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Easy Voting Guide Oregon General Election November 6, 2018 Voter Information Assistance with voting Please watch the other videos in our series for voting information, ballot measures, and candidates. Assistance with voting You have the right to private and independent
voting. You do not have to tell anyone how you voted. If you need assistance to read or fill out a
ballot, call your county elections office. Accommodations include: Large Print Ballot Alternate Format Ballot: If you can use your own computer to read and
fill out forms, you can access the Alternate Format Ballot at You must still print it and return it on
time, in a signed envelope. Tablet and Alternate Format Ballot: Every county elections office has a tablet
computer and printer. You can use it to read, fill out, and print
the Alternate Format Ballot. You can make the text bigger, use a screen
reader, and use the touch screen or easy buttons to mark your choices. You can do this at the elections office, or
they can bring it to your home. Voter Assistance Team: Your county elections office can assist you
to register, vote, or return your ballot. Someone you choose: You can ask anyone you want to help you vote. Your employer, your union, or an agent of
your employer or union cannot help you. Anyone who helps you must mark the ballot the
way you want. They should not try to influence you. Signature Stamp Attestation: You can use a stamp or other mark as your
signature if you aren’t able to sign your name. You must fill out a form first. Contact your county elections office. If you have any problems or questions about
your rights, contact the Disability Rights Oregon voting hotline.

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