British MPs reject Boris Johnson’s request to hold an early election

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  1. Look at the woman with the purple hair sitting next to the woman with the pink blazer 😑 that's what I want my government reps to look like, Antifa officers

  2. The Leave campaign won on a pack of lies that the British people now see it for what it is. UK Elites who will gain the most off the backs of the suffering UK people as they line their pockets on the No Deal Brexit chaos! Their elected representatives are the only ones who can defeat the deception that is Brexit that was forced on the people through lies and mistruths.

  3. Ok – so the Brits want what….. They seem more concerned with what they DONT WANT but have no idea what they want. I don't like Boris Johnson (although he wasn't a bad mayor), and I wasn't the biggest Teresa May fan – but talk about mixed messages.

  4. It seems that Boris Johnson isn't even in control of his own party. Why blame Labour? Does anybody really believe that a post-Brexit Britain would get a "great trade deal" from the US? For those who haven't noticed, Great Britain is already Little Britain. Just think back to Blair's blablabla about the special relationship between the two countries. Other than Blair, who believed that nonsense? The only thing Brexit would make easier is blaming the decline on foreigners, the "global elites"….

  5. Who are these idiots? If you listen to any serious journalists from the BBC they don't think that the British people want to have a no-deal Brexit and Labour isn't at all afraid of another election. They know that if they call an election Boris Johnson (who is a notorious, Trump-level liar) will go back on his promise to have it in October and will instead schedule it in November, after the hard Brexit happens.

  6. This analyst is garbage. Corbyn said he's in favor of a general election so long as the bill stopping a no deal brexit gets royal ascent. Leave it to fox news to once again lie to its viewers.

  7. Brexit is not about UK exiting europe. Berxit is about UK people protecting themselves from a group of oligarchy that is hand picked by the super rich and their herd of elites that steal from your pockets.

  8. The British people did not vote for Brexit. A fraction of the British people voted for Brexit. If everyone voted, it would be remain.

  9. I visited England a few weeks ago and never found anyone there in favor of the brexit. Maybe I just did't talk to the right people.

  10. Scotland and Northern Ireland did not vote to leave, Wales and England did. By fighting the no deal non-option, Labor is protecting Northern Ireland from a hard border which is likely to reignite regional tensions and no one wants that to happen. Ignorance can not be allowed to prevail.

  11. It's now or never. Take back your country, don't believe the hype. Real America is on your side. They've all been paid off by the establishment, it's your turn to take a payday.

  12. A bit slanted. I wonder who pays your guest's paycheck. First 17.4 million votes does not make a majority. And what of the 6 millionaire protesters trying to stop Brexit.
    Second, any NO-Deal, would be in violation of the Good-Friday agreement.

  13. I don't know why but Boris Johnson looks like Trump's fifth generation passed down bloodline cousin. Little bit more Dopey with being a loser then Trump. Lol. Just my opinion.

  14. Some of their leaders greed would enslave their country….

    The world saw the people of the UK come back from literal rubble/ruin after ww2 …. that's strength!

    Their current leaders seem to suggest that an economic split will ruin UK… I think it's their greed talking. The people of the UK are strong!

    The people of UK rebuilt from literal rubble after WW 2.. With brexit, their infrastructure is intact. They're in a good position. I hardly see ruin…. maybe for certain people's business interests or their donors business interests, yes. But, capitalism is about adapting.

    As a US citizen that is neither republican or democrat, I'd very much like to help UK stay strong and independent through good trade deals. I see value in our relationship and history.

    That view doesn't change with who is in the white house or what political party holds power in power of government.

  15. Deal? or no deal? trade partners? what trade partners!?? ..'mates rates' are strictly for below the counter types, -be free to trade or not trade as you wish, above all be fair and honest with the people.

  16. How can the people vote to leave the EU and the politicians not honor their wishes? They need to storm Parliament with some bats and start beating some heads.

  17. Stay focused…..the E.U. IS A REGIONALLY based excuse!!! for the original plan of allowing Islam to walk in without proper background checks… it what it is!!!!! diabolical.

  18. Don't buy it!!!! there's no formation of a middle eastern union or alliance in place….why?? because they know not to trust one another in that part of planet mud ball… not be foolish Europe….

  19. As an expert who has both lived and visited the middle east for several years both as a war vet and a friendly visitor, I can tell you those guy's are NOT loyal….they are camel trader nomads…they are merely only interested in the highest bidder…..bummer!

  20. Considering the electoral system in the UK, elections are useless either way as no government will represent the electorate regardless of who votes what.

  21. Boris is doing everything he can !!! His own party are traitors. They should just dissolve the government and the monarchy and have Merkel become the new British emperor.

  22. Circus: to keep people to the game, UK wont get out without a deal this means EU structures still will influence UK. Not good. Everything is already decided in city and by queen. This show of slogans and fake acting is just a show off, to keep you all busy while they divide the country money and shout RUSSIA DID IT

  23. The deal the Parliament is supporting would be like a divorce where the EU husband retains it's rights of sexual relations with the British wife without providing any physical or material support… In other words, the British people continue to get screwed by the EU… That's right, the EU is relieved of providing any form of support while retaining total control and demanding alimony.

  24. You idiot. It was not a lose for Boris. He dared the Labor Party to vote for a new election. That they demanded. The Labor Party voted against their own call for elections…

  25. man Oh man! The people of England need to wake up and start thinking about what the European Union has been doing to their country. It's the same thing the globalists have been doing to the USA. The E.U. has literally one by one moved industry and companies out of the U.K., leaving the U.K. without one drop of self reliance or resorces to fall back on, and will end up being totally dependant upon the mercies of a very evil global cabal.

  26. Meh. More concerned nobody is hounding corrupted DOJ and hanging traitors. No free press, only corporations. Why does Fox aid and abet this unConstitutional unelected shadow government commiting treason?

  27. Queen must walk in the place with a sword, and take her country back. Bring Royal marines to shut down their circus. Put them all out in the road and close up house.

  28. The Queen must be livid with what’s happening to her beloved country. She’s seen it all now she’s seeing the downfall of the United Kingdom.

  29. No, no, no. Great fight that will turn a great defeat to the left which showed in what side is in to the Brittish people. The left is smeared.

  30. Interesting development's in Britain's Brexit mania. Very chaotic Brexit. It's like a very hard motion problems with a lot of LA our pain's.
    That's pain is long acting immorality and now going out in great pain. This pain of exit is for good. Sewage must be drained. Sewage meets the sewage.

  31. This is so disingenuous it’s frightening. Parliament are working well within their remit. A misinformed, tiny majority voted in favour of leaving the E.U: not specifically at all costs. No deal was not what was campaigned for. Boris Johnson and all his cronies have categorically stated in the last 3 years that a ‘no deal’ is not good for the country and not what was desired by the people.

  32. One last time for those of you a little slow on the uptake….Britain vote leave!!! it didn't vote for a deal to do so!!! get some balls into you.

  33. Let me put it another way to help you understand this…..I shop and buy and trade goods wherever I CHOOSE TO…you don't get to decide that for me…..I voted leave because I prefer choices.

  34. The fun part about being an eagle hovering above all the gobbling turkeys beneath, is that eagles are confident and are aware that simply being misunderstood by the turkeys arguing beneath… is only par for the course.

  35. No wonder Putin once, the one time that I recall, made fun of democracy! "Parliament stabbing the people in the back".

  36. There are a few things I'll never forget nor weaken about……seeing kids beheaded by arseholes because they were not Islamic…..and communism via China insisting on it's one child policy….and murdering it's babies…..I'm not negotiable….Britain also said no!! out and leave.

  37. The EU and the globalists will do anything to undermine BREXIT. It's time for Britons to claim back their independence, freedom and democracy.

  38. 👍 Someone liked your comment: "Disbandon the entire E.U. …it was a scam funded by the middle east from day one."
    2 hours ago hmmmmmmm yaptube again!!!!

  39. If yaptube are supposed to be so neutral…..then explain why I'm getting so many thumbs up from them directly lately…..I can smell the pork sizzling from here……

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