Brexit uproar: Nigel Farage reveals major failure in Boris Johnson’s ‘disaster’ EU exit – News 247

 Recently, Mr Farage has spoken out of a possible alliance with the Tories in an upcoming election Moreover, leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg even praised Mr Farage and labelled him as one of the most influential people in politics who’s “never been in Parliament”  Despite the warm words between the two parties, Mr Johnson refused the pact as he announced that the Tories would fight every seat in an election  Hitting back at the prime Minister, Mr Farage questioned the motive behind rejecting the non-aggression pact with the Brexit Party  In a tweet, Mr Farage said: “I can’t understand why Boris does not want to win a big Brexit majority and smash the Remain parties  “Perhaps he doesn’t want a clean break Brexit and prefers Mrs May’s sell-out. “That would be a total disaster ” Originally the Brexit Party had offered a deal that would see the Prime Minister sign up to a no deal Brexit  The Conservatives would also stand aside in more than 80 seats for the pact to be confirmed  Mr Johnson announced on Monday night that the Conservative Party would not go to the voters in an “alliance or a pact, or a coupon deal”   The news of Mr Johnson’s rejection of any alliance comes as two-thirds of Tory voters said that wold back an electoral agreement with Mr Farage’s party in order to deliver Brexit  In the ComRes poll produced for the Daily Telegraph, it showed 63 percent of Conservative voters and 79 percent of Brexit Party backers supported the pact  Despite that a Conservative source has hit out Mr Farage and his Leave EU campaign colleague Arron Banks  The source added: “Neither Nigel Farage or Arron Banks are fit and proper persons, and they should never be allowed anywhere near government ”     The Brexit Party leader had campaigned with Mr Banks’ Leave EU group in the past  As well as rejecting Mr Farage’s proposal, the Prime Minister had flown to New York for the United Nations General Assembly  While there, Mr Johnson had admitted that there was a “lively dialogue” with the leaders of the other European nations  Speaking on the current Brexit process, he also revealed that the nations were working hard to find a way to ditch the Irish backstop  Away from the Brexit negotiations, Mr Johnson also attacked the Labour party. Mr Johnson said: “We will be contesting the next election when the Labour Party – the opposition – finally summon up the nerve to have an election  “We will be contesting the next election as the Conservative party and not in an alliance, or a pact or a coupon, a receipt ” Trending  Jeremy Corbyn saw off an attempt by grassroots activists to force Labour to take up a Remain position before a general election  The attempt to force Mr Corbyn into a pro-Remain position before an election comes following a botched bid to oust deputy leader, Tom Watson from the party  Despite the attempt, Mr Watson will reportedly urge members to move on from the controversy according to leaked extracts released in advance of his speech on Tuesday

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