2018 Arkansas Ballot Issue 5 – Minimum Wage

(Stacey) In the 2018 general election voters
will also be asked to consider an initiated act to increase the state’s minimum wage. It would increase the minimum wage in January
2019 from the current rate of eight dollars and fifty cents an hour to 9.25 an hour. The minimum wage would increase to ten dollars in 2020 and finally to eleven dollars in 2021. The minimum wage applies to businesses with four or more employees with exceptions for some occupations and industries under state law. More detailed information about this issue can be found in our voter guide available at uaex.edu/ballot.

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  1. I have said this over and over. You cannot increase the wage without directly increasing the cost of living. It is basic supply and demand principles. You can not legally force the rich to give more of their share to employees, so in order to meet the demand of increased wages, they will supply this by increasing costs. If they cannot increase costs, then they will eliminate their costs by reducing employees or turning to automated options. If their are exemptions for business with less than four team members per shift, they may use that loophole with automation to reduce costs. Without clear laws and a cost of living cap, all that will result is what has already. Milk was 15cents and gas was 60cents. Soon you will be using $10 and $20’s. We are a dog chasing our tail.

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