Bernie FIRST, Bloomberg THIRD in Shock Polls

There are two amazing developments in the
2020 democratic primary from the last 36 hours, other than the fact that New Hampshire voted
and that Bernie Sanders won the popular vote. They’re tying P boot edge edge in terms of
delegates. Uh, revelation number one, Bernie Sanders
has all of a sudden taken over the lead, not just in one national poll, but in the real
clear politics average of recent polls. That’s number one. We’re going to look at some specific ones. Number two, um, we now have Michael Bloomberg
polling third, nationally at 15 and 16, and even in a very recent poll, 17%. These are stunning numbers for Michael Bloomberg. We don’t yet know how his numbers will be
affected by the horribly racist audio uncovered by our friend Benjamin Dixon over the last
48 hours. So let’s now look at the latest polls. Bernie Sanders in first place in the latest
Monmouth poll, the latest Quinnipiac poll and the latest morning consult poll all highlighted
in red on the screen. This is a major reversal that’s been building
up over the last six weeks now surpassing Joe Biden. More on that in a second. And then incredibly, I mean really incredibly
Michael Bloomberg recently exposed talking very racistly about stop and frisk in audio
that was released by our good friend Benjamin Dixon, Bloomberg polling and 16% in third
place in the Hill poll, 15% in third place in the queen of Quinnipiac poll. And there’s another poll that just came out
an hour ago, which we don’t yet have in front of us, where at Bloomberg is pulling 17% so
this now shifts the national race quite a bit. The latest national averages put Bernie Sanders
almost three full points ahead of Joe Biden in the national averages. Michael Bloomberg has now surpassed not just
Pete boot edge edge, but also Elizabeth Warren in the national averages at 13.62 Elizabeth
Warren’s 13 so I told you weeks ago without value judgment of Bloomberg. Remember, I’m not a Bloomberg supporter, although
I find his ads triggering Donald Trump. Very funny. I believe that in the end, Bloomberg is going
to end up third or maybe fourth in delegates. I think Biden is increasingly out. I believe Warren is increasingly out. Bloomberg is now third nationally. Warren’s downfall continues. Pete continues to be solid. We’re going to have several contenders here
for some time. Now as far as Michael Bloomberg goes, the
question is 15% nationally is great, 16% nationally is great, 17% nationally is great. He needs delegates. Where does he start getting delegates? Because 13.6% nationally average is lovely,
but there’s a 15% viable viability threshold and most of the primaries, so where is Michael
Bloomberg in Nevada? We have no clue. The latest poll is very old. Where is Michael Bloomberg in South Carolina? Nowhere 10 days ago he was pulling one in
South Carolina. That’s okay. In the sense that he’s betting on super Tuesday. So let’s now look at some super Tuesday States
in California. Bloomberg is polling for not enough to get
any delegates, but where it gets interesting for Bloomberg is that in Texas, he’s pulling
16 that would get him a bunch of delegates in Massachusetts, there’s no polling since
October. We’re not sure in Florida to pick another
state. Bloomberg is polling or was pulling 17 at
the end of January. Florida and Texas are big States, a 219 delegates
in Florida, two 28 in Texas. So just if Bloomberg can eke out his 16% in
Texas and his 17% in Florida, that’s 73 delegates. That’s way more than anyone has right now. Of course, other candidates will pick up delegates
in those States as well. So understand that this is a long game. I maintain Bloomberg will be a bigger player
than lots of people thought. We heard anecdotally during our New Hampshire
livestream yesterday that some, uh, some callers whose friends or family support Bloomberg
were shown the Ben Dickson audio, the subtitled racist audio of Michael Bloomberg and every
single one of them didn’t care. So in the next week or so, we will see whether
the Ben Dickson audio release Hertz, Michael Bloomberg, I predict that if it does, it will
not be significant. That’s just, it’s not my opinion of the audio. The audio is horrible. It’s my prediction of how voters will react. So I want to hear from you. What do you think is happening with Michael
Bloomberg? Will the um, uh, establishment democratic
party democratic support shift to Michael Bloomberg? If Biden continues to fall and Warren continues
to fall, uh, um, in concert with boot edge edge and Amy Klobuchar sort of, uh, being
bumped up and picking up delegates where you see Bloomberg’s role here, I know a lot of
people in the audience don’t like him, particularly after that disgusting audio. I’m with you, my friends. This is an analysis of what is not what we
would like, and I believe Bloomberg is going to be a significantly bigger player than a
lot of people in my audience and around the country are giving him credit for. Let me know and make sure to give us a like
on Facebook at Pakman show after the break. Not very much Trump content on today’s show. For those of you who don’t like Trump content,
almost none of it today. So far, we will talk about Donald Trump getting
his friend Roger Stone, who he barely knows a lighter prison sentence, and we will also do an analysis of progressive
regressive and proportional taxes coming up after this short break

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