AFTvotes 2020: your voice, your vote!

It is about making sure that our members
and our leaders can actually have real conversations. – The mandates from the federal government
are really tying our hands. We’ll never be able to get better because
our funds are being pulled. We just want to know how your administration
will secure the safety of students in special ed. What are you going to do about
protecting teachers in the classroom? What are you going to do about protecting
us as union members? And what are you going to do about helping
us get out from under all this incredible debt. – What is your plan for the high cost
of college and the student loan debt across the country? These are the things that I am really
concerned about as an educator. And just as an American. – I’m one of the last of the music
teachers in this district. – We want a person that represents us.
And so these forums, they definitely allow us as members to actually talk to the
candidates—to have these intimate conversations. You know, truly look into their eyes and
see, “Hmm. Where are you coming from?” – To be able to bring someone here who
can talk to us, listen to our concerns— that makes me feel really good to see
that my union is really working for me. Workers need this information. I think we’re overlooked a
lot of the time as voters. – Unions have a lot of political power
and I feel really lucky to be part of a union that democratizes that power and
lets us come and have our voices heard. – There has never been in the history of America
a more important election than this one.

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