Adam Ruins Everything – Why The 2016 Election Is Just a Big Rerun

There have been 57 Presidential elections up until now so could this election
really be so different
from all of those? Well, that’s what I wanted
to know. We looked into it,
and we did find one way in which this historical moment
is disturbingly unique, and I’m gonna tell you
about that in a bit. I bet it’s not what
you think. But, we also found
a lot of ways in which this
is all just a big rerun. Specifically, this guy. Old Orange
Julius Caesar here. To a lot of us,
he sure seems like something genuinely new
in American politics. For one thing, he’s made
our political discourse far, far nastier. This is not going to be
an election based on a nice person. We’re tired
of the nice people. You have this clown,
Marco Rubio… He’s a pussy.
Jeb is a lightweight. He doesn’t sweat ’cause
his pores are clogged from the spray tan
that he uses. Donald,
you’re a sniveling coward and leave Heidi
the hell alone. I gotta get this off my chest:
Donald Trump is a jerk. Oh, snap! Oh, he roasted him! Yo, is Donald Trump Moses?
‘Cause this Bush is on fire! (audience cheering) Now, this name calling
shocks us, right? Because we have this idea
that the election is supposed to be be
a serious, dignified affair. Why, the founding fathers,
they were titans of etiquette. Gentlemen intellectuals
who resolved their disputes through reasoned debate and delicate handshakes, right?
Wrong! These guys
were jerkbag politicians just like the ones
we have today. Case in point:
Thomas Jefferson. Now yeah, sure,
he and John Adams, when they worked together on
the Declaration of Independence, they were very cordial. But when they ran against
each other in the election of 1800, the powdered wigs stayed on
but the gloves came off. Jefferson hired a newspaper
editor named James Callender to write the most vile things
about Adams in the press. (audience cheering) Callender wrote that… “Adams has a hideous
hermaphroditical character “which has neither the force
and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.”

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  1. Detroit and Baltimore are criminal cities.
    They have almost always been run by Democrats.
    Telk me again how much Democrats love blacks.

  2. Wait… 57 elections? Can anyone explain that to me? Because that seems to me that number is a little low given an election is held after a president's four-year term is up. I know we've had vice presidents take over, but even including those the number seems too low. I don't know, maybe I'm just ignorant about this, but could someone please clear this up for me?

  3. so they use clips of other people calling trump a jerk with no argument points

    as an argument point

    left wing media in a nutshell

  4. Can anyone say biased. Pretty obvious Adam is a Hillary supporter. He bashed Trump but never really mentioned Hillary corruption. He did persuade me to vote Trump by his support of Hillary corruption.

  5. This shouldn't be called Adam ruins everything it should be Adam gives you an educational lesson about stupid things that should be fixed and is really satisfying to watch

  6. no way Adams v Jackson was way more intense and Jefferson v Adams was intense too but all the elections were competitive there's no such thing as a classy responsible respectable election plus we're not a democracy

  7. I knew this already from watching Drunk History. I just realized I get about 80% of my historical/political/current events knowledge from comedians (Adam Ruins Everything, Drunk History, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Colbert).

  8. Okay, call me ignorant, but they were allowed to hire press to write negative things back then? I thought it was just these past  elections since 1990.
    I am humbled.

  9. Irony being that trump is better than hillary. It wasn't bad that trump got it, it was bad that trump managed to get that far. Shame how american politics kicks out the good people.

  10. We are a Constitutional Republic. The EC was set up intentionally and covered a much smaller nation. I'm sure that you know and understand why.

  11. Thomas Jefferson is also the guy who argued against a federal reserve. Since many of the issues we face today are caused by that. You should talk about Woodrow Wilson if you want to discuss bad politicians.

  12. 200 years from now there will be a musical on this (idk who it'll be about) and one of the songs will be "The Election of 2016" then someone will get upset that they didn't win (I guess it'll be Hillary but she doesn't seem like an Aaron Burr) because someone voted for Trump instead of them (that means Trump will be Jefferson I guess) and challenges them to a duel. I need to stop mixing Hamilton with reality

  13. George Washington won is his first election to the house of burgesses by bribing the voters with alcohol

  14. This is why we need to go back to how we got leaders of countries in the past……………TRIAL BY COMBAT!!!!!

  15. So your best argument against Trump is simply that he's not unique, and that certain people don't like him, without using facts? Adam, gtfo

  16. Good however, Thomas Jefferson did not wear a powdered wig, or any for that. He hated them, and like a very few others he would sometimes powder his hair. Also he was a redhead and our 2nd tallest.

  17. The show should be more like this, I dont know why, it just seems way better, I think its because Adam isnt being super PC

  18. Politicians back then often solved their problems with shootouts. It’s how Alexander Hamilton died; he was shot in a duel with Aaron Burr… Someone should “solve their problems” with Trump the old-fashioned way. All in favor?

  19. "we're tired of the nice people!"
    crowd cheers
    Uh ok, who the hell feels this way and who the HELL drugged the audience?

  20. Trump is the worst president in our history … `America has had its share of crooks (Harding, Nixon), bigots (Jackson, Buchanan) and incompetents (Johnson, Bush), but never before Trump have we had a president that combined all these nefarious qualities` Robert Reich

    As for the election, it's the first one where the loser had roughly 3 million more votes than the winner …

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