But, Seriously, Pokèmon Go to the Polls

(gentle instrumental music) (solemn instrumental music) – In the circus of politics, we’ve had countless opportunities
to make stupid jokes. But now, the time for laughter is over. This is an important
and historic election. The stakes have never been higher. So please, Pokemon Go to the polls. (dramatic instrumental music) Many months ago, Hillary
Clinton said this. – I don’t know who created Pokemon Go. (cheering) But I’m trying to figure
out how we get them to Pokemon Go to the polls. (cheering and clapping) – Many have forgotten her
impassioned plea for young people to Pokemon Go to the polls. But we haven’t. So please, Pokemon Go to the polls. I know it might seem far
fetched that one vote would make a difference. And that’s why we decided
to write you this piece. Votes are the girders that
support our whole democracy. Show the world that we
care about more than just our phones and video games. We vote. W-E V-O-T-E. If elected, Donald Trump shows every sign of ruling as a tyrant. Dominating others through
fear or intimidation. He wants to cloister the US away with a policy of isolationism. He wants to negate the
Paris Climate Agreement. He claims to represent the
common man while he lives in a golden tower. Everyday, a new ignorant statement spews from his mouth. He even encourages Russian
espionage against his opponents. It’ll be a gloomy day
if he’s ever elected. Don’t let that happen. Pokemon Go to the polls. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate seeking office who can confidently execute the duties of the presidency. She will shelter our tired and poor. Ditto to the huddled
masses yearning to be free. And hound our enemies abroad. But you need your vote to seal the deal. To ring the victory bell. Yes, Clinton is very likely to win. But we don’t want to jinx it. Beware of over confidence. Yes, Donald Trump is
way behind in the polls, but there’s a chance he might pull ahead and we have to serious. So seriously, Pokemon Go to the polls. I know many folks feel trapped
between two bad choices. You think Clinton is crabby, boring, don’t elect a buzzkill like her. You don’t see her charm and her kindness, she doesn’t excite you. You even want to elect
Ross Perot back in 1992. That’s fine. But we can’t go let Trump into office. His policies will harm you, harm America, and harm you too. Is Clinton hip? No. We all heard her awful Pokemon joke. But she’s right on so many issues, we can overlook some ghastly puns. Remember, you don’t have to tell anyone who you voted for. There’s a curtain at your poll in place so no one can peek at you. – [Pikachu] Pika, pika. – Finally I ask you one last time. Will you Pokemon Go to
the polls and participate in the most important part of living in the land of the Butterfree and the home of the Braviary. There’s never been a
more important election. Bidoof, Mr. Mime, Squirtle, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Snorlax. – Hi, it’s Mike Trapp from College Humor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun things. And send help to keep me from sinking. Please, please help. Please help.

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  1. Can't people put politics aside to appreciate a good pun? 11,000 people watched this video with a stick up their butts

  2. I love how people who tell those who don't vote they have to vote always only mean that they want you to vote for their candidate

    Anyway how's it all working out for yall?

  3. I thought you guys were a comedy channel, not a political channel that tells you to vote against trump

  4. Hey that was pretty good! but there are still more pokemon! can you name 'em all? Lets get it on!

  5. This made me realize. many people know what pokemon go is. Not many knew what pokemon was before it. Or who created it (Like Hillary Clinton. She said it herself).

  6. I feel like this would’ve been funnier without the Pokemon actually being shown on the screen.

  7. You were right. All those votes did make a difference. Thank goodness for the great states of the Rustbelt, and the South.

  8. My favourite pun had to be "don't elect a buzz kill like her. At first I was like "oh wow. Just saying the word buzz TOTALLY works. Then I read it again. This post is long and boring, but I like getting pretty much every small detail in what I am saying. This took like 5-10 minutes to type this, because I am typing this on a phone. Plus I had to change 'Writing' to 'Typing'. And capitalise a few things. This has actually taken me about 10-15 instead, but I am not going to change the other one. Because reasons. Again I am so sorry for waisting your time. Imma leave now. Thanks for reading this post! xD

  9. Lol another commie YouTuber who got paid to shill for Hillary. Another brainless NPC much like the freaks at my university.

  10. All the polls show Bernie beating Trump. So, don't just go to the polls on election day. Go on caucus day. Get involved.

  11. She ruined pokemon
    Also it wasn't because she was boring it was because she did bad thing in the past. So we won't trust her
    Also Trump won

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