Americans must make Trump pay by voting for Democrats

have wandered into dangerous territory here.>>Heilman?>>I have found the last week or so and particularly the last 48 hours or so, some of the most disheartening and appalling period of my entire adult life covering politics and watching what’s been happening in this what happened today is really an easy story. The president bowed to political pressure. We have not seen him do that often. We have seen many politicians do the president usually tries to push his way through. It was undeniably intense and he folded. It’s great. It should be heartening to some people that it is possible for this president to be pressured to stop from doing vile things. At the same time, he is going to and is already trying to have it both ways. We have seen him for days say, you can’t solve this with an executive order, and then sit there today on television and say, hey, I have an executive he has pitched him self as the villain in a way that he likes for days. Yesterday when he used the phrase infestation, it called to mind — it was basically saying immigrants, people who come to this country are vermin. That’s what he’s saying. It’s the language of white nationalist, splinter hard right crazy town parties. And we have haven’t heard it in our politics in a long time. We’ve heard it in our politics in history, but not in a while. He’s going to go — he’s going to use that language between now and November because he thinks it works with the part of his group, of his base. He’s also going to try to be a hero and say what he said today. Oh, compassion, the word I like how he talked about the word compression. Can’t actually express compassion. It has something to do with the word compassion. It is our job in the press and also the job of Democrats to not let the president have it both ways on this issue and to make sure that he can’t be both. You can’t just do this thing and then stand up and say, oh, hey, I’m now the hero, I have compassion. Huh-uh, you can’t go around talking about people like they’re vermin, you can’t inflict this kind of pofl si on Americans and not pay a political price. We have a great chance to inflict one on him and his party in November. Meaning the Democrat party. I’m not part of the democratic party, but people who object to this policy, which I think is a lot of people beyond the democratic party have a chance

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