Bad actors are shaking up elections by exploiting our fears with manipulative information

We are addicted to online platforms
so bad actors are exploiting our fears with manipulative information This matters
because more people are getting more news on their social feed than any other place, and
these feeds are unregulated and often uncovered. And so ripe for exploitation,
both paid and free. Governments, businesses, certainly campaigns,
they know how responsive we are to things. And so, it’s become a science. New developments tonight on Cambridge
Analytica-the firm that worked for the Trump campaign and tried to influence
American voters using information harvested from 50 million Facebook users. So think about it. If you’re the Chinese, the Koreans, the
Russians, the Iranians, you’d be foolish not to try to look at these platforms
and figure out that guns or race or politics is what gets people most fired up. And you can create fake bots in most of
these environments, and you can stir mischief at scale for very, very little cost. When I talked to people in government,
and in campaigns, what worries them is that Russia got unbelievable bang for the buck. It didn’t cost that much money, and
put aside the results of the election, look at the chaos, look at the distraction. That was mission accomplished. If there’s one thing anybody could do is when you’re consuming news,
know where it’s coming from.

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