2018 Arkansas Ballot Issue 3 – Term Limits

(Kristin) Issue three is a constitutional
amendment that seeks to lower the number of years a state legislator can serve in office. The proposal would repeal existing term limits
that voters approved in 2014 which gave state legislators the ability to serve up to 16
years total in office, whether in the House or Senate. Issue three would limit state representatives
to three two-year terms for a total of six years. Senators would be limited to serving two four-year
terms or a total of eight years. Legislators cannot serve more than a total
of 10 years including partial or special terms. Issue 3 would prohibit legislators from proposing
future amendments to change these limits with a future ballot issue. Any future ballot measure could only occur
through the citizen petition process. More detailed information about this issue can be found in our our voter guide available at uaex.edu/ballot.

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