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  1. BREAKING NEWS. The biden campaign has just released an important announcement. " A sign language expert has just been hired to sign all of sloppy joes talking points direct from the teleprompter so sloppy joe will just be standing there NOT saying anything stupid . Then the crowd will give their approval by doing the jazz hands." WIN WIN.

  2. Those Idiots will never learn that Crooked Hilary is filthy criminal delinquent to her bones core. She will try jumping in the clowns pool for the same reason the Madam Witch ran in Trump's 2016. The witch is running from Lady Justice

  3. Hillary really needs to stop threatening the π€π¦πžπ«π’πœπšπ§ people with the possibility she will run.

  4. β€œDo not interfere with the wounded ThemRats πŸ€πŸ€, who are in the process of destroying themselves.
    These people are stupid”
    ThemRats πŸ€πŸ€ will never win a crap πŸ’© again πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  5. Nikki Haley "!? This Dingbat isn't Qualified to Give a Twenty Dollar Blow Job let alone Her Political Positions !!!?,,,, πŸ‘‘

  6. Democratic Party can't find a few good man to lead the party maybe they need Hugo Chavez to represent for Democratic Party

  7. So racism is fully supported and embraced by the Socialist party, and New Hampshire likes to get shafted. Nice to see the Nationalist Socialist party, oops I meant Democrat party finding an entire state that begs please sir may I have another. Go New Hampshire.

  8. Isn't it racist to tell a State they are "too white"? Yes Castro, America has a large population of European descent. This is called history. And if it was not for them, the America who welcomed your family would not exist today. Spitting in the soup you eat is wrong.

  9. No chance Castro needs to drop out was corrupt as a Satx mayor, Clinton ,Obama crooney, can't tell him or brother apart , trump in 2020 baby!!

  10. These socialist bastard such as Sanders and Warren are literally salivating over a possible takeover in the US. Salivating. Because they are reaching out to a generation of fools that didn't take 21st century geopolitics seriously. Probably cut class. Missing out on the part that talks about the tremendous struggle that the US endured all over the globe to stop Soviet imperialism. You got fooled into thinking it was the US that oppressed them.
    If you went to college and that is what you got out of history; then I would seriously consider getting your money back for them having failed to give you the complete and unabashed facts of the world as it really is. They failed you in the long run – and they did it on purpose. Socialism has always required the foolish and uninformed to get their way. Spare me saying that you can do it better. I have too many dead relatives in unmarked graves due to 'socialists' demanding their own way and calling it democracy. You are being warned . . .

  11. Castro needs to go to another country where he want have to use is color as a problem.
    What he is saying to us, is that he should be elected because he is not white.

  12. Jack Ruby did what surprised everybody. Must stop fascism and racism. Must pray, fast and love ❀️ one other not cause division.

  13. ethan bearman keeps being given air time…. he is obviously a liberal hack. Why do you waste our time with his lies and bias?

  14. I love how we are predominantly a white country and somehow that’s bad? Blow me. Nobody cares about color unless you are a racist like Castro

  15. "In my October 17, 2019 prepared testimony and in my deposition, I made clear that I had understood sometime after our May 23, 2019, White House debriefing that scheduling a White House visit for President Zelensky was conditioned upon President Zelensky's agreement to make a public anti-corruption statement. This condition had been communicated by Rudy Giuliani, with whom President Trump directed Ambassador Volker, Secretary Perry, and me, on May 23, 2019, to discuss issues related to the President's concerns about Ukraine. Ambassador Volker, Secretary Perry, and I understood that satisfying Mr. Giuliani was a condition for scheduling the White House visit, which we all strongly believed to be in the mutual interest of the United States and Ukraine." -Gordon Sondland, US ambassador to the EU

  16. I`ll break down the dumbocrapic clown party. dumb, dumber and dumbest. she can`t fix her own state so I don`t trust her to fix anything. TRUMP 20/20 and bring it on cliton it will be funny.

  17. Well, maybe he doesn't understand it's the United States of America and that you have to win enough of 50 different popular votes to win the Presidency. Hillary didn't understand and still blames white women….

  18. These Democrats really think they are going to win in 2020 oh my God the delusion please the delusion I can't wait to see this this is going to be better than the Super Bowl not the champagne ready and all the munchies

  19. White is "Right", Tan is Grand, BUT "WHITE" is the color if the Big Boss Man! We STILL turn to the Very White States to lead the parade! Thank God!

  20. FOXNEWS is Democracy's most dangerous threat. Considering their large audience's appetite for validating Trump's lies and corruption as Biblical prophecies, Trump is KING.

  21. Be aware, the Democrats set up their own defeat for 2020. They repeated the phrase, that our founding fathers said, we were given "a republic, if you can keep it;" while they selected top candidates for president and leaders who promote "Socialism" or "Democratic Socialism" which force compliance of redistribution of wealth and goods, and forced compliance of social policies against religious commandments from the God of all the earth.

    Democrats want to impeach President Trump this time for trying to get damaging information from a foreign leader against a fellow candidate for president, Joe Biden; but that is against Democrats for wanting to prevent evidence of wrong doing. It just keeps it before the voters each time the Democrats mention impeachment, President Trump will answer that by seeking help to investigate corruption, and an illegal act by Joe Biden in 2016, who openly admitted it, President Trump is protecting the people from putting corrupt leaders in office; that is his responsibility.

    The Democrats repeated several times President Trump's words, "Do us a favor though" as condemning him, when it actually proves him not guilty of what they charge him with. A favor is something given like a gift, not something held as "quid pro quo" or control.

  22. Deny climate change, face the consequences. The biggest and most damaging hurricanes are now three times more frequent than they were 100 years ago, say researchers. Using a new method of calculating the destruction, the scientists say the increase in frequency is "unequivocal".
    Previous attempts to isolate the impact of climate change on hurricanes have often came up with conflicting results.
    But the new study says the increase in damage caused by these big cyclones is linked by global warming.

  23. He's going to drop out just like Beto did! He says it's too white, but his slogan says people first that means white people too.

  24. Remember that name from the past. " Castro"!! He is a embarrassment to the people of Texas believe me. Go Trump πŸ‘Š MAGAπŸ‘Š πŸ’ͺ Go 2020.

  25. So, it's okay to say something is too white, but not okay to say something is too black, or too brown? What if I did the same thing, & said Mexico is too brown. Africa is too black. We need more whites representing Africa, & Mexico. See how incredibly silly this all is? It's anti-white racism. Nothing more. No way am I going to vote for anyone with that mentality.

  26. Castro calls all IA and NH whites 'racist.' Oh, but wait… they voted for Obama TWICE. I guess they just don't like bitter loser puke Julian.

  27. I am a Democrat, but even I can say that Julian Castro's just suggesting this because he knows that he can only have a mediocre performance in Latino states.

  28. Americans don't want a president who is actually racist. Castro is the perfect example of who Americans don't want as president.

  29. Why doesn't he tell people The so-called United States is to white since about 77% of US citizens are white.

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