Biden Whines, Trump Won’t Destroy Me’ As His Polls Tumble

Hours after U.S. President Donald Trump described
him as “stone-cold crooked,” Joe Biden, a leading Democratic contender in the 2020
race for the White House, vowed on Wednesday the Republican president is “not going to
destroy me.” “Let me make something clear to Trump and
his hatchet men and the special interests funding his attacks against me,” Biden said
in prepared remarks distributed by his campaign in advance of an appearance in Reno, Nevada,
on Wednesday night. “I’m not going anywhere. You’re not
going to destroy me. And you’re not going to destroy my family. I don’t care how much
money you spend or how dirty the attacks get,” said Biden, who leads in most opinion polls
among the 19 Democrats seeking their party’s nomination to face Trump in next year’s
election. The back-and-forth came as Trump, first in
a series of tweets and then at a news conference, angrily denounced an impeachment inquiry concerning
a July call in which Trump asked Ukraine’s president to investigate Biden and his son
Hunter, who served on the board of a Ukrainian company while his father was vice president. Democrats have accused Trump of pressuring
a vulnerable U.S. ally to meddle in the 2020 election for his own political benefit. On Wednesday, Trump insisted that he had acted
appropriately, and called Biden and his son “stone-cold crooked.” The president has
repeatedly accused the pair of wrongdoing without providing any evidence. Biden, in return, accused Trump of abuse of
power in a statement sent to reporters before his speech on Wednesday. His campaign said Biden intended at the Reno
event to portray Trump as a frightened bully. “He did it because, like every bully in
history — he’s afraid,” Biden planned to say of Trump’s accusations against him
and his son. “He’s afraid of just how badly I would beat him next November.” Democrats Admit Impeachment Is About Undoing
An Election In Video Shared By Trump. This could be the nail in the coffin for Democrats,
not only in the attempted coup, named impeachment, of President Donald Trump. It could also be what seals their fate, and
their defeat, in the presidential, Senate and House elections in 2020. It is a video shared by President Trump on
Wednesday that shows Democrats, in their own words, saying what impeachment really is. It shows former Vice President Joe Biden saying
“It is simply antithetical to our Constitutional democracy to use impeachment to overturn an
election on partisan grounds.” “It would trample upon the choice made by
the people through the electoral process and do great harm,” he said. “The people elected the president, they
still support him, we have no right to overturn the considered judgement of the American people,”
Rep. Jerry Nadler said. “Impeachment of a president is an undoing
of a national election,” he said. “They are ripping asunder our votes. They are telling
us that our votes don’t count and that the election must be set aside.” House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi said “I
think it has a traumatic impact on the confidence that the American people have in government.” “Their hatred of the president exceeds their
caring about this country and its people,” New York Sen. Charles Schumer said. “Send a message through the ballot box.
That is what we do in this country,” Rep. Maxine Waters of California said. The only thing is that these statements were
made two decades ago during the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. But the truth is that the Democrats know what
they are doing because they called it out in those sound bites and it is what they intended. They have been shouting for impeachment from
the day that President Trump was elected in 2016, before he ever stepped in the White
House. They failed with their Russia conspiracy theory
and the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller that did not give them the ammunition they
needed. And now they have latched on to a bogus claim
that President Trump attempted to extort the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden. They have ignored the fact that Biden, and
his son Hunter Biden, were seen golfing with the same Ukrainian gas executive who gave
Hunter his lucrative job with no experience. And they have ignored the fact that Joe Biden
admitted to holding funding for aid to the Ukraine hostage until the prosecutor investigating
his son was fired. But video lasts forever and these words the
Democrats used in the 1990s to defend President Clinton are coming back to bite them.

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