But can it run Doom? A brief history of installing DOOM on everything.

Doom… This masterpiece was released in 1993 by Id, to critical acclaim, a worthy successor to the massively successful Wolfenstein 3d. In this video, we will be going over some of the ways hackers and hobbyists have taken this cult classic and turned it into the most violent “hello world” of this generation, by taking it and porting it to literally every single thing it can conceivably run on, from calculators to fridges. My name is Eli and you’re watching Elisha Tech. I’ll preface this with a little bit of history. The reason why Doom is so versatile and built in such a way where it’s just about as practical to install a game on a printer… …as it is the Macbook pro touch bar. More on that later. There are a few factors that go into this phenomenon, and I will cover them here, briefly. Wolfenstein was originally built for DOS and was so reliant on the host OS DOS that any attempts to port the game were met with massive difficulties. This led to a focus being added to the portability of their next major title, Doom Doom was released for the Next Step Operating System, which was a predecessor to of MacOS in 1993. But this time Id put a lot of effort into making it extremely portable. This led to their first source code release of Doom to be adjusted to work specifically on Linux. This caused those goofing around at the time to try and port it back over to DOS and Windows, which has snowballed to the kind of thing that allows you to play Doom on a fridge if you really, REALLY want to. So from what started as a simple need of being able to port over the open source Doom to Windows, turned into the porting of Doom to new and odd hardware, as this some sort of love-letter to hacking culture. Kind of like a “fuck you” to consumerism. Personally one of my favorite and bloodiest ways of saying “hello world”. Here are a few examples of some of my favorite ports of Doom. Remember that all credits for these videos can be found in the description, so if you find one that’s particularly interesting, you can find a time code and a link. And yes, in much the same way that the Doom soundtrack to inspiration from other popular music at the time, so to has it inspired covers and ports of he song by artists and hackers to just about anything you can imagine. This includes: And with that I’ve covered just a fraction of the Doom modding culture. Doom is one of my favorite and most beloved games, and I love seeing more come from this game that is like, older than me. And I look forward to seeing people doing more crazy shit with it in the future until the heat death of the universe. This has been Eli from Elisha Tech, and if you’ve enjoyed this video or learned anything from it at all i would ask that you leave a like,comment or even subscribe, because I do release content on a weekly basis now. Have a good day, and remember, Rip and Tear.

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  1. For those asking. Yes, Doom can run Doom. it can probably run Doom inside Doom inside doom. please stop asking. thank you.

  2. I really hope someone at NASA or SpaceX has ported Doom to run on the launch computer for their shit.

    I wonder if a Tesla can run Doom…

  3. My friend installed it on my car's built in navigation system

  4. I have a feeling that when we have a alien-human coalition, we'll run Doom on their space ship computer.

  5. I was a aircraft technician in the military,we all get in the helicopter and the alarm starts playing the doom theme, I just turned and smiled and the pilot said reallllllly lol

  6. >jumps into tv
    >kidnaps teletubby
    >finds uart port in teletubby
    >connects to teletubby
    >mods teletubby
    >plays doom
    >teletubby has no idea

  7. #1: Looks like it's time to make a deposit… Of lead!
    #3: in ULTRA wide screen!
    Can't wait until in the far distant future someone uses gravity, planets, and stars to simulate binary bits to play Doom on a radio telescope.

  8. "I got a new smart clock."
    "But can it run Crysis?"
    "No, but it can run DOOM."
    "… Excuse me what the f… oh… oh shit, that's amazing."
    (Yes, i managed to play doom on a digital clock… Though, the controls were kinda… fucked.)

  9. Doom can technically run on a human brain because you can imagine that you're playing it……………

  10. Doom really isn't a cult classic. It's way too big and important. As far as computer games go in the IBM PC era, which we are still in, it is the classic.

  11. Here are some things that doom isn't ported to
    Casia loopy
    Game boy original
    Bandai Apple Pipin
    Tapwave Zodiac
    Tiger R-zone
    Atari Lynx
    Alot of 8-bit consoles
    FM towns
    Mattel hyperscan
    Super Acan
    Neo Geo MVS,AES and CD
    Sega Naomi
    Every CD console add-on

  12. This is NOT a F you to consumerism. This is the creator bring a genius of business. Hippie dippy free antifa bullshit is not how the world works.

  13. Charles Babbage: Who are you?
    Time traveler: I'm from the future, and I want you to build that computer thing you thought of so we can run Doom on it.

  14. Imagine yourself, walking into the nearest store with the intentions to withdraw some money and you see a random guy playing Doom on the ATM.

  15. >1993
    >Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits flies by.
    I’ve never been more amused by a sign of my impending mortality before.

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