Ballot Counting In Broward Continues, Supervisor Says They’ll Finish By Thursday Deadline

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  1. she is right, she came to prevent a credible outcome. she should be locked up. she not only cheated her county but the whole state of Florida. she again made Florida a happy stock to the whole country. sick

  2. You can keep your ballots for all I care the election has been over for about a week now. If anything their now illegal and voided due to state law…

  3. How these officials could stand there with a straight face as if they are the beacon of honesty with so much irregularities surrounding them amazes me. It reminds me of the saying dog ate their conscience.

  4. YOU know how there is a universal law that you dont piss off the person who makes your food , well the Reds just shot themselves in the foot here, cuz looks like she got some results.

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