AOC Utterly DEVASTATES Corrupt Democrats

>>You might remember just a few months ago,
Axios posted the results, such as they were, of an anonymous poll from an anonymous group,
that purported to show that AOC and other progressists in Congress like her are bad
for the Democrats. And so this was an article that initially
came out and generated a lot of attention. AOC’s defining the Dems in the swing states
and you should be worried Democratic Party. And in the initial reporting, Mike Allen said
these are the white non college voters who embrace Donald Trump in 2016 but are needed
by Democrats in swing House districts.>>No they’re not.>>The group that, well, hold on, spoiler
alert. The group that took the poll shared the results
with Axios on the condition that it not be named, because the group has to work with
all parts of the party. That’s why they said they didn’t want to be
named. I would say sheer cowardice because they didn’t
want to get dragged across the Internet by AOC and her millions and millions of fans. But here is the issue, we don’t know the group,
we don’t know who leads the group. We don’t know how they conducted the survey. We can sort of get an idea of what they were
going for since they seemed to exclusively talk to people who would not support AOC and
would never support a Democratic candidate anyway.>>Exactly, and so.>>I don’t know which group it is but it doesn’t
matter, it’s a corporate Democrat. But the thing I would like to clarify before
John went on this. The Republicans didn’t do this poll, the Democrats
did, the corporate Democrats. And the leaders of the party spread it everywhere. This is them attacking their own, again, for
the 100th time in a row, and it’s going to be relevant to some of those stats we’re gonna
tell you about.>>And it was around that time that Nancy
Pelosi was talking about, they have their internet, whatever, but that’s all they have. And so, this was really great for a certain
type of person because then the Democratic leadership uses it as fuel to attack some
of their most dynamic and interesting and passion inducing members. But also Donald Trump started using it. So good job to the anonymous organization
that started it. Bad job, if what you wanted was an accurate
poll though, because now we have one. We have a the group, we have the methodology. Data for Progress made this available online,
take a look at this. It’s a number of different groups and individuals,
their net favorability. Now, this is politics and so in general net
favorability is negative but there were certain positives both clean energy companies and
climate activists are viewed positively, but then you get into the individual. So what you find there is that AOC is right
up at the top, right next to Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. AOC at a net negative six. Now that may sound really negative, but when
you look at other prominent politicians, you’ve got Donald Trump is down there at a negative
14, Nancy Pelosi at a negative 17. Mitch McConnell’s at a negative 29. That’s actually double negative, which is
not how it works. And so, now we actually have a survey from
battleground states. So what now, anonymous group? They actually talked to voters and it turns
out that AOC might well be the face, she might well be defining the Democratic Party. But it looks like a good thing compared to
the other options that the Democratic Party have.>>So before we go on to even more great polling
for the just Democrats, and all progressive politicians, especially compared to the corporate
Democrats and the Republicans. I want to go back to the original poll that
was done. So it’s a Democratic group that does a poll
of basically the biggest Trump demographic there is. So white, uneducated voters. Now, they do that poll full well knowing and
trying to get a result that says people don’t like AOC, okay? Now, and the other thing that they polled
was socialism. So that you polled core Trump supporters on
that, then you turn around and you leak it to the press. And then, you give it to the Democratic leadership,
who of course asked for it in the first place, and Democratic leadership spreads it everywhere. So I know this, even beyond what’s in the
press reporting, okay? So every member of Congress was like, do you
know how unpopular the Just Democrats are? AOC and Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. We should throw them under a bus. They’re really unpopular. They’re hurting all the rest of us. The Trump voters said so. Trump voters don’t like her. Okay, so it’s so incredibly disingenuous. Or maybe they are stupid. They’re like, we’re this close to getting
the most deplorable people in America to vote for us. If it wasn’t for that gosh darned AOC, hard-core
Trump supporters would have supported Nancy Pelosi? Only an idiot would make that claim or believe
that claim, which is about 98% of Washington. And by the way, it is true. Even the new poll that’s actually accurate
went on to show that hardcore Trump supporters dislike AOC even more, okay? Or Ilhan Omar even more, but they’re hardcore
Trump supporters. They voted for Trump. They weren’t about to switch over and vote
for Ilhan Omar. It’s preposterous, but under any and all polls,
Democratic leadership, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi poll worse in every instance. It doesn’t matter. But that’s not getting spread around all around
Washington. Why we have an uneven playing field on two
counts. So number one, progressives don’t fight back
enough. AOC gets a lot of press, you think of Omar,
Tlaib, etc. I mean, look at how strong they are and they’re
wonderful, and Bernie and Warren. Yes, but no, internally, colleagues, colleagues,
colleagues, colleagues. So, they keep getting punched in the face
in Washington and not fighting back. If I was in their staff I would put this in
every mailbox of every Democrat, and go Nancy Pelosi’s hurting us in the polling. And I’m gonna give you more numbers in a second. She is second worst only to Mitch McConnell. She’s a disaster! It’s true! She’s a train wreck! But the progressives wouldn’t do that because
they’re too goddamn nice, okay? Whereas the corporate Democrats, they’ll ship
you in the middle of the night and then pretend that they care about unity and colleagues
is one of the reasons. So the hardcore Trump supporters, why is there
the big unfavorability? Cuz it’s commonly known as the Fox News effect
but it’s actually the Fox News, MSNBC effect. Fox News attacks AOC, Tlaib and Omar and Ayanna
Pressley etc., so much more, so it poisons the pool with hardcore Trump supporters and
conservatives against those particular Congress people. So, some people know that and that’s the Fox
effect, right? But MSNBC never rises to their defense.>>No.>>So their favorability does not go up equally
among Democrats. Now if Young Turks, for example,and I just
pick this is an example because it’s an actual progressive news organization and network. And I literally don’t know any others in terms
of television, video, etc. If we were shown in as many places etc., then
it would balance out. But MSNBC goes corporate Democrats are amazing. Here’s Claire McCaskill, we’re paying money
to. She just lost running as a Corporate Democrat
in Missouri, tell us how we win elections, right? AOC, I don’t know about AOC. And constant criticism on Morning Joe and
by all their stupid Republican and corporate Democrat consultants. So you have an uneven playing field. But even so, according to the new polling,
the Corporate Democrats poll 1,000 times worse. We’re gonna get into the numbers, Dan.>>It’s so amazing me first off, I love data
for progress cuz they’re some of the only people doing real data analysis work on things
that are usually overlooked by the media technocracy, things like radicalization on the right, etc. But with this, this data, this poll is so
obvious that if I were working in the Axios political media bubble right now, I would
go home this Friday, pour myself a bottle of scotch on the rocks. Yeah, a whole bottle.>>And just think about myself, just really
think. Because what’s also happening in addition
to what you’re saying, Cenk, it’s not just a Fox News, MSNBC effect. But the elites who work at some of these organizations,
who have these preconceived notions about 2020, like, Biden’s definitely gonna do well,
then polling eventually supports that because the feedback loops out of order. They’re not gonna look at this and go, I guess
it’s wrong. I guess, AOC is actually really popular for
progressives, and we’re going to change every sort of approach we have towards progressive
politics, of course, that’s not gonna happen.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, because it’s not just, sorry, to
finish that thought. It’s not because they’re actually stupid. It’s because their biased.>>Yeah.>>But their bias is so thick that they literally
can’t see straight they can’t they can’t see the facts. You’ll show them this poll, first of all,
they won’t get it because they won’t be stuffed into their inbox like the corporate Democrats
bothered to pay to try to politically assassinate the Justice Democrats. I just mean it politically but they did. They did a hit job on them. Now, there’s no one paying to spread this
poll around and calling every media organization, are you covering this? Are you covering this? Are you covering this? Like they did with the old poll meant to go
after progressives. So that’s a giant disparity and leads to some
of that results. But even if they didn’t see it, they’d be
like, no, I don’t know, I think the polls better but the other poll doesn’t even tell
you who did it. It has no reliability at all. This shows you the data and downloads the
data. You could check it online. I’m not good with Internet. Yeah, I saw another poll. I saw another poll that said Joe Biden’s awesome. It was done in my house between me and my
wife but I saw another poll, right?>>Like they had dinner after work with some
of their buddies and were like, hey, what’s going on? I think this. And that’s what they think politics is.>>100%.>>They don’t pay attention to the information.>>100%.>>It’s all like a friend circle thing. Yeah, or they think, well, I don’t need polls,
I read a tweet by Nate Silver, I think I have an idea of where the data lies.>>We have people in DC, why don’t we put
it in everybody’s mailbox? But I’ll also say, one of the reasons that
I find this data even more interesting is because as we know, Fox News, and right-wing
media generally, they have not stopped talking about AOC and Ilhan Omar for nine months now. It is just constant, and it’s all lies, not
reflective of their actual policies. Sometimes, accidentally, Sean Hannity will
post a list of their policies, and it looks really good, and he looks stupid by comparison. But they have talked about them nonstop, attempted
to do as much damage as they can, to their reputation. And so, you would imagine that Trump supporters
would have them foremost on their mind in terms of awful Democrats, awful libs awful
progressives. And still far more popular, far more popular
I would imagine than people like Mitch McConnell. Some elements even of the Republican establishment
who are not popular on the right wing.>>So here I’m going to give you more stats
because I love them. So the first one that John mentioned was just
favorability overall. So all of the politicians are negative which
is already awesome and funny. But Elizabeth Warren’s at the very top. Do you hear that on television all the time
and in the print? She’s not getting terrible coverage. But are they saying, she ranks the best in
favorability over and over and over? No, they keep talking about how Biden is the
most likeable.>>Yet, but just in battleground states, those
ones aren’t important.>>Yeah that’s right. Well, actually, I’m going to give you the
battleground districts in a second. This is the overall one. Well, Ilhan Omar she polls at minus 12. Remember all the politicians are minuses,
okay? Well that sounds pretty bad. So, obviously, we can’t follow her, we gotta
follow Nancy Pelosi. What does she poll at? No, negative 17. Well okay, how about Chuck Schumer. He’s leader of the Democrats in the Senate. Negative 19, okay? Who’s the most unpopular person in almost
every one of these polls? Mitch McConnell. This is overall polling, it’s not all Democrats,
it’s overall polling, minus 29 for Mitch McConnell. People despise Mitch McConnell. I mean, you don’t see that on television,
okay? But overall, he is loathed by the American
people. So now, we go to battleground districts. So number one politician in the country, again,
Elizabeth Warren. Democratic Party actually polls pretty well. It clocked in at zero, which is impressive
for politicians.>>What do you know?>>Everybody’s saying, Cenk, that doesn’t
sound impressive. Well, where do the Replublican Party come
in? Minus 35 in battleground districts.>>Folks, he’d love to see it.>>0 to minus 35, okay? Wow, holy cow, all right? So AOC, how does she come in? Near the very top. Elizabeth Warren is number one among actual
politicians of the ones they polled. Bernie Sanders is number two, Ayanna Pressley
is number three. These are all the most progressive people
in the country. Then AOC, then finally Joe Biden. Wait, I thought Joe Biden was the most electable
in the battleground areas. But it turns out AOC is significantly more
popular than Joe Biden in battleground areas.>>And also, I think we should add onto that,
that in the same way I was just saying that Fox has focused heavily on AOC and other members
of the squad. I mean, Joe Biden has done his best to not
talk about his platform. He joined the race later than a lot of the
other candidates. And so to some extent, he’s been insulated
from the criticism that is going to come his way, people are going to find out more about
him as the race goes on.>>Not only insulated but he’s screwed because
his campaign strategy is Joe, you know everything about me, but just deal with it. That’s basically his campaign strategy now
once people start to learn all the bad things about him.>>But again, context. So Elizabeth Warren is top politician with
a net one favorability, okay? AOC comes in after Sanders and Pressley at
fourth at minus five. Biden’s at minus seven. So where’s Pelosi? Minus 21, they hate her in the battleground
districts. And people keep saying, it’s because she’s
a progressive or liberal. If you turn on television, you read the New
York Times, Washington Post, they will get this wrong 100% of the time. Battleground areas are worried that she’s
too liberal. Well, how about AOC? And AOC is obviously everybody knows AOC is
more liberal. She polls 16 points higher. How about Elizabeth Warren? She polls 22 points higher, everybody knows. Bernie Sanders, is anybody going make an argument
that Bernie Sanders is anything but liberal or progressive and he pulls way above Nancy
Pelosi, way above her. Finally on that battleground one, guess who’s
the most unpopular politician in the country? Mitch McConnell, of course. Even worse that Donald Trump at minus 41. That is the Republican leader of the Senate
in battleground districts at minus 41. Okay, so what you see in the mainstream media
honestly is alternative facts. Last one cuz this is one of my favorites. They actually polled Trump voters literally. Now these are Obama to Trump voters, but they
all voted for Trump and I’m shocked that they voted for Obama. But all their patterns indicate they like
the Republican Party and they like Trump. So it’s unsurprising that Trump does really
well in this because they voted for him. Republican Party does really well. Okay, you get that. Even the fossil fuel companies are positive. For Trump voters, they’re like.>>That’s sick.>>Destroying the planet, you say? Well, maybe, yeah, I could live with that.>>So anyway, with all other Americans they
poll terribly, but with Trump supporters they’re like, yes, we don’t need this planet. We’ll go to another one. Anyway, so we are told, well, and the previous
poll seemed to indicate, the one that was widely publicized. Well I mean the Trump supporters don’t like
AOC, that’s why we should be against AOC. Every time they say that I can’t stand how
irrational that is, it’s so dumb I can’t believe anyone said it out loud. Anyway, in this case, look at that. AOC is right above Nancy Pelosi. Rashida Tlaib is way above her. Ilhan Omar also above her. So what did Pelosi come in with at Trump voters? I mean, I’m not the one saying Trump voters
are important. I think 25% the country that’s gonna vote
for Trump no matter what. Never ever bother to get them, we should be
insulting them. We should be fighting against them. They’re never gonna vote for you. Are you that dumb that you’d cost your own
base millions of people who could get energized and vote to try to get one Trump supporter
that’s part of the deplorables. Are you that stupid? And the answer from the Democratic Party is
not really, they pretend to be that stupid. Cuz what they wanna do is say, now remember,
that’s why we have to vote for all corporate interests, okay? And that’s what the Trump supporters want. That’s why we have to do it, right? Anyway, you ready? What does Nancy Pelosi poll at? Minus 62. Now, I don’t think it should be the standard.>>That’s bad.>>But the corporate Democrats said that should
be the standard for whether you support a Democrat politician or not. Well, I guess Nancy Pelosi should be fired
immediately. In every one of these, almost every one of
these she’s the second least popular politician in the country after Mitch McConnell. And this one, unsurprisingly, she’s the least
popular.>>Yeah.>>And so even by their own standard, the
progressives poll way better than Democratic leadership and by any standard Democratic
leadership should be embarrassed, humiliated and immediately step down. Cuz they’re costing us elections. We can’t afford to lose to Donald Trump by
having Pelosi and Schumer in charge.

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