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  1. Who in the hell heard of a thing, black for dumpster Trump,pure ignorance on all parts,1% of black people will vote for his idiot disgraceful ass, what a fucken joke, ignorance

  2. Why they have to be African American ??? most if them have never been to Africa… If your born here your an American !!!

  3. It sure is “Black” for Trump.. this “African” American is BS .. most of them could not find Africa on the map let alone been to Africa..

  4. LOCK HIM UP. The good news is, he took THREE 'L's' this week. He was ordered to pay $2 million for his fraudulent 'charity'; he was ordered by the appeallate court to show 8 years taxes to the SDNY (and he cried to the SCOTUS to review it, which they likely won't since he has no legal right to hide them now) and the most recent elections his appeals and backing of Republicans resulted in DEM WINS! And that doesn't even count all the folks who said he was not only quid pro quoing the Ukraine President to find dirt on Hunter Biden (none to be found) but he was EXTORTING him, which…Drumpfbots…IS A CRIME.

    He's going DOWN! DRUMPF IN PRISON JUMPSUITS 2020!!!!!!!

  5. Happy he didn’t pull out hot sauce then tell them they would all be put back in chains like the other candidates, or tell them how poor they were and degrade them for a vote. Damn I hate how the democrats treat Black voters, they’re so stereotypical.

  6. What a hypocrite. He has only 1 black working at his table. Ben Carson. So is he the ONLY qualified black person. Hell No. He's the only one that tRump offered a job to. RACIST, cheating pig

  7. Which do you prefer? BLACKS OR AFRICAN American? Where is his rally for Mexicans for Trumps? Gays for Trumps? Latinos for Trump? This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to deflect. Whats it gonna do next? Trump & Kanye 2020? Or Trump & Kardashian-West? This man only smiles and lies to gain the RATINGS he lives by. He doesnt care about anything but ratings and popularity. So much is going on and all he can do is find Rallys to spread more lies to? He is the scumbag liar! He is corrupt! Always has been. ONLY FOOLS support this fraudster who sends his BEST men to prison.

  8. ความรักไม่มีจริงในประเทศไทย,เป็นการจัดฉาก,

  9. He is a first class "JOKE"!!! and you all know it. There nothing to gain here other than like the fox trying to pull tho wool over there eyes. Your comments suck with the jokes. Arizona folks trying to change color in the sun and heat. Bias is what they are.

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