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– If a candidate goes
over their allotted time, you’ll hear this. (bell dings) – It sounds like a game
show, but it’s not. (candidates chattering
over pleasant rock music) – [Jason] It’s presidential
debate time again, and this time around, it’s the Democrats who have to deal with
having too many candidates. – Some people are calling
it a grown-ups’ table and a kids’ table. – You know, I’m not excited
about being at a kiddie table. – On June 26th and 27th, the top 20 Democratic
presidential candidates go head to head in Miami,
kicking off arguably the most important televised event of the 2020 primaries so far, but with 20 slots to play for and nearly two dozen contenders,
not all made the cut. The unlucky ones included Steve Bullock, Seth Moulton, and Wayne Messam. To avoid a kids’ table style debate where lesser-known candidates
appeared on a different night, the top candidates were
placed in a separate draw to make sure that some
of the biggest names were on stage both nights, and a second drawing was held to mix up the lesser-known candidates. The first night includes the
likes of Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar, and on the second night,
Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders go up against Kamala
Harris and Pete Buttigieg along with some lesser-known candidates like Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang. The final results, it’s
worth noting that Biden and Sanders, who have been
one-two in most national polls, will get the chance to
face each other in person, but Sanders and Warren, who are competing for a similar pool of
liberal voters, won’t. The race started three months ago when the DNC announced the
rules for qualification and it left some candidates
fighting for a spot. Here’s how it played out. To qualify for the debates,
candidates needed to either achieve at least 1% in three national or early primary state polls or raise money from at least 65,000 donors including a minimum of
200 each in 20 states. Polling gave candidates
who have national support a shot at the debates. For some of the well-known
candidates like Biden, Sanders, and Warren, this was an easy win, but for some like Michael
Bennet and Bill De Blasio, it wasn’t so easy and they barely made it. Then, there was a separate
push for the donor threshold. The DNC said it introduced this
rule to encourage candidates to connect with grassroots voters and show they had the financial
support to run a campaign, and with the stakes so
high, candidates pulled out all the stops on digital marketing. There was beer pong. (group cheering) Babies. (rhythmic percussion music) John Delaney took to a whiteboard and told potential donors
he’d give $2 to charity for every $1 donated. – So click on, give me a dollar, and I’ll give $2 to any number of these very, very worthy organizations. – Others like Tulsi Gabbard used Instagram and Twitter to update their progress. Andrew Yang and the so-called Yang Gang got creative with memes. The DNC said 14 candidates
met both criteria, and six qualified through polling only. The same requirements will be used for the July debate in Detroit, but in September, it’ll get much tougher. Candidates will need 130,000 donors and at least 2% in four early polls. Currently, more than
half of the candidates are at risk of falling short.
(pleasant whistling tones)

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  1. People actually think Yang has a chance,you obviously underestimate the level of corruption in the Democratic party.

  2. Last nite boring . Tonite, Food Fight. Kamala Harris better get back and fix unemployment like she dissed Trump for

  3. CALIFORNIA NEEDS NO DEMOCRATS. THEY HAVE BANKRUPTED CALIFORNIA. I won't pay more taxes for every person that won't work or just came across the border because Dem wants to let every foreigner into the country and give them benefits that Citizens are disqualified to receive.

  4. Kamala Harris worth 3 million, joe biden sold house for 4.5 million, his wealth has exploded since leaving vice presidency. Swalwell is worth a reported negative -499, seriously how did you get to the debate? Big Corp, pay for that ticket. 14,000 unescorted illegal children is not kidnapping, it is use of children by another country to invade our country and no Democrat is addressing this invasion.

  5. Democrats Care More About Illegal Aliens than it does for US Citizens. It is illegal and Democrats want to break the law, our constitution, Enough already. These children are sent to this country to invade American Taxpayers are done with Democrat Liberals willing to let Benghazi go unpunished, 145 million dollars in Uranium sales unpunished, a president rapist unpunished that's immoral Jie Biden, Nancy Pelosi…you will lose in 2020. Americans will go this without Democratic Communist.

  6. Kamala Harris said she gave a directive to 'Her Sheriffs in California' what is she a slave owner? No Sheriff as an employee who passed tests is owned by you, Kamala. Are you not a African American? You should speak respectfully to law enforcement officers who keep you safe.

  7. A skewed debate, showing favor to certain candidates on the dais, not democratic, fair or unbiased by NBC.. crooked as Hillary Clinton..no energy, nothing new from two nights of 20 Dems. Obstructionists to the American people, wow…Trump 2020..in the words of Jussie Smollett…'MAGA..they said when I was attacked' okay, Candidates, is that your story and your sticking to it?.

  8. Look at all the backstabbers of America Two face backstabbers divide everybody trying to use color against color high taxes taking people's rights away give it to the killers

  9. How much will this freedom dividend raise our taxes? People don't realize that free money isn't actually free LOL

  10. None of the these clowns can beat Trump…can't wait to see Trump, rip them to shreds in a debate. Its gonna be glorious to watch!!!!

  11. Lol you Asians are right to be proud of your fellow man, but I can guarantee you that America will never vote him in and there's not enough of you to make that happen. 😂 😂 😂

  12. At least Tulsi is actually anti Zionist war and independent from the military industrial complex. Ironic that shes the only independent one and shes a soldier.

  13. Joe must either be the dumbest man alive, or just plain deaf. For the past two years all America has been hearing from the left is how evil white straight men are. He doesn't have a chance, and it's too late for him to adopt a poor little black kid to prove to white-hating America.. "I AM DEFINITELY NOT a racists!"

    I'm loving the show… democrats have killed off all future straight white male presidents -D.

  14. how is someone supposed to make a valid point in the allotted 30 seconds? This debate format is deliberately skewed to favor fast-talking media-savvy loudmouths who promise everything for a vote.

  15. Andrew yang is the only candidate I have ever truly rooted for in my life. This dude is for the people, not just a particular party. Amazing!

  16. Before you start throwing stones, Kamala – The Harris campaign received the most registered lobbyist donations of any Democratic presidential campaign that has said it would not take the cash.

  17. Thank You President Trump for returning America to it's glory MAGA 2020!💪 All of the United States loves you!

  18. Yang and Gabbard are the ones who are at least somewhat reasonable. Definitely would vote for Yang over radical left crooks like Kamala, Bernie, Beto etc.

  19. I’m not a Democratic-Socialist, but it sounds like many agree Yang got the shaft… The MSM are in cahoots with the major Democratic Runners and will not give the underdogs air-time. I will probably never agree with Yang‘s ideas, but I do admire an underdog. I’ll root for him in the back of my mind, but towards the end. I’ll respect him as an enemy… I was once Democrat, but soon realized that the Democratic Party is no longer a party for the People. It is essentially a corporation or an organization of Companies and bureaucrats that want to make the US population a powerless mass to feed upon. They exploit the nurturing aspect of human beings and seek to use it as a tool to forward and create their agenda. The winner of the DNC is probably already chosen. It doesn’t matter who you choose. America is taking it’s last breaths as we speak. WE were a great country, and now we will just be another. Trump will be the last Conservative president come 2024. People came to America because it was a great country full of great People, Values, and Ideas. Now it has become a hodgepodge of undesirable behaviors and attitudes. It is a cesspool of counter-ideas and beliefs that have made many other countries fail in the past. We will go through a Falling of Rome period soon. Our children or even are great-grandchildren will experience the balkonization of the United States. Civil War may occur and as a caring Christian Conservative who does care for every single life; Everyone best be ready to defend His/Her Own. Cops have families too, they won’t be around when the time comes. God Bless and Good Luck.

  20. Anyone else getting tired of hearing donate, donate, donate! OUR ELECTION PROCESS ISN"T SUPPOSED TO BE A MONEY RAISING, MONEY MAKING EVENT! Especially when a large part of that money is going to the same media outlets that smear and deny certain candidates that they don't like.

  21. Regardless of what President Trump might be, the so called Democrat, but not necessarily democratic, candidates appear as a bunch of immature, irresponsible political finaglers who hate America and don’t even try to hide it.

  22. Democrats: Consider tossing out all these and starting over. There is nothing here to beat Trump and a roaring economy. Democratic Socialism & Open Borders = LOST ELECTIONS

  23. Joe Biden: White Obama
    Corey Booker: Younger Obama
    Kamala Harris: Woman Obama
    Bernie Sanders: Tax the MILLIONAIRES and BILLIONAIRES
    Elizebeth Warren: Pocahontas
    Beta O Rouke: Dude, check out my skateboard
    Pete Buttigieg: Vote for me because I'm gay
    Andrew Yang: MATH

  24. democrats. the party of crime, lies, slavery, Hillary cuntin, incompetence, Deep State Coup D'Etat, Obstruction of Justice and cover up's, deceit, get nothing done except promise opens borders and everything is free, supported by the Nazi Propaganda of the MSM LIARS…….. all talk and no action— except the destruction of the USA!!

  25. Marianne Williamson 2020! Let's go girlfriends! Grab your power crystals and let's ride that spiritual rainbow to the 2020 presidency! Who's with me!

  26. Why are candidates looking for big moments and risk tripping over themselves? Indeed, any version of themselves is better than the best version of somebody else. So let the big moments come on their own. Meanwhile, they should just mind their Ps and Qs.

  27. Yang im so far supporting you, #YangGang lol, but it depends on what you do in the next September debate. But keep up the great work.

  28. It's so hard to tell the democratic candidates apart. they all seem to support the exact same things. The only candidate who has really set himself apart is Andrew Yang; he is the ONLY candidate who is talking about the need for UBI.

  29. We live in a Country where it is Scandalous to fly Our Nations flag ( old glory) thanks to you DemocRats, there isn't a chance in the pits of hades of casting a vote for you Malignant Spirits.

  30. .
    PLANT A TREE for FREE! . FDR cause a billion trees to be planter , these idiot democrats need to start reading American history and PLANT A TREE for FREE!

    In 1932, FDR took America’s political helm during the country’s worst economic crisis, declaring a “government worthy of its name must make a fitting response” to the suffering of the unemployed. He implemented the CCC a little over one month into his presidency as part of his administration’s “New Deal” plan for social and economic progress. The CCC reflected FDR’s deep commitment to environmental conservation. He waxed poetic when lobbying for the its passage, declaring “the forests are the lungs of our land [which] purify our air and give fresh strength to our people.”

    The CCC, also known as “Roosevelt’s Tree Army,” was open to unemployed, unmarried U.S. male citizens between the ages of 18 and 26. All recruits had to be healthy and were expected to perform hard physical labor. Blacks were placed in de-facto segregated camps, although administrators denied the practice of discrimination. Enlistment in the program was for a minimum of 6 months; many re-enlisted after their first term. Participants were paid $30 a month and often given supplemental basic and vocational education while they served. Under the guidance of the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture, CCC employees fought forest fires, planted trees, cleared and maintained access roads, re-seeded grazing lands and implemented soil-erosion controls. They built wildlife refuges, fish-rearing facilities, water storage basins and animal shelters. To encourage citizens to get out and enjoy America’s natural resources, FDR authorized the CCC to build bridges and campground facilities. From 1933 to 1942, the CCC employed over 3 million men.

    Of Roosevelt’s many New Deal policies, the CCC is considered by many to be one of the most enduring and successful. It provided the model for future state and federal conservation programs. In 1942, Congress discontinued appropriations for the CCC, diverting the desperately needed funds to the effort to win World War II.

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  31. Chang don't wanta get in the ring with the Champ Donald J Trump, Chang would get knocked the F out in the 1st.

  32. Trump has created jobs for thousands of people and has done what many other presidents didn’t have the guts to do! Trump 2020! Democrats dnt even knw what they are voting for🤦🏽‍♂️

  33. All I can say is that the best candidate for the Democrats died in a plane crash in 1999. John Jnr is truly missed. I can't believe that he would leave such a gaping void in the democratic party.

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