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  1. The Berkeley poll is pure bullshit, and the fact that Fox gives any weight to this poll is bullshit.

  2. I bet if those immigrants are Russians voting republicans the democrats will enforce laws. lol

  3. Why the fuck dont all these scum stay in thier own country!!! THEY come here rape and kill and fly thier shit flag!!! Time to drop a Nuke on California!!!!

  4. Just MORE reason to get rid of California! Illegal immigrants now control the state because the poll was dictated by minorities and illegals and DACA's who now are the majority of the state! A rational white would not vote yes! Sanctuary is now economically destroying California!

  5. If im here illegally. Im going to risk every thing to vote illegally? Mmmm. The only stupid people who would believe this is TROMPAS supporters! Lol. Keep being mad GOPIGS while everyone is getting rich! Lmao🍻🍻🍻😂😂😂😂😂

  6. 🖕 Berkeley.. I live in California and I didn't approve shit… let the illegals go live in the dorms in Berkeley.

  7. Are you even kidding me!?!?!?! I have lived in California for 61 yers! I did not get to vote on this! I would NEVER agree to my State being a Sanctuary State. I DEMAND a NEW Vote, of people from ALL over the State, EXCLUDING the tainted liberals in Berzerkly!!!

  8. C’mon Fox Business!!! Are you trying to stir us up? LOL If you’re going to do a poll, why don’t you include all the other cities within California & get a real result. So you decided to a poll in Berkeley?!? The super far left libtard city?!? You kidding us?!? Smh.

  9. Hey Varney and MIchelle, I'm in that club too. Came here LEGALLY. It took 7 years and cost me over $6000. Never took a red cent from this country. I've always supported myself. Yes, the legal way does take some time, and it does cost some money, but it's the only RIGHT way. The laws need to be respected and followed. That's why I'm with those who feel the STRONGEST about not letting illegals and fraudulent "asylum" claims into the USA. We need to be protecting our OWN people. This nonsense needs to stop NOW!

  10. I just watched a live filming of Millie Weaver from InfoWars. She's inside the caravan interviewing the people who are part of the caravan as well as some who are supporting the caravan. It was very revealing. Most of those she spoke with told her they are interested in the money they can make in the USA. Only one used the word "refugee" and his answer seemed like it may have been coached to me. This is the best coverage I've seen so far. Check it out.


  11. If you see or suspect illegal activity by Illegal Aliens, here is the number to ICE to report them:

    Report Crimes, Suspicious Activity, and Suspected Child Exploitation of Missing Children
    By Phone: 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (866) 347-2423

    Online tip form: https://www.ice.gov/contact

  12. deep down, fox news doesnt really care about this stuff, they are the same as cnn, they all work for the same people

  13. Dear Friends,

    There is a serious problem with the election system here in America. Our system is outdated, vulnerable and is just waiting to be violated by domestic or foreign hackers. We cannot wait any longer and we must fight for change in the U.S. If you want to help support innovation in our voting systems please take a second to check out this page, and even consider donating to help our cause.


  14. i can't believe that most people in CA agree with sanctuary laws. They never asked me what I thought.

  15. Withdraw federal funding to California and ISOLATE it, LET THEM deal with it, see how long they last, BUT introduce STRICT polling legislation Forbidding NON CITIZEN voting like any NORMAL democracy……

  16. Can't fix stupid! Illegals get DL in California and are automatically registered to vote . They have to "opt" out not to be registered to vote. How many do you think know that little detail?Insane! California is corrupt .Berkley???!!!!! Seriously? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝👎🏼

  17. Its time the Federal government step in remove the Governer Jerry Brown and get this state back on track and remove any sanctuary laws.

  18. I live twenty minutes from Berkeley, I'm against the sanctuary law. Fuck this corrupt state government, and all of these destructive anti American politicians. Lets get on with the State civil war already, enough talk, lock and load. Death to the traitor Jerry Brown!

  19. Everyone loves low wages, good hard low income workers. The more looking for employment the less you can pay. Just like Mexico!

  20. it's fucking berkeley. why the fuck would anyone believe a poll from that fucked up communist shit hole?

  21. I think Trump is gonna have no choice but to disown the state of California .
    The state of California is digging a bad hole for themselves and are becoming a threat to the entire country .
    We used to joke about this but I think its becoming a reality .
    We might have to cut California loose and let them fend for themselves because their inviting alot bad elements in their state and their taking over that state .
    I say build a wall around Cali cut all support ant ties with them and watch and see what happens to glamorous town of Hollywood 😏

  22. Trump write an executive order to deport all illegal voters they are stealing our country wake up already 3rd world invasion

  23. Here in California, illegal aliens are coppers, Sheriffs, Highway Patrol, politicians(Norma Torres), doctors, nurses, dentist, social workers, to name a few. To be a U.S. American in California is most threatening.

  24. i moved a year and a half ago and made a killing on real estate. In a few years this state is gonna be a shithole and i will swoop in and grab some more real estate

  25. Any poll taken in California is pure bullshit. Time to stop this madness , arrest the government of California for treason and sedition. Stop them NOW.

  26. Let's see. There has always been a large hispanic population in California and Mexico. What are you suggesting? Get rid of the indigenous population. Just because they speak spanish doesn't change the fact that these people have ALWAYS lived in that area.

  27. Sorry assholes, but that manifest destiny bullshit lie that was told to us to explain where the indigenous population went is no longer a lie we will accept. I just love the fact that is people who really aren't indigenous are the ones who greedily try to get rid of them. You Johnny come lately people need to restrict immigration for your own people.

  28. You think it is so fun, replacing people. Why don't you go to Egypt and kick the Egyptians out of Egypt. That should keep you busy.

  29. they can kiss my ass on any gas taxes… They should be charging all these illegal fence jumpers this fee since they all are on cash aid, food stamps, housing… shit they can afford it

  30. Anyone that puts the rights of Illegal aliens over the right-to-life of U.S. citizens and their children, have no right to govern or even live here!

  31. Fox fake news propaganda!! A British host and lil ms kim lil Chinese lady who cant speak English
    ..hahahha deport him and her

  32. i really feel that if Californians want immigrants coming illegally than they themselves should pay the bill for it themselves they should not expect people who don't want it to pay for it

  33. I didn’t vote for sanctuary status in California. How did this happen without citizen votes? What’s going on regarding federal lawsuit?

  34. No we do not approve a sanctuary state. It has destroyed California. Other states hate us. They do not want us to come to their state. I don't blame them. A few of us are decent law abiding people who are kind of stuck with this garbage. Pelosi, waters, Schiff, newsome, etc.

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