrats won’t win period if they continue to run weak horrible boring corrupt third way establishment Neoliberal big business Wall Street democrat candidates like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris

  9. Dems have always underestimated the black vote, they need it to win. I’m not a person who believes identity is everything, because policy comes first. I think representation matters, but implementation of policies matters greatly. (Saying this as a mixed-race person (white Jewish father, black mother). But we do need a candidate that will make sure that people of color/marginalized groups voices’ are heard. (For the record, I think Bernie is that candidate).

  10. If Democrats didn't need black votes. The Electoral college, Gerrymandering, and voter suppression that republicans been doing wouldn't exist in the UNITED STATES. So yes the Black vote is needed for Democrats to win. The same with the Hispanic votes. All minority votes is needed.

  11. You all will be looking dumb asf on election day. No black person i know will vote for warren or bigot bernie.
    Warren played dumb on reparations and bernie kicked a brother out for asking. Fuck you too is the policy come election day.

  12. Blacks are voting Trump. The dems sold us out for illegals, giving them free shit while our vets & seniors go homeless & hungry. You turned your back on us for those illegals, thinking that was going to be your next voting block.
    Shame your illegals won't be able to vote, should have paid more attention to us US citizens….LMAO

  13. Obama doing nothing for blacks while helping sexual deviants and illegal immigrants has cursed the dems for the next 60 years.

  14. Can you just summarize to the audience what the gist of the question is from your phone calls and voicemails so that these videos are more concise and to the point…not to mention many times it difficult to even hear what the callers are saying (this call included) which ultimately results in skipping over these videos entirely (and I doubt I’m the only one)

  15. Yeah nobody has really addressed the Black agenda, so me (and plenty others), aren’t voting for anyone until it’s covered thoroughly.

  16. Yes they do. However we need to make sure that we vote for democrats that push for policies that help us and not just any democrat.

  17. There is no black agenda … only a people agenda. To get the black vote, go talk in their districts and BE SINCERE. Bernie seems to be the only one to pull this off.

  18. For black voters, it comes down to voting for a party that hates us or a party that does nothing for us. It took all I had to vote for Clinton in 2016 because I did then and still now, consider her the lesser of two evils. But, this time I think I'm going to stay home. These Democrat candidates are horrible.

  19. You so called “liberals” don’t need the black vote to win your nomination of course however you do need a 80% black voter turnout to win the election. If you don’t believe me just ask Hillary

  20. I would be so happy if Warren won the dem nomination, but I'm scared she'd not get the black vote and she'd lose against Trump.

  21. There will always be kiss asses whatever color. It is a mistake to attempt to get votes by color. There will always be people of color in politics and some of them will be stupid. We need to vote on issues,not color. Global issues threaten the whole world. It is time to unite,not divide.

  22. So if a gay guy that lets another gay guy fuck him in the ass they can get a form of reparations ?
    But innocent people who have been getting raped by this country since day one get nothing?
    Sounds about white.

  23. The AA vote is vital to any Democrat getting the nomination. They make up a supermajority of Democratic vote in a bunch of the "southern" states. SC votes on Saturday Feb. 29 and 6 other southern states vote on Tuesday March 3. A candidate who wins a majority of the AA vote in those 7 primaries will come away with a very large number of delegates. To counter balance that sort of advantage a candidate would need to win something like CA by the same sort of margin which just isn't realistic.

  24. The black community is starting to wise up that the Democrats promote racist identity politics for no other reason than to pull the emotional strings of minority members who may be ignorant of reality, especially in light of Trump having created an environment where black unemplyment is the lowest in 50 years and black business ownership is up 400%. The Democrats know this, which is why they have been trying tooth and nail to allow open borders and waves of Democrat voting foreign welfare seekers into our country. All of the actions by Democrats in the news today are merely means to an end, and that end is nothing more than… power.

    If Democrats cared about climate change, they'd be living in tents off of nuts and berries to avoid adding the heat of manufacturing, transport, construction, mining, etc from a petroleum based economy to the environment, but instead they fly around in private jets, but beachfront property that according to them will be underwater soon, and avoid doing anything constructive about the biggest polluters in the world, China and Asia.

    If Democrats cared about the black community, they'd invest in the inner cities in a manner that would force education in the public schools instead of allowing them to turn into little more than prisons and indoctrination centers, secure the neighborhoods full of victims of crime, drugs, thugs, and shootings. But they don't, because Democrats are the party of slavery, of Jim Crow, of the KKK, of racist identity politics, running one of the longest cons in history, since the civil war. All they care about is power, and they have used black Americans as pawns for 155 years.

    Enough is enough. Trump 2020.

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  26. Fahrenheit 11/9 provides a good test case of this, with Barack Obama and by extension Hillary Clinton in Michigan in 2016.

  27. I mean after Iowa and New Hampshire, it's basically a sea of Southern States for as far as the eye can see (aka states were most democratic voters are black). So if you have little (Warren) to no (Buttigieg) Black support, you're going to go on a pretty early and extended losing spree which will kill your momentum, and give you a lot of negative press. You don't technically "need" black support to win, but good luck without it.

  28. Y'all supposedly black people on here commenting this nonsense. Maybe y'all live up North because down South we are voting straight Democrat. It's not a game the Republicans screw with our right to vote down here and don't even get me started on the stand your ground laws aka right to murder laws. Just to name a few.

  29. How come Elizabeth Warren is not pandering to the Natives I’m mean she did PRETEND to be one Her whole life and get all the stuff that came along with their suffering

  30. I'm not racist. I've never had any black friends. Not if the never Trumpers go never again Trumpers and vote Democratic. But I had a meeting with a union BA back in '17. The topic turned to a recent incident involving a man who was the victim of a person with RTS. (Racist Tourette Syndrome.) The BA could not go into detail but talked about the unhinged phone calls concerning a certain incident. The BA had black friends. They think the SJW's and hood folk are as flipping off as we do. Donald may do even better with black people this time around.

  31. The Dems need work to win all Minority voters…You need to win the Black and Latino vote in the cities from the East coast and South…You need to win the Asian and Indian vote on both coast…You need to win the Latino vote in the Southwest, in Texas and California. You need to win the Native American vote in the smaller populated states such as the Dakotas, Wyoming, New Mexico and Montana and Alaska (the Natives are potential swing voters there). You need to win the vote of Middle Easterners, Immigrants, Asians, Latinos and Blacks, because together, they are the potential swing vote in the larger populated Midwest states.

    The Dems also need to cater to all blue collar workers (including the White vote). If the Dems can win most of the Minority vote and at least half of the White working class vote, they can win most national elections and half of the States!

  32. Do you know Obama got only 39% of the white vote in 2012 and still won? So the Democratic party should be more concerned about the Black vote and black voter turnout than pissing off a few white people in the rust belt that might be racist or undocumented immigrants who can't vote. The Black vote is the Belle of the ball. Time for Democrats to act like it.

  33. The whole idea that "The Black Vote" exists in the USA tells me that there's a lot of stuff wrong in your country. This difference should not exist right?

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