AOC claims Congress amended the Constitution to stop FDR’s re-election

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  1. Why does any news organization cover this idiot and give her public exposure. Shut her up and don't give her time in front of the American people.

  2. 🔴😵😵This woman is Dumber than a Box of Rocks ,Or maybe she's smoked too Many of Them and her Noodle is Fried , This Treasonous Uneducated Crummpit Has to go immediately 🇺🇸♥️‼️

  3. Even better yet, let's amend the Constitution so the Congress can only serve one term. See if she wants to put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  4. If AOC is so smart why won’t she debate anybody on the right? Anybody. ?Why won’t she take interviews from Fox? Instead she runs away from Ben Shapiro, and from any of the many women that I’ve invited her to a debate.

  5. This idiot does not even realize FDR died in office putting Truman in the Presidency.  Congress did not change or amend the Constitution to prevent FDR from being re-elected.  What an idiot.

  6. crazy eyes cortez needs to loose that lip stick you can't make pretty , it just covers ugly nasty nasty nasty.

  7. We are racist because we do not like idiots…. I know aoc, you are not an American, if your WERE, we wouldn't be racist against you. But being that you are not only an idiot but, a brown idiot. I will gladly be called a racist. Just for you…..

  8. Actually the Democrat party uses a lot of dead voters to elect their candidates. That being said I wouldn't put it past them to try to elect a dead president!

  9. Living proof that college is a joke!!!! What an absolute idiot!!!!!!! The people that voted for her must walk around with bags over there head!!!!!!!!!

  10. Maybe this idiot should read Mcullachs book on Harry Truman. Oh wait a minute this book has to many pages .. This woman is a complete idiot and should be thrown out of office on the grounds that you cannot fix STUPID!!!!

  11. You know what why are you guys listening to a bug-eyed weirdo woman I mean she got bodyguards she's weird hello America wake up are you listening in throughout our country I've been growing I mean really think about it think about it she's a weirdo hello is anybody home

  12. I'm surprised she didn't say,"He got re-elected because some people In airplanes dropped some stuff on ships in Hawaii and polluted their beautiful harbor, so we had to start the Green World War to stop them.

  13. When I hear her talk, I think of the guy from Billy Madision ranting about the wrong answer.
    I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

  14. This ignorant moron, aoc, knows absolutely NOTHING!!!!! She is horribly stupid!!!!!!
    Remember, this is the idiot that doesn't even know the three "branches" of government….jeez!!! What an idiot.

  15. She must be reading one of those common core history books with the erasable lined pages. You know, don't like history? Erase it and rewrite it.

  16. AOC is just a talking head that can't read the script given to her by Justice Democrats, ah the Democrats Justice. Sorry I forgot my lines. Can someone read the script to me please. 😵

  17. Everyone calls her stupid but the more I think about it , is it her or the people that electric her? She will go down in history as a anti American. Line her and the squad up and give them a chance to change or force them to Venezuela.

  18. Ahahahaha that Bimbo ahahhaa shes so dumb 😂 her voters too ahahaha they are the product of our fantastic education system hahaha i refuse to help pay student debt if they gonna produce this trash 😂

  19. AOC just showed how truely ignorant she is….she has to be the dumbest member of Congress ever. It's amazing what comes out of her hee haw mouth….😎

  20. Well it doesn’t surprise me, my son just graduated high school my daughter is a senior and I gave up fighting with their history teachers years ago. They don’t teach correct history anymore, they teach politically correct history which isn’t accurate

  21. He served FOUR TERMS!!!! And he was DEAD for 2 years BEFORE the President's terms were limited!!! How STUPID do you have to be in order to serve in Congress??????????

  22. The American Communist Party, former Democrat Party, the communist media and their brain dead zombie followers are the real enemies of this nation. Their efforts have been to, brainwash them while they are young and now they want disorder and chaos so as to drive the people into demanding order. They are fighting themselves into socialist slavery. They are doing their best to rewrite the dictionary in order to rewrite our history and the Constitution. You need only to look at what is happening to our 1st and 2nd Amendments to see what the Democrats are doing. The oath to defend the Constitution I took 47 years ago still stands. COME AND TAKE IT

  23. Every time I hear her speak I feel stupider. She sucks the life out of me. This woman is so stupid it is sad that she actually got elected. It shows the lack of people's knowledge of history.

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