Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn reveal what they would get each other for Christmas

Leaving politics aside, what gift would you
leave for Mr Johnson under the Christmas tree? Well, I know Mr Johnson likes a good read,
so what I will probably leave under the tree for him would be A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens [laughter] And he could then understand
how nasty Scrooge was. Thank you. Mr Johnson. Well I think I would probably leave,
since you want a literary effort, a copy of my brilliant Brexit deal [laughter and applause]
– Non-political. Non-political. Maybe by next year we’ll be able to
– Just non-political Mr Johnson. Non-political. I think Mr Corbyn, Mr Corbyn shares
my love of plants and trees. – I think maybe some Damson jam.
– One of your little cardboard buses maybe. – Some Damson Jam.
– Lovely. Thank you very much indeed for that. He doesn’t even want my Damson jam. Thank you.

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