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Voters in New Hampshire received
some great news recently! A Federal Appeals Court lifted the ban on taking a picture of your completed ballot, also known as the ballot selfie. Ballot selfies were banned in New Hampshire in 2014, supposedly to protect against vote buying, as pictures could serve as proof that a person voted for a particular candidate in order to receive a payout. But the court ruled that this ban was unconstitutional, and violated the first amendment. You know, the first amendment? Which clearly states that congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech; or of the press; or of the selfie, duck-lipped or otherwise? Snapchat also got involved in the case, filing a brief in support of ballot selfies, saying “Americans have shared their votes with social networks since the mid-nineteenth century.” You’re damn right we have! Sharing everything on our social networks is a tradition as old as America itself. Who could forget George Washington’s famous instagram post? 4,000 likes! Or what about Reagan’s tweet to Mr. Gorbachev? That’s why other states are getting in on ballot selfies. Marc Levine, an assemblyman in California, sponsored a bill to legalize ballot selfies in the state. He said, “It’s time to make voting cool.” And who better to make something cool than Assemblyman Marc Levine, who’s like the Beyonce of the California State Assembly! [LEVINE] Hello. I’m Assemblymember Marc Levine. But before you snap, it’s good to know your state laws, as many still ban the practice. For instance, in Massachusetts and Louisiana, taking a picture of your completed ballot isn’t allowed. And in Illinois and Wisconsin, it’s a straight-up felony, which could technically land you in jail. But sometimes that’s just what happens when you’re a badass. They don’t know you! They don’t know your life! #mugshotselfie. But no matter what state you’re in, remember: No ballot dick pics. So just stop sending them to me! Seriously, Anthony Weiner, stop! So this election day, get out there
and make your selfies heard. And let’s show the world exactly
what makes America so great: our endless and constitutionally protected narcissism. (phone chimes) Ugh, Anthony! Hey! We want to see your ballot selfies, so hit us up @wetheinternettv on Twitter and Facebook. And while you’re at it, you might as well subscribe to our page! It’s even easier than voting.

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  1. yeah, lets get mad about something, most of us have never even heard of! I'm starting to think selfie obsession is real!

  2. Don't forget 200 Thousands More Americans Vote for H.Clinton 59,814,018 then they did for Mr Trump 59,611,678 . Starting 2017 the Republicans control White House and Congress They have absolute power and No Bogeyman Democrat to Blame so let see How Trump is Going to do All that BS promises he made like 1) Bringing our Jobs Back from other Countries 2) Building a border wall paid by Mexico and stop illegal immigrant 3)Destroying Isis very quickly 4) stopping US companies from going to other countries 5) replacing Obamacare something great
    All I can say is I Hope he succeeds in Making America Greater

  3. I think people are missing that this rationale of preventing vote selling is a valid one. More important, it is a good way to prevent people from being coerced into voting a certain way.

    Think about it, say your husband says, "Vote for Smith or I'll beat you like a dog." You go into the voting booth and vote for Jones and tell the lout that you voted for Smith. Now, what if he demands that you prove it by taking a photo with your phone. With the law against it, you can say, "I'd love to, but look at the sign. 'No photos.' It's a felony." Then you vote for Jones and he has to take your word for it. Remove that law against taking photos and someone can be threatened and coerced into voting a certain way with no way to simply lie about who they voted for to the person threatening them. I think this is a legitimate concern.

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