Aadhar based Finger Print Electronic Voting System

hello friends welcome to take off today
we are going to see a new innovative concept which is not in the practical
world right the vote is our fundamental rights polling system has also undergone
a lot of changes in olden days we vote in ballot system in modern days it
changes into electronic voting system electronic voting system sounds good
right but right now it has many problems regarding tampering of electronic voting
machines so how to make a secure electronic voting system without any
flaws oops again electronic voting system oops again we are going for
electronic yes as our indian government is encouraging us to go for digital
india we are creating a new polling method called Aadhar basic electronic
voting system okay let us move on to the block diagram session here we are using
power supply adapter for powering up Arduino and other devices here we are using
Arduino microcontroller and we are using keypad for the inputs fingerprint sensor
also we are using for Aadhar based since we are using aadhar base we are going to
keep our finger print and an LCD display for displaying for
which candidate we have voted now let us see the hardware description part
first we are using a power supply adapter for powering up the devices next
we are using a Arduino micro controller under Arduino micro controller which
controls the operation of whole voting system next we are using a LCD display for
displaying the number of votes etc etc and another we are using a fingerprint module next we are using a keypad module okay here we will
see a brief description about this project here we are using fingerprint
sensor for our finger prints so if your fingerprint is placed in that LCD
it will show it is a valid Aadhar card number or not if it is valid it will go
for your voting system here it will show the members or contestant who are
participating in that polling according to that number we have to press here
once if you press here it will show in the LCD which contestant you have
voted either 1 or 2 or 3 with name let us see the output of this Aadhar based
electronic voting system right now I am going to give my fingerprint so once if
I press it is showing valid Aadhar and it is showing some in contestant named
after that I want to place number so it is receiving my vote and it is showing
in LCD so after that if another person is coming he can vote so it is accepting
and it is showing Valid aadhar and then what is that contestant name and
then he can vote for the contestant so vote is received
so if a third user is coming and if he is placing it is showing valid aadhar and
what is the contestant name and he can vote for this favorite party up to now
we have went for only valid Aadhar right now we are going for invalid Aadhar if a
person is keeping a thumb who is not authorized it will show invalid Aadhar
another one powerful feature we are having that is if a person who is coming
for second time voting means it will not allow you to vote so let us see that one so it is showing existing aadhar and it
is not showing that candidates name and he cannot operate that keypad so this is
the power feature which we are using in this system in this system we are having
additional feature which the polling officer can only access those things so
if he is keeping his thumb it will show how much total votes are there and if he
wants to close the polling means he can use this another finger which he can
authorize to close the polling so right now voting is closed after this one
nobody can place the finger even though if they are placing the finger it won’t
count so it will show that total votes registered in this polling also once the
polling is completed the device is turned off and at the result
announcement date the same coding officer who closed this system has to
again keep his thumb impression so once if he keep the thumb impression it will
display the number of votes for each contestant and simultaneously it will
announce who is the winner in this polling booth

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  1. The next future is geting read to make INDIA a proud and power full,
    from U guys.
    good work go on v will support U.

  2. Election commissioner must adopt this kind of device to make voting properly..
    And it's very essential for our democracy…

  3. Bro I am also with same thought from last 2 years…. you are with more progressive work on idea…thanks buddy…

  4. Hello sir, your project is very innovative and helpful for the nation. Could you please provide the code required and the connections for the project as we want to do this as our mini project

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