Boris Johnson’s hilarious election advert | 12 Questions to Boris Johnson

Q: Hi Boris, you alright? PM: I’m good, how are you? Q: What’s been on your mind today? PM: Well, I can’t hide it from you, I’ve been thinking a bit about this general election campaign. Q: How do you typically start your day? PM: I tend to get up pretty early and then I go down and take the dog for a walk, and dog does his business and so on and so forth,
that’s my start to the day. Q: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve found about being PM? PM: I was pretty incredulous the other day when I found out I couldn’t actually get a Thai curry to deliver to Number 10 because of the security problems, the security is too tight. Q: And on that subject, fish and chips or a Sunday roast? PM: I think fish and chips on a cold night on a beach, you can’t beat it. Q: Why are we having this election? PM: We’re having this election because basically the whole political system is paralysed, and we have a fantastic Brexit deal that we did, nobody said we could do it, but we did, and then parliament refused to knock it through. So we’re stuck in the EU when the people voted to leave, so we need to have an election. Q: This one divides opinion, but Marmite, yes or no? PM: Marmite? Yes. Q:: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing our country? PM: Look, this is an amazing country. It’s going gangbusters in so many ways. We lead the world in so many technologies, but our political system is blocked at the moment. And that’s the thing that we need to address, we need to get a new government, a new majority government, and I hope a Conservative government, and move this thing on. Q:Now, I know you’re a very busy man, but when did when was the last time you cooked and what did you make? PM: The last time I cooked was last night and I made steak and oven chips, which were very good. Q: What’s your favourite band? PM: Look, this is either The Clash or it’s the Rolling Stones. and mainly I listen to the Rolling Stones nowadays, so you can make of that what you will. Q: What would you say to someone who’s wondering who to vote for at this election? PM: I would say it is a very, very simple choice. You can either go with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party and be in no doubt that if you vote for any other of the minor parties, you will end up with a coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corbyn at the lead, at the head. And that will not only be an economic catastrophe for this country, it will also be a political disaster because their program, would you believe it, is for another Brexit referendum, another referendum next year, spend the whole of the next year in a referendum on Brexit, a referendum on Scotland, to say nothing of the economic catastrophe involved in a Corbyn-led, socialist, semi-Marxist Labour government? Or you can go with us, get Brexit done with our deal, which is ready to go, oven-ready, slam it in the microwave, it’s there. Get it done in days and take the country forward. We’re investing massively in the NHS, the biggest investment for a generation, massively in schools, in policing, 20,000 police we’re putting out on the streets of this country. We’re going to be doing a huge infrastructure revolution for the whole of the UK, gigabit broadband across the whole of the UK, and we can pay for all that because we’re the party that understands the importance of a dynamic market economy. So that’s my message, vote for us, vote for a compassionate, One Nation Conservative government that understands the symmetry between a free market economy and great, great public services. Let’s get Brexit done and unleash the potential of this whole country. See you later.

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  1. Start attacking Labour on their policies! People need to understand exactly how socialism will fail and lead us into economic catastrophe. Up your game, please, and save the UK from the prospect a devastating Marxist Labour government.

  2. I feel disappointed when I look at the comments. People blindly following boris, after all the allegations against him and the scandalous things the conservatives has done this election. They claim they'll change but they won't and are willing to sacrifice the economy for their own personal gain

  3. NIGEL FARAGE called for immigration into Britain to be slashed to 50,000 a year and a £200bn spend on the NHS and high streets …

  4. The only hilarious thing about Boris Johnson will be seeing the look on the cunt’s face when he gets voted out of office in December 👍🏻

  5. Get Brexit done he say's over and over like a stuck record, he does not even give a crap about Brexit he just hopes he can get the leave voters votes with the hope there is still enough of them (I was one of them but changed my mind) to get him and his old gang from the 2010 cabinet back on the front bench who ousted T May, so they can continue with their nasty agenda of austerity and more cuts on the working class and poor while making sure the wealthy are ok. you have divided the country, family, friends and community with your wealthy vs poor system, you bunch of self-serving bums… You talk about steak 1:56 while you send people to the food bank wow.

  6. I'll be watching through the night on Dec 12/13. CON GAIN CON GAIN CON GAIN CON GAIN flashing across the screen. (Actually it'll be CEID CIPIO as it'll be on Welsh tv as well) Can't wait.

  7. I see the government are using sex to try and convince the youngsters to vote in the latest ad campaign…..its all linked , sex, youngsters, government

  8. This is the worst thing I've ever seen. Transparent efforts to relate (I like the rolling stones and marmite), political slurs… (does he know what Marxism actually is) and possibly the worst cup of tea I've ever seen. Ps "coalition of chaos" didn't work too well last time mate. Maybe try thinking up some policies beyond the nonsensical get brexit done shite.

  9. you might claim to like the rolling stones Boris, but they dont like you

  10. Is this a comedy skit? Im serious! If the conservatives thought this was good then how could they ever be trusted in power. Its like watching somebody do an impression of mr bean. Ive made my mind up now, anyone but this clown

  11. Why are the Conservatives not making a big deal about labour's objective to Nationalise Broadband (for Free!!!) and by doing so, take the internet into state control, like China??? Does nobody care that rather than your Internet provider having secure data about your online privacy, the Neo Marxist Death Cult State will have all the access your privacy they want? Why aren't the Cons screaming this from the roof tops??????? Is it because they're proposing the same thing with a different name? Since when did the state move from serving us to being a Socialist Authoritarian State, spying on and butt f***ing the individual freedoms of us Sovereign Individuals?

  12. "*Well, today i'm mostly thinking about selling the NHS to the Americans, getting rid of the muslims, and sending all of those bloody Europeans home.*".

  13. The conservatives are arrogant and stupid. If they had stood down in the labour heartlands then the brexit party would have taken all the seats there. Which would have labour attaining only about 100+ seats in parliament.

  14. How on Earth did he make a cup of tea without boiling the kettle and why would he think it was OK to leave the tea bag in the mug? We brits take our tea slightly too seriously so I'm puzzled as to how this bloke thinks he can be PM when he cannot even make a brew. Disgraceful!

  15. oven ready – slam it in the microwave…?..and can't make a proper cup of tea. Oh dear BOjo. Please scrap the 5G plan and then you would get my vote.

  16. Not trying to affect any of you, and not trying to be rude, but if conservatives win, it will cost £2000 just for an ambulance.

    I am only 12 years old so please don't try be rude to me.

  17. Hey Boris, where I live there are only two parties with a reasonable chance of winning. Would you suggest Liberal Democrats or SNP? Not a fan of either, but I've leant towards the Liberal Democrats for their stance against Scottish independence. Reading their manifesto I don't agree with most of their politics.

  18. He’s just about to spill that cup of tea 😂😂😂 Boris is proving to be a great PM, he’s brilliant, capable, articulate and has a great sense of humour, he’s the real deal. Entertains me every time I see him. Time for my ‘Get Brexit Done’ relaxation video by Boris, another masterpiece 😁👍

  19. hilarious??? bruh its distressing. he was asked about his struggle as pm (and it was a struggle so he should have a lot to talk about) he talked about fucking curry?????

  20. The tories have destroyed British society with their greed trying to save the banks and financial institutions who bankrupted the country – they should have been hanged not let off to ruin society. Listen to Boris what the hell is he talking about?

  21. Whaaat are you fr. Went on FB today for first time in forever to see people genuinely sharing this. This man is an absolute joke. Love this attempt at personalising this freak of a man

  22. No. Just no! It's wrong it's awful it's just no. I want to vote con. I love lab I want out of the EU but I want a nuclear deterrent. I'm lost. Boris has no idea about the real world bless him but corbin has the real world but a bit too much socialism.

  23. Why would you want conservatives to win you would have to pay a lot of money for birth (20 grand)all they want is more money

  24. Hahahaha this is like a year 8 drama project, the token coloured guy who they've clearly asked to walk past him in the hall

  25. They've got their own propaganda posted up on the walls of their own office, just in case their own staff are having doubts

  26. he’s trying to hard to pretend to live his life in stereotypes and working class people when we all know he’s a snob

  27. #TaxAvoidanceBrexit

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