AFT Votes Town Hall in Miami with Beto O’Rourke

– Miami got the first debate. Those candidates they’re all prepping
and they’re all really working hard. So the fact that Beto O’Rourke could
find the time to do this town hall meant that he understood how important the cornerstone of democracy is that
all of you represent. Whether you’re a parent, a student,
bus driver, para-professional, a psychologist, a social worker, or a classroom teacher- thank you very very much! – It’s a great opportunity
for me to listen to you, to have the chance to introduce myself, and to talk about
the future of this country with the people who
will decide it together. – It is very overwhelming as
a teacher to come into the classroom and have these pressures
along with their actual performance on a test that, as you said yourself, does not measure any
part of their success. How can you as a presidential candidate
tell me what your concept is? It’s really important this year that
teachers voices be heard because we supply one
of the most fundamental services that you can in this country. Every possibility starts with a teacher. So I think that is extremely important for us to be at the table and have a voice that is loud and powerful. – As a paraprofessional I’m looking for someone who respects my job. I just need that person to be able to represent the whole, and at this current rate
we’re not valuing the children. The schools cannot run
without ESP’s, social workers, security guards, paraprofessionals, the
cafeteria staff, the bus aides, everybody has a vital role. – You mentioned you
want to fund public education but where is that money
going to come from, and how can you
ensure states will follow that and not put it
in private and charter schools? It is so important to
get involved in the election. It’s important to get
your voice out there. These elected officials do not know
what it’s like to be in a classroom. Besides when they were in
a classroom as a student. Our experience as educators
and teachers in Florida is vital to making sure that
they have all the tools and information they need to make the
best choices for our students. And so we need every educator to get
out there and share their stories, their anecdotes, testimonials,
and actually say what is going on
in the classrooms so that we can have these solutions. – What we have described here today both the investments that
we need to make in teachers, in classrooms,
and in schools. A Secretary of Education
who writes the next iteration of the Every Student Succeeds Act from the perspective of the classroom, because she has your experience. That’s how we get the resources and
the policy and the direction to support you so that you can deliver for those kids in front of you and you have got my commitment to be your President, to make sure that we make that happen. Thank you for asking the question! Thank you all for having
us out – Fed, Carla, Everybody thank you. Thank
you very much!

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