5 Democrats who can make Trump’s life miserable | With Chris Cillizza

– Here’s a joke for ya. What did the left eye
say to the right eye? Between us, something smells
(drum roll then deep breath). Donald Trump’s presidency changed forever on November 8, 2018. Democrats retook control
of the U.S. House, and, in so doing, ensured
that the second two years of Trump’s presidency are
going to be even more bumpy for the President than his first two. And let’s be honest, those first two years were,
uh you know, bumpy as hell. But, Trump ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Democrats who have been in the
House majority all of a week are already chomping at the bit to investigate a President
who, many of them believe, has run amuck in the White
House for far too long. From trying to get Trump’s
tax returns publicly released, to looking into the actions
of his Cabinet secretaries, to, yes, impeachment, there are a slew of potential political
landmines waiting for Trump in the House, over the next two years. So, who will emerge as Trump’s
main Democratic antagonist between now and 2020? Here’s a look at five names
you really should know. Number one, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Yes, yes, yes, I, I get it, you probably already know
Pelosi’s name, but she is, without any question, the
single most important figure in Washington these days
not named Donald John Trump. Elected Speaker of the
House for the second time in her political career,
fun fact, Sam Rayburn and Henry Clay are the
only other two people to be Speaker of the House
in non-consecutive terms. I did tell you it was gonna be fun. Pelosi does control what
comes to the House floor and doesn’t, as well
as just how aggressive her committee chairs are
going to be when it comes to investigating Trump
and his administration. Nothing moves in the new Democratic House without Pelosi, a, knowing about
it and, b, approving of it. Number two, New Your
Congressman Jerry Nadler. Now the New York City Congressman, he represents the Upper
West Side in Manhattan, has known Trump for a
very long time, as the two sort of orbited each other in
the Big Apple political scene. Trump once even called Nadler, quote, one of the most egregious
hacks in contemporary politics. So he’s got that going for him. Now Nadler is also the new Chairman of the House Judiciary
Committee, which has broad leeway to investigate any number
of contentious issues, from voting rights, you
will remember that Trump, early in his administration,
created a commission to look at alleged voter fraud before disbanding the
commission within months, to immigration policy put in place by this Trump administration. But Nadler’s most powerful
role, without question, would be to oversee any
effort to impeach Trump, a process that some
House Democrats believe should have started, like, yesterday. Nadler, like Nancy Pelosi,
has been relatively guarded about whether or not Democrats will try to
impeach Trump, though. In December, he told CNN. – An impeachment is an attempt
to, in effect, overturn or change the result of the last election. You should do it only for
very serious situations. So that’s always the question. – Number three, California
Congressman Adam Schiff. Now for years, the Chairman of the House Intelligence
Committee largely operated in the shadows, entrusted to work with the nation’s security
apparatus to counter threats from both within the
United States and abroad. Throughout the ongoing
special counsel investigation, being led by Robert Mueller, however, into Russia’s interference
in the 2016 election, the head of the intelligence committee has taken on a much higher profile role. And in the 116th Congress, that gavel is held by,
you guessed, Schiff. Now Trump and Schiff do have some history, in the sense that the
President has bestowed a series of nicknames on the California Democrat, from sleazy Adam Schiff,
to little Adam Schitt. Yup, you heard me right. Schiffff spent much of the past two years running down attempts by Republicans on the Intelligence Committee
to downplay any connections between Trump’s campaign and the Russians. But now he has the power
to investigate, well, almost whatever he wants. Number four, Massachusetts
Congressman Richard Neal. Okay, when you hear the words
Ways and Means Committee, it doesn’t exactly conjure up a whole lot of excitement and or fireworks. But it should. Because the Ways and Means Committee deals with all tax-related matters, and it means you need to
get to know Richard Neal. Neal, the Chairman of the
Ways and Means Committee, is one of only three
people on Capitol Hill who is authorized to ask to see President Donald
Trump’s tax returns. Now it’s not clear if Neal
would be able to get them, since Trump has fought like
hell to keep those returns out of the public eye. But Neal is a guy who can
and will ask for them. Quote, I think the President
has an opportunity here to defuse this and just release the forms as every other candidate
for President has done, Neal told CNN in November, 2018. Quote, even if the request
is made, I don’t expect that afternoon we’re going
to see those tax forms. So, I think we’ll do what we have to do, and then see where the road takes us and the path that we travel, end quote. It’s a very philosophical answer. Number five, Maryland
Congressman Elijah Cummings. Now, outside of Nancy Pelosi, Cummings may actually
have the widest latitude to look into the Trump administration as Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Now, that committee, you may remember, is where Republicans
conducted an investigation into the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. It’s the same committee where
Republicans investigated why the FBI didn’t indict Hillary Clinton over her decision to use
a private email server. Now Cummings has already
signaled he wants to look into, among other things, Trump’s
Cabinet secretaries, his immigration policies,
and the disbursement of hurricane relief and recovery dollars. This is Cummings, quote,
I believe that what we do in this Congress over the next year or so will have an impact for
the next 50 to 100 years. That’s from a CNN interview. Now, taken together, these five
men and women have the power to write, or at least co-author, a new chapter of Trump’s presidency. How they approach the
President, and how he reacts over the next two years will tell us a lot about Trump’s chances of
winning again in 2020. And that is The Po!nt. We make these videos every week, twice. Check in every Tuesday and
Thursday for brand new episodes.

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    Enter: A Real American President for a change doing the right thing in the face of preposterous odds (demoncratic opposition) Thank you sir!

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