Andrew Yang previews second round of Democratic debates

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  1. Hi….Andrew Yang…..My Name Is Kenvin Yang, I will to come to support you…Andrew Yang
    That should be Ok ? Andrew….I thank in my dream …….

  2. Stupid point about his wife at home and wages.
    She gets wages in the form of living in a free house, free food, free clothes etc. raising the children that they had by choice, why should anybody else pay for the work of raising their children?

    This guy is an idiot.

  3. It's true that most of the candidates share the same ideas, but they feel like they have to attack each other in order to stand out. Andrew Yang doesn't feel he needs to do that because of his confidence.

  4. 9:05 "When you work you get self-esteem, you get social interaction" pretty smug coming from a guy who obviously can't even imagine what it's like working a close to minimum wage job

  5. Well Mr. Wallace we will give you 12000 dollars a year to match the 12000 dollar a year NBC pays you which will double your pay.

  6. This guy is awesome done his research still crazy math tho not throwing rocks at anyone focusing on problems and solutions but 1 thing please dont say you’re asian or say that because you are asian you like to work hard every race has hardworkers dont mention that are you asian ever again because that does not matter in politics you are an American and people can clearly see that you are asian.

  7. I heard somewhere that a politician and a economist shouldn't be President because they always fear to take risk foreseeing future ahead…As a capitalist country a entrepreneur is best in USA… Agree👍

  8. He is popular cos he promises to give away free money. All the poor people are voting for that. Nothing else matters to them.

  9. Andrew Yang is the least hated candidate by republicans. Yang is all about moving ALL Americans forward. Yang is the only candidate that FOX is not attacking because he is all about moving all Americans forward to a better future.

  10. Let's get this wonderful human being in the White House 🙌. I'm a republican and I will be voting for him. Keep up the great work Yang. We are rooting for you.


  12. He called him Mr. Wang. Either un prepaired or typical. He kept teting to bait him with $12000 a month. Andrew saw right through that. Just stuck with the Facts. Yang Takes Out The Trash In 2020!

  13. It's not free money, you are owed this divdividend, if tomorrow any country defaults or takes iphone over where they are producing it, is Bezos going to attack China with his military of comicons hahahah he will call the USA pit bulls the US MARINES, who is buying his product?? Who helped him create it and make it better, US brains


    You are brain washed if you think its free, the normal people protect this nation, the normal people die in battle for this nation to protect its freedoms and investments around the world, RICH PEOPLE DON'T GO TO WAR, they have to go to school or bone spurs hahahaha

  14. Additional clarification regarding overlapping with existing government assistance. That is from his official site:

    Would it stack with Social Security or Veteran’s Disability benefits?

    Those who served our country and are facing a disability because of it will continue to receive their benefits on top of the Freedom Dividend.

    Social Security retirement benefits stack with the Freedom Dividend. Since it is a benefit that people pay into throughout their lives, that money is properly viewed as belonging to them, and they shouldn’t need to choose.

    SSDI is based on earned work credits. SSI is a means-tested program. You can collect both SSDI and the Freedom Dividend. Most people who are legally disabled receive both SSDI and SSI. Under the Freedom Dividend, those who are legally disabled would have a choice between collecting SSDI and the Freedom Dividend, or collecting SSDI and SSI, whichever is more generous.

    Even some people who receive more than $1,000 a month in SSI would choose to take the Freedom Dividend because it has no preconditions. The Freedom Dividend removes these requirements and guarantees an income, regardless of other factors.

  15. Andrew! ❤️ I feel Happy when I see him. I'm disappointed by those old fashion politicians, choose someone who give you real $1000 back!

  16. Yang needs more exposure, but the country is slowly waking up to these BS career politicians. Yang can lead us out of this hole and make the country prosper!

  17. Too bad it is still taboo to tax mega church businesses and religious entities which get away with not paying their fair share.
    That would infuse billions into the economy. Maybe in another generation.

  18. I have to say…. the more and more I listen to him I like him! Not saying he has my vote just yet…. but I like him and I don’t need the 1k per month although it would be nice to add to savings but I like him and what his thoughts about America moving forward are

  19. On top of that the ubi does
    not  require work or work preparation for
    its recipients. Although the current ubi policy removes the idea of personal
    responsibility entirely, and this is the opposite of American values.

    universal basic income
    program would significantly reduce work and increase dependency.

    Policy should be designed to
    reward work, rather than replace it. What about the idea of expanding  the earned income tax credit.

     I do not believe that  automation has to be the end job creation
    Automation is not the end of the creativity of the human being. let us Get
    creative and give job to people. There will always be something to do for this

  20. "Well I'm asian, so you know I love to work"

    I actually busted out laughing at this. In all seriousness, he has a lot of great points!

  21. the only people who will disagree with YANG's idea will be the greedy capitalists, and they will for sure do some propaganda to discredit a good idea…this is the antidote to the selfish trickle down/ reaganomics which is proven defective..trickle up economics will regenerate economy democratically where people will spend and move it dynamically… what the trickle down economy did is those people on top didnt release those money they were given as tax cuts, they kept it in their pockets to sustain or fatten how much they have, they even went into hiding the money on banks outside the usa..fact!

  22. Andrew young is making the impossible for us the poor the people that they leave their lives paycheck by paychecks no politician ever thinking about the poor family Donald Trump he was thinking about the wall I am going to build the wall so did he build it no look at the China built there wall just stop illegal immigrants Mongolian but it was opposite Mongolian's went through in China.

  23. He speaks clearly and is articulate but his ideas are not viable. Giving $1,000 to everyone a month will fail and create debt for taxpayers. He just says what people want to hear in a civil and polite way. The facts are his policies wouldn't help and free is not free.

  24. his campaign trail needs to hit the midwest and start focusing on person-to-person contact

    (Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, South midwest, etc.)

  25. Folks we need to ban together at a lightning pace this man needs to be elected for the worlds sake not just ours plz let’s give our support and spread the word

  26. Fantastic. Andrew wants to see that every American gets a share of the gains in technology and the economy that America has enjoyed indefinitely– in the form of a FREEDOM DIVIDEND, one that everyone can spend anyway he likes for his needs, which would then percolate directly into his own community and thereby perk things up for the local economy. Trickle-up economics, he calls it, unlike the already thoroughly discredited trickle-down approach. VISIONARY!

  27. HE or Mayor Pete should slap those nasty pee-pees picking on Kamala Harris like they (Booker & Biden) did during the last debate. Guaranteed to win some notice.

  28. I voted for trump but I'll be voting Yang along with my family because I truly believe in him! Something about him just seems legit and down to earth. I really believe in his ubi as well because it's totally possible and would help so mamy people like me who grew up poor but just need that little bit of help to really grow. It would change my life like omg in ways people COULDN'T IMAGINE! Just having 1000 a month for a 1yr would change my life and I could go to school for marine biology, zoology, and reproduction of endangered species. I could afford health insurance, I could even afford to adopt my nephews and great nephew because my sister was murdered. I could go on and on! I SO hope he can pull this off! Hes got my vote!

  29. Creative innovative ideas for the future instead rehashing old ones… did someone open a window. I think I felt a breeze and it is quite REFRESHING.

  30. I still couldn't get a crystal clear political stance from him on China's aggression and atrocities (both locally and globally).

  31. Right now if u make more than $1400 a month, u lose food stamp and medicaid. This cap keeps ppl poor. Extra $1000 a month will be more than enough to pay for food and buy a decent medical insurance thru the exchange.

  32. Mark my words, Yang is the best candidate for the next president of US, period. Yang is a problem solver and thinker, not a global trouble maker, he is a team player and inviting all teams (other nations) to work together in dealing with the future problems that this planet will face! Thank God for Yang!

  33. I had to make sure this channel was FOX news ( and not a spoof), after looking at the amount to dislike ratio. Yang: @5:53 "truckers likely to punch me in the face if I asked him to go to school to become a coders or engineer. " That conservative mentality , on pretty much every issue, summed up. Foreign policy, unplanned pregnancy, science , environment….

  34. Before you go gaga for Yang's $1000 a month, first find out if by accepting it, it cuts into or out your Social security Benefits?

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