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Hi, I’m Arjun Ram. Welcome to Election Night. We have the results
of the next prime minister. It will be Arjun Ram. Ah, yes, I will be
the next prime minister and my first rule:
free candy for everyone. Thank you very much.
Have a great night. Rosie: You can’t be a journalist
and the prime minister. ♪ ♪ Hey guys, it’s election night
and I’m here atCBCon set and I’m going
to take you on a tour and show you what
happens behind the scenes. ♪ ♪ I recognize that guy. Mr Scheer,
you nervous tonight? ♪ ♪ Wow! Check out this state
of the art floor. ♪ ♪ My name is Lara Chatterjee and I’m the executive producer
of Election Night. We wanted it to be busy. We want it to be like
a working newsroom. So, we work with set designers, we work with graphics designers, we work with our technical crew. And in the end this is sort of
what they came up with. Why are there
so many seats? So we’re trying something a
little bit different, we’re having a big
analysis panel. But this is really cool, we have reporters across
the country, all the provinces, in ridings that matter
with people and they show up in there. So, when Rosie – over here –
calls for one of those, she can see them.
Yeah. Oh, there’s Rosie now. ♪ ♪ Hi, Rosie. I know you’re really
busy for tonight covering the election and all the stuff
that’s going on. But I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions? Of course. So I have two computers,
ones not out right now. This computer is results. So this is how
we see who’s winning, in what riding,
by how much. And I have a producer
behind me here who actually controls
this computer. And he will write in here
the things that he’s noticing, the trends as he’s
noticing, to help me. On this computer,
which is not set up yet, I have two other producers
that will sit back there. In front of me – this is my camera, camera one –
you’ll see some teleprompter there, but the only thing that
is really scripted for a night like this, which could be hours and hours and hours
and hours, is the opening. Nothing else. So you’d really need,
first of all the support of all the people that
will be around this desk to help you get
through the evening and to come up with points to
say and things to talk about. But you also need
a lot of stuff up here. I’ll have an earpiece
with, I think I’ve got, probably six or seven people
have access to speak with me. I was at the Raptors’ parade
and I had an earpiece and I only had
like one person. Were jumping around like,
“Oh, my God we did it, right.” You said six or seven people
talking at once. Yeah. How? Well, you just
get better at it. Yeah, you just get better at it
and if someone’s talking to you and they shouldn’t be you
tell them to shut up. You say that’s enough. “I just can’t take
three of you at once.” Why don’t you
try out this chair? Oh yeah. Before you go. Oh, this is
a comfortable chair. Well, good because I’m gonna be
in it for like seven hours. [both laugh] Well, there you have it. That was such a cool sneak peek. And now what we got
to do is find out who the winners and losers are. I can’t wait. ForCBC Kids News,
I’m Arjun Ram. ♪ ♪

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