2020 ELECTION – 10 Democrats Who Should NOT Run For President

10 Democrats Who Should Not Run in the 2020
Election Who should run in 2020? There are very clearly plenty of Democrats
who would do well to take up the mantle against Trump. But before we can do a thorough assessment
of who is best suited for the roll, we need to cut through the distractions. In this video I’m going to purpose ten potential
candidates that I believe Democrats would do well to forget about, at least when it
comes to 2020. So, just to be straight up with you guys,
I was a Bernie supporter in 2016, and that should give you a good sense of where I’m
coming from politically. I am very much on the progressive side of
the Democratic party, but for the purposes of this video, I’m not just cutting conservative,
moderate, and establishment democrats. I really just want to eliminate impractical
options. In that spirit, the very first person on my
list is BETO O’ROURKE. Don’t get me wrong. I think the guy will have an amazing future
in politics. He’s charming, charismatic, well-spoken and
strong. Beto also also had an extremely strong showing
in his Senate race against Ted Cruz, losing by just 200,000, less than 3%. In Texas, generally considered a Republican
stronghold, that’s pretty astounding. Ever more so because he didn’t run as a moderate
Texas Democrat. He ran as a solidly progressive candidate. You could easily argue that if he can come
so close in Texas, of all places, he could easily win over purple states like Florida,
Ohio and Wisconsin. Well, I wouldn’t be so sure. One thing to note is that the race may have
been a little easier than you might generally expect. Sure, Texas is a Red state. But, along with states like Georgia, demographic
shifts have edged the state closer to contention. That is, Texas is bluer than it used to be. But more importantly, we have to consider
who he was running against. The Morning Consult consult conducted in Oct
2018 found Cruz to be a middle of the road Senator, with an approval rating of 49, and
disapproval of 35%. According to the Texas Politics project poll
conducted by the U of Texas Austin in the same month, those numbers were 51% vs 44%. That same survey found him to be quite polarizing. While 72% of republicans and 24% of independents
found him very favorable, 83% of democrats and 39% of independents found him very unfavorable. By ideology, 71% of conservatives found him
very favorable, while 88% of liberals and 54% of moderates found him to be very unfavorable. With a character as polarizing as Cruz, it’s
hard to give Beto all the credit for how well he did in his Senate race. A lot of his support may have actually been
dump Cruz votes. Still, I don’t want to underestimate Beto. With more nation wide exposure, he may look
like a stronger candidate. But having lost the Senate race, his prospects
for 2020 are weakened. If he runs, he’ll be running, not as a junior
Senator like Obama, he’ll be running as the two-term congressman who almost beat Ted Cruz. At 46 years old, Beto has plenty of time to
build up more accomplishments, which could lead to a more successful run in 2024 or 2028. As for 2020, I don’t know if he’s quite ready,
and a premature run could exhaust his star power. I have very similar thoughts about the next
person on my list, ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ. Again, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love AOC. I think she’s a strong fighter, with serious
star power. As a Latina woman with strong progressive
policy positions, she very likely represents the future of the Democratic party. But, that’s where she belongs. The future. AOC has just entered federal politics, and
will assume office for her first term on January 3, 2019. She does not have the experience to run for
president. Plus, she’s too young. A presidential candidate in their late 30s
or 40s is perceived as young and dynamic. AOC is just 29 years old. She’s not just too young to be perceived as
experienced enough for the role. She’s literally too young to run, by the standards
set out in the constitution. “Nether shall any person be eligible to
that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years old.” So, that settles that. I would definitely keep my eye on her for
campaigns in a decade from now, but the idea of her running now is, well, a joke. Speaking of joke candidates, OPRAH WINFREY. Now, I love Oprah, because I am a human being. Everyone loves Oprah, and her legion of fans
would easily translate into a political movement that could overpower Trumpism. Never mind the fact that she’s explicitly
stated that she doesn’t want to run for president, she’s got a lot of what it takes. She’s smart, strong, successful, popular,
and unlike the current president, she’s actually a billionaire. But she also shares something in common with
the President, which I think should disqualify her. She’s never help public office in the past. There have been pushes for her to run only
because she’s popular. But Democrats should not try to turn celebrities
into politicians, they should make politicians so popular that they are seen as celebrities. This is what happened with presidents like
FDR, Kennedy, and Obama. Sure, Republicans have successfully run celebrities
like Reagan, Schwarzenegger and Trump, but Democrats should attack that tendency. In 2020 the Democratic party should argue
that Trump was a famous person with no experience, and that’s why he failed as a president. That argument disappears if they elect to
run Oprah, or anyother inexperienced celebrity. So, obviously, even if Kanye is a democrat
again, we shouldn’t run him either. There are easy hundreds if not thousands of
famous people whose values align with the Democratic party. But one of them should run for president until
they get some real experience in government. Were it not for his MeToo scandal, Al Frankin
would have been the only Democratic celebrity qualified to run for President. As it now stands, there are zero. And that includes, not just famous entertainers,
but also famous lawyers, including MICHAEL AVENATTI. Avenatti very likely to run. And it would be a real shame if he did. I know he vehemently denies the recent Domestic
Violence allegations that have been made against him . But, even without that, the guy kind
of reads scum bag. Some think he might be a powerful weapon against
Trump, because just like him, Avenatti is an aggressive fighter, but we shouldn’t be
fighting hate with a different kind of hate. I’m sure Avenatti would do well at pointing
out why people shouldn’t vote for Trump, and he should do that even if he doesn’t run. But how would he possibly make a case for
himself? Avenatti has never held public office. He’s never even run. He has experience in law, business and even
professional racing, but virtually zero in politics. The only reason he’s even seen as a potential
candidate is because he sued Trump on behalf of Stormy Daniels. How exactly is being a porn star’s lawyer
qualify you to run for President? Next up, let’s talk about MARTIN O’MALLEY. This guy definitely has the experience to
run for president, having been the goveror of Maryland from 2007 to 2015, and mayor of
Baltimore prior to that. I’m pretty sure he’s not going to run. He’s apparently become a Law Professor at
Boston College, and I haven’t seen him teasing a run. Let’s keep it that way. O’Malley had his chance in 2016, and came
in a very distant 3rd. He introduced himself to the nation, and America
yawned. Ditto for Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb. Anyone who made it on the debate stage and
got passed over should get the message. No one cares. NANCY PELOSI is currently facing a leadership
challenge in the house, and that doesn’t exactly bode well for her her political future, even
if she wins it. Pelosi has very strong name recognition, but
it isn’t positive. The fact is, she’s incredibly unpopular. RCP’s poll aggregations place her at 28.5
percent favorable and 52% unforable. You’d be hard pressed to find a more hated
candidate. But it comes close when you look at Democratic
leadership in the Senate. CHUCK SCHUMER may not be as hated as Nancy
Pelosi, but he’s not well liked either. RCP’s averages put him at 29.0 percent favorable,
and 43.3 percent unfavorable. The Senate is a great place to find Presidential
candidates, but the Democratic party would be much better served by a popular senator,
like Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, Amy Klobuchar. Or Angus King, all of whom rank in the 50s
and 60s in terms of approval. But popularity isn’t the only thing that matters. Take ERIC GARCETTI. He’s teased a presidential run, and has even
ranked on top ten lists for potential candidates. I get the appeal. He’s very popular in LA, having recieved over
81% of the vote in his last election. At the same time, the guy did not exactly
inspire a huge fanbase, with voting turn out at just 20%. So, Garcetti is clearly popular amongst LA
voters who always vote, but he failed to drive a strong turn out in the city. He’s also not exactly well known nation wide. I would image name recognition would be a
serious problem for him. As a Mayor of a Major city, he’s probably
well known throughout California, but I don’t know how that would translate into victories
in the Carolinas, Florida, or the Mid West. The fact is no big city mayor has ever been
able to make a direct leap into the white house. CNN put Garcetti on their top 10 list for
2020, but not everyone CNN likes has real potential. Which brings us to number 4 on that CNN list,
KRISTIN GILLIBRAN. With an approval rating of 45%, according
to the Morning Consult survey, she is the second most popular Senator from New York. (They gave Schumer 48% in the same poll). I don’t fully trust their polls, but, even
weak polling should put someone far and a way better than Schumer to stand a chance
of winning. But my main problem with Gillibrand is that
I think she’ll be seen as a fake progressive. In my experience, the left can be quite picky
when it comes to supporting a candidate. Gillibrand has problematic donors, with Wall
Street firms like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase ranking in her top
10 donors. Her top donor, Boies Schiller and Flexner
has done a lot of great work, but it was also the law firm that repressented Harvey Wienstein. But her biggest issue is how late in the game
she became a progressive. She was the first senator to call for abolishing
ICE, but as CNN points out “Gillibrand has moved way left during her time in the Senate
but will have to answer for several years of much more moderate votes when she represented
a more conservative House district in upstate New York”. Gillibrand is a white female senator from
New York, who has recently adopted more progressive policy positions. That reminds me just a little bit of someone
else who failed to win over the left wing of the party in 2016. Look I get it. Clinton won the Primary last time and the
popular vote in the general election. Virtually everyone who ever worked for her
says she was a great boss. She has huge name recognition. And a lot of people regret voting for Trump. At the same time, she also has the distinction
of being the only person in human history to lose an election to Donald J Trump. And while her supporters blame James Comey
and Russian collusion on her loss, the reality is that everything that made her lose last
time will make her lose again if she ran in 2020. First, there’s NAFTA. She was a huge proponent, and that’s a big
reason why she failed to lock down the midwest. From Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, she’s vulnerable
because blue collar workers blame her for failing to protect their manufacturing jobs. That may be unfair, but it is what it is. Again, fair or unfair, most people see Clinton
as a symbol of political corruption. The hundreds of thousands of dollars she was
paid by wall street firms for single speeches is seen by most folks as legal bribery. I know that’s not a lot of money for Hilary
Clinton, by try telling voters that hundreds of thousands of dollars means nothing to you. It’s a hard argument to make to people who
have been suffering for decades with stagnant wages. Trump supporters would probably love the chance
to go back to the polls and defeat her for a second time. And the left wing of the democratic party
remains completely unenthusiastic about her. Sure, they may feel more of an imperative
to go to the polls now that Trump has proven himself a serious contender. But, then again, any candidate running against
Trump would activate the anti-Trump vote. Back during her days as secretary of state,
she saw high favorabilty numbers, hitting a high of 66% favorable. But her favorability has been on the decline
ever since. A Gallup poll found her at a record low of
36% during September of 2018. Even after a year of Trump, who continues
to have low approval ratings himself, voters aren’t clamouring for another Clinton run. Although I doubt she’ll heed this advice,
it’s time for Clinton to give up her presidential ambitions, and pass the baton to the next

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    The narrator labels himself as a progressive, and it shows by what's included and excluded from his commentary. He completely overlooks faith. This brings me to Oprah. She would easily win a large # of evangelical voters.
    Absolutely no one outside of liberal bubbles is considering AOC.
    I would stop worrying about Gillibrand as a "fake Progressive". Progressives won't win a presidential race. They have a loud voice in the House right now because of moderate Dems turning Red districts Blue, giving us a majority. AOC just turned a liberal district super liberal, she didn't change the balance of power.
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    You don't have to worry about Avenatti running, unless he can do it from a jail cell (extortion, embezzlement, wire fraud and bank fraud, not to mentioned unpaid taxes in the millions and a few other crimes his wife has accused him of, but he hasn't been indicted for yet, can carry hefty prison sentences).
    Hillary does NOT look she is running again, and I think we should all be happy about that.
    As for Ocasio-Cortez, she has an IQ of a houseplant, and is bound to grow into a giant embarassment for the Democrats. Her Green Deal didn't get one vote in the Senate. Not ONE Democrat dared vote for it, not even Bernie. The voters are sick of pie in the sky promises that have no possibility of being implemented, and this incident has shown that they're a lot of hot air.
    Interesting that you didn't mention Creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

  23. The World in 1963
    A half century ago, much of the news in the United States was dominated by the actions of civil rights activists and those who opposed them. Our role in Vietnam was steadily growing, along with the costs of that involvement. It was the year Beatlemania began, and the year President John F. Kennedy visited West Berlin and delivered his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech. Push-button telephones were introduced, 1st class postage cost 5 cents, and the population of the world was 3.2 billion, less than half of what it is today. The final months of 1963 were punctuated by one of the most tragic events in American history, the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. While a University of Chicago student, Bernie Sanders was arrested during a boycott protesting against segregation at his own university; and Bob Dylan wrote "The Times They Are a-Changin'" in September and October 1963.

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