Beijing Shocked After Hong Kong Elections

Hong Kong holds local elections. And Beijing is shocked and humiliated by the
results. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. Hong Kong has been engulfed in protests for
nearly six months now. People are upset about the Chinese Communist
Party for increasingly interfering in their city, and encroaching on their freedoms. They’re also upset about the police tear
gassing people. And beating them up. And spraying them with water cannons. And arresting them. Did I mention the tear gassing? More recently, some of the protesters have
reacted by throwing molotov cocktails and setting
fires to keep the police from… doing all those things to them. Pro-Beijing officials make up the majority
of Hong Kong’s government. And for months, they’ve been demanding that
protesters follow the rule of law. And so on Sunday, Hong Kongers did follow
the rule of law— by voting out hundreds of pro-Beijing officials. Sunday was Hong Kong’s district council
elections. Now these are small local elections, which don’t usually get that many votes. But this year, Hong Kong saw an unprecedented voter turnout
of 71%. It’s the largest voter turnout in any Hong
Kong election, ever. Voters lined up around the block at polling
stations. Wow. Nobody gets this excited about local elections… except Leslie Knope. And even more shocking, Pan-Democrat candidates— who support the protest movement— won 85% of district council seats. For comparison, in the 2015 district council
election, it broke down like this, with Pan-Dems  winning only 126 seats. This year, they won 385 seats. That makes them the majority in 17 out of 18 district councils in Hong
Kong. And Hong Kongers were out on the streets celebrating. Including this nice lady, who was pouring champagne for the crowd. You know what Dom Pérignon tastes like in
a paper cup? It tastes like victory. For months, pro-Beijing newspapers in Hong
Kong and China had claimed that most Hong Kongers supported the police cracking down on protesters, and that those people “are representing
the silent majority.” And for months, Chinese state-run media had called for Hong
Kong’s “silent majority” to not stay silent. Well, they were half right: The “silent majority” *didn’t* stay
silent. They were just wrong about what the silent
majority had to say. Now, these newly elected Hong Kong district
council members won’t get to decide a lot of big picture
things in Hong Kong. They mainly handle local things, like where to put traffic lights and garbage
cans. Next year’s elections for the Legislative
Council will be more meaningful, since those legislators get to pass laws. But these local District Councils do get to
choose about 10% of the representatives who vote for the next Hong Kong chief executive. Even though that system is rigged, so it can
ultimately be controlled by Beijing. Nonetheless, Sunday’s District Council election
results are huge. They’re indisputable proof that the majority
of Hong Kong voters are unhappy with how the government and police have been handling the protests. And Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam understands that voters are upset with the
government. “We were aware of the large number of voters coming out to cast a vote, perhaps not only to select a preferred candidate to sit on the district council, but also to express a view on many issues
in society, including, I will readily accept that, including deficiencies in governance, including unhappiness with the time taken to deal with the current unstable environment.” No. No! They’re not unhappy that you haven’t dealt
with the protesters! They’re unhappy that your government has
refused to listen to the protesters, and instead allowed the police to do the whole
thing with the tear gas, and the beatings, and the water cannons, and the arrests, and the tear gas. The people are unhappy with *you*, Carrie Lam. Even a lot of the pro-establishment politicians don’t like you either, because your handling of the Extradition Bill was what led to six months of protests and their stunning defeat at the polls. Anyway, the election results were not just
a shock to tone-deaf Carrie Lam. They were also a shock to tone-deaf Communist Party officials in Beijing. According to Foreign Policy editor James Palmer, “Beijing genuinely thought they were going
to win big in the elections… to the point of having pre-written the stories.” That’s embarrassing. The Global Times adjusted their coverage to accuse Hong Kong protesters of having a “political agenda.” I mean, that’s…true. Their political agenda was to use the democratic
process to win seats in government. That’s what elections are for. Meanwhile state-run China Daily created this
handy infographic to show how the protesters stopped people
from voting. Which is funny, because Sunday actually had highest voter turnout in Hong
Kong history. Might want to re-think that one, China Daily. Hong Kong-based author of “City on Fire”
Antony Dapiran writes that “Beijing appears to have been
genuinely surprised by this result— and Beijing does not like to be surprised by anything that happens within its borders.” Which is why Beijing is no fun at birthday
parties. Surprise! So will China’s communist leaders look at these District Council election results and engage in genuine self-reflection? Not a chance! As Dapiran writes, “This election result
will not be seen by Beijing as a sign that they need to change tack in
their approach to Hong Kong. It will not be the catalyst for some grand
compromise. It will be seen as a sign that the Hong Kong
people are making the wrong choice, and action needs to be taken to correct them.” Fortunately, Beijing has ways to help correct
people’s wrong thinking. They want to introduce patriotic education
in Hong Kong schools, and a national security law to further restrict
Hong Kongers’ freedom. And if those don’t work, there’s always simply telling the police
to crack down harder. I mean, if savagely beating people doesn’t
make them like you, I don’t know what will. So what do you think about the Hong Kong elections? Leave your comments below. And now it’s time for me to answer a question from a fan who supports China Uncensored through the crowdfunding website Patreon. Your support is important, because everytime I make an episode about
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  1. so is it a big fuckin surprise the main stream media is completely ignoring this story? im gonna go out on a limb and say its because hong kongers have the backing of trump and anything evil orange hitler supports=bad, yeah.

  2. You are so stupid making up story without the truth and the fact, i am living in NY USA as Chinese. Did you read news? the protestors throw rocks to cops, if those people are live in US, what are the cops do? arrest already? no they will put down with taser gun, and put in jail. If those people resist arrest, what the Cops do? they will use force to put them down and put in jail. so you are saying every country protestors allow them to throw rocks, damages public properties and public destruction? By the way, it Doesn't matter what China's decision will be, Hong Kong people still Hong Kong People, but the Hong Kong land will be belong to China. That's black & white papers, therefore tenant can't become ownership.

  3. Congratulations. However, I would like to tell you guys to not celebrate too soon. We Malaysian are happy when the opposition won too but today? We are paying more taxes than before. Well…. one side is a lion, the other is a hungry tiger.Makes no difference. We're dead either way.

  4. After all this Hong Kong news I see Chinese movies differently. In every movie the British characters are the evil bad guys but in reality they brought freedom and democracy to them.

  5. She looks like CORY AQUINO our former president that brought our country from 1st world country into 3rd world country and LAM has the resemblance of former president and doing the same thing

  6. This vote sends a message to Beijing, no doubt, and tells them where next years bigger elections will likely go. Good for Hong Kong. I hope they remain free, and secure it for the long term future as well.

  7. This stupid Hong Kong people were controled by us, anyhow you have to paid for your stupid idea and you have been forgot you are a Chinese

  8. MY FAMILY AND I SUPPORT HONG KONG PROTESTERS!!! born and raised in California I know how important this is for them!

  9. I am astonished that China has not already used military force and align Hong-Kong to main China. What is holding them back? No country will defend militarily the HK democracy and China suffers already from economic retaliation anyway.

  10. It's so sad living in China where the people are actually brainwashed by CCP to believe that Hong Kong protesters are "暴徒“ or brutal protesters. In China, the youth are so susceptible to CCP controlled media, they are brainwashed to believe only a small majority of Hong Kong citizens or "criminals" are doing the protests and majority of Hong Kong citizens aligns with Communist party.

  11. Beijing wants to brainwash the Hong Kong children. Too bad the children already learns about the Chinese Government at birth.

  12. I had to keep rewinding to understand the sentences in the video. I felt like you were stressing almost every other word lol. Maybe I am just use to speaking English quickly.

  13. People all deserve freedom in their own lives, many people will answer to the cage they trapped their citizens. Judgement day is closer today than ever.

  14. To freedom. To life without tyranny and communism. Chinese people need to fight their government and be free! Socialism / communism is not a way of life.

  15. Anyone defending china is either biased or stupid, there is evidence of them harvesting prisoners organs, they have rigged elections, they cyber attack country's like the USA and Australia all the time. in Australia last week a man was accused of being bribed one million dollars to run in the liberal party and be a puppet. after the allegations he talked to the Australian domestic spy agency he was found dead in suspicious circumstances, even our government is creating a task force to stop china influencing Australian politics. also to the people saying that Winnie the pooh wont just march troops across and massacre them in cold blood because the Chinese government would never do that are forgetting a certain massacre in a certain square that had another bunch of students asking for freedom.
    i personally hope some country will support the protesters cause if they dont, it will be a repeat of tiananmen square.

  16. So fucking happy to see the retards going "lol these guys aren't making an impact, true hong kongers don't want these protests!!!" getting shut down this hard.

  17. To be honest, as a Hong Konger, it is dangerous for westerners to pass judgement on what they see on media outlets (especially from western media sources, those of whom are highly subjective on what they cover). As a college student who was born and raised in Hong Kong, the only thing I can say is that many people do not agree with the protests (or riots). The elections were only held for districts (as opposed to people thinking it's elections for the legislative council). The elections were unfortunately very skewed and unfair. I was present at some of the election stops and seeing the rioters stopping older people from going into the voting center is not a "fair election" in my opinion. I don't think the elections fairly represent the Hong Kong population. The US government likes to think they are international heros, but instead think only about themselves (and how they can profit from internal conflicts).

  18. But there is a positive change in Hong kong after district council election . The strenth of protest is decreasing day by day.

  19. (Melody Is Rockin Around A Christmas Tree)

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    He Is Using All Of Us Like A Tool.
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  20. I always thought that it was a damn shame that a treaty made between opium pushing Brits and effete Mandarins a hundred and fifty years earlier would seal he fates of the population of Hong Kong without any input from the people of Hong Kong.

  21. You know who’s worse than mainland Chinese? Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese sticking up for the ccp and the brutality enacted by HK police. They have no excuse for such ignorance. Just disgusting

  22. Why would the police do that? Because all hk protesters are upgraded to terrorist. They burnt man alive. This channel is so misleading, time to report. And there’s 912k subscribers? Lol

  23. People protest because the freemasons have been pushing their agenda too far! Fucking with politics, media, human rights and freedom!

  24. Lots of trolls in Youtube comments also trying to say regular HKers don't support the protesters.
    We see you Chinese trolls

  25. Sounds like what happened in the US with our “maverick” being elected. Maybe the people here made a mistake? Or so think many voters in New York and California. Luckily, the electoral college evens the playing board allowing even tiny weenie states like Rhode Island put their two cents in. Vote for whomever you want, but don’t tell anyone their vote does not count.

  26. Salty westerners didnt except there is a new system that not like theirs are getting so big and so good, so what they do? They post salty comments on china in YouTube. Lol losers. Keep it up

  27. pro-Beijings: you must follow the rule of law

    protesters: "maliciouscompliance" allright


    pro-Beijings: you weren't supposed to do that

  28. Thanks for the clarity from the q&a. Guess I'll start watching the episodes a few days after you released it so the monetization is in place.

  29. You should do videos that are sponsored by a company….a company with the same kinds of beliefs as China Uncensoreds beliefs. That way you can show YouTube what time it really is. The irony is that YouTube acts similar to Beijing. Lol

  30. If you really think about it, if the state of Hawaii was protesting to leave the u.s, do you really think the u.s would let that?

  31. Chris, you shouldn't be so condescending about the fact that Beijing accused protesters of having a political agenda, and was surprised that they lost. They're Communists with a one party state, they think elections are theater meant to legitimize their rule. How could they understand that elections are a way for the people to elect candidates who represent their views, and send a message to their government? In Chinese elections they don't provide the people with candidates who represent the people's views, that would leave China subject to the instability of democracy, and changing views. The CPC has found a way around this, they only allow candidates who represent their views to run, that way it doesn't matter which candidate wins, Beijing wins every time.

  32. And any of this doesn't matter because soon the agreement between China and British Empire ( now UK ) will expire and Hong Kong will be fully incorporated into mainland China…

  33. this one china rule is gonna be the end for china. same as their one china policy, which literally fucked up future generations as well as destroyed any base they currently have. they literally buying wives from foreign countries to fill in the gap because they lack women to keep families going. sure theres nothing wrong with it i guess( no its really wrong because your techniquely buying a slave and locking her away in a foreign country where she cant run away) but to many chinese people who believe foreigners are ruining the country its really a big social shift. the younger generation know there screwed with no freedoms to allow them to correct them. from the famous dictator, a good dictator called charlie chapland "dictators free themselves but enslave the people."

  34. We’re fed up in Australia too… and we’re going to take out the Commies the HK way….lawfully

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