2017 election: my reaction

So, Germany has voted and the results are more or less
in line with expectations. The two biggest parties have lost some ground, the business-friendly FDP is back in the Bundestag, and, for the first time ever,
the AfD has won some seats. But we’re not finished yet, because, as usual in German elections,
no one party has an absolute majority; which means that a governing coalition
must be formed. And that can take weeks. And there’s a good chance this video will be
outdated before I get a chance to publish it, so apologies for that. For the last four years we have had
a Grand Coalition, made up of the mainstream
centre-right party, the Union, and the mainstream centre-left party, the SPD. Those are the two biggest parties,
so they had a nice, big majority. That gave us a stable government, but at a price. With both major parties in government, opposition is left to the smaller parties,
which are often out on the fringes. And that’s probably one of the
important reasons the AfD got their seats. After all, if you’re unhappy with the government
but both major parties are in it… …who are you going to vote for? This time around, the SPD has said they don’t
want to be part of a Grand Coalition any more. This leaves Angela Merkel, leader of the biggest
party, looking for new coalition partners. Talk is of a so-called “Jamaica Coalition”, because it has the same colours
as the Jamaican flag. But that’s going to be very tricky, because it means persuading the Greens to
govern with the Union and the FDP, and that is going to be a very tough sell. Even the FDP isn’t overjoyed at the prospect. They lost all their seats in 2013,
after being in coalition with Merkel’s party, and they pretty much
blame their demise on the Union. As one senior party member put it: “Anyone who gets into bed with this chancellor
will die in it.” The alternative is even less likely. That would be a coalition with the SPD,
the Left, the Greens, and the FDP. That coalition would just about
have a majority, but would it be enough? Can the Left and the Greens,
with their skepticism of the free market, work successfully together with
the strongly pro-business FDP? One thing is for sure, though: the AfD will not be in the governing coalition. First, none of the other parties
will want to work with the AfD; and second, at the moment, the AfD
doesn’t look like it’s in a fit state to be in any kind of government. It’s falling apart, basically. The day after the election,
one of its leading members announced that she would not be serving as an AfD politician but as an independent. Sounds odd, and it is; but it is possible. This is part of an ongoing
power struggle within the party which we all knew about,
and all predicted would cause problems. But we did also think they would be able
to keep it together for more than one day. One thing I don’t see in this election just yet is the rise of the Fourth Reich. A significantly large number of people who
voted AfD did so not out of conviction, but simply because they wanted to
register their protest at the mainstream. Incidentally, if you did that… …please don’t do it again. If all you want to do is make a point, don’t do it by voting for the most
controversial party you can think of. Instead, spoil your ballot. You have that option. And although your vote won’t count,
your protest will. I think that if we get a stable Jamaica Coalition, the economy improves —
or at least doesn’t worsen — and nothing unexpected happens, like a new
refugee crisis or nuclear war with North Korea, we should be all right. Then we’ll have a mainstream party
leading the opposition. If the SPD can do this effectively, then critics will hopefully feel less ignored, and less inclined to turn to fringe parties. In the long run, it’s probably
a smart move for the SPD. Thanks for watching. If you’d like to
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  1. Jamaica-coalition might not be the best thing, but it sure as hell is gonna be interesting to watch. CDU/SPD coalition was really boring. And who knows, maybe they're actually gonna do a decent job.

  2. Rewboss, what do you mean by spoiling the ballot? Doesn't that lead to an invalid vote that is not in any way counted? That's the way here in the Netherlands.

    Better option would be to leave it blank (again, at least here in the Nethelands). That way it counts towards to total votes cast and if Germany is like the Netherlands, it should have some effect on getting a seat by requiring more votes (under proportional representation).

  3. I really didn't expect the afd to shoot itself into the leg the first day in the bundestag but I sure as hell won't complain. I can bear with a right wing party in the bundestag but I have no need for it in the long term. In fact I am quite sure that the afd is just a temporary phenomenon that will fade away once the migrant crisis does.

  4. Die Bezeichnung "viertes Reich" ist eigentlich falsch, weil das einen biblischen Zusammenhang hat. Das "dritte Reich" ist in der Bibel die Welt nach dem jüngsten Gericht, das "Paradies auf Erden". Die Nationalsozialisten missbrauchten diesen Begriff, wie viele andere Phrasen und Sprüche für ihre Propaganda. Der Nationalsozialismus sollte das Paradies auf Erden sein. Irgendwann wurde die Bezeichnung "drittes Reich" aber von den Nazis nicht mehr gebraucht, weil sie es dann doch zu anmaßend fanden. Das hat also nichts mit einer Nummerierung von NS-Diktaturen zu tun.

    Das sagt Wikipedia: Der Ausdruck wurde von den Nationalsozialisten zeitweilig als Begriff in ihrer Propaganda benutzt, hat jedoch eine weitaus ältere christlich-theologische sowie philosophisch-utopische Tradition in der abendländischen Geschichte.[1] Im christlich-theologischen Verständnis bezeichnet der Begriff ein Zeitalter der Herrschaft des Heiligen Geistes. Von den Nationalsozialisten wurde der Begriff weder staats- noch verfassungsrechtlich ausgearbeitet.

  5. How does the protest by spoiling the ballot count? I'd rather think that those people in fact should vote for small parties. Maybe even satire parties like Die PARTEI (which is an acronym for: "Partei für Arbeit, Rechtsstaat, Tierschutz, Elitenförderung und basisdemokratische Initiative"), but even if they stay below the 5% mark, this is in fact more protest than anything. Just imagine the talk of politicians in the media after the results of an election show 20% or mor for "Sonstige" (none of which will make it into the Bundestag, but that's not what it is about anyways).

  6. The trouble with the 'spoil your ballot' approach is that, at least _de jure_, if 'spoilt ballot' were to win the election… absolutely nothing different would happen. It's not an existential threat to politicians, so they don't actually care that much about it.
    But if the AfD start gaining seats, now the politicians start to worry — they have to give a damn how many people hate their guts, because those people might have the power to change something.

    Although, it's not like democracy actually works anyway (/me gestures at public-choice theory) so whatever.

  7. In case a Jamaica coalition (or "Schwampel" as I rather like to call it – from "Schwarze Ampel", like a traffic light where the red light bulb has blown out) does not form, a minority government would also be very interesting. It would end the whip and lead to more fruitful discussions in parliament, and politicians could finally fulfill their duty of deciding in line with their conscience instead of what the fraction says they have to decide. They also wouldn't dismiss something out of hand just because it was suggested from an opposition party, without even thinking about whether it may actually have been a good idea or not.
    But if the Schwampel fails, and the SPD doesn't want to end up below 5% in the 2021 elections and thus declines a coalition with the Union, they will probably want to have new elections. And at that point it becomes totally clear what a farce our democracy really is.

  8. Merkel wil um jeden Preis Kanzler bleiben. Wie man Komprisse für den Machterhalt macht, hat sie in der DDR gelernt. Weder spielt das "Wahlvolk" eine Rolle noch die Parteien im Bundestag, die mit Merkel nicht kungeln wollen.

  9. While I didn't vote for the AfD, I can see why many people did. And no, for the point many of them wanted to get across – that depleting the nation's social reserves so people will probably have to work till they're 90 (i.e. kindly work for about 5-10 years after your statistically likely death) to in the end get a 300€ pension and the denial of any form of democracy on the national level (no "Volksentscheide", and so on) are disgusting and the claim that anyone arguing against the former and for the latter is a nazi is disturbing at best -, drawing doodles on your ballot is not an option. Ever. Nobody gives a fuck about the spoilt votes. And from everything we have seen over the last two decades (from massive terror attacks, mass gropings, mass rapes and loads of violence and threats against women both in Arabia and among migrants to Europe), the claim of an "irrational fear" of Islam is just delusional.

  10. Merkel, the black widow that devours its partners…
    People voted for another four years of political lethargy. Like the past twelve years weren't enough…

  11. Nebenbei: Ich finde es sehr drollig, wenn Parteien behaupten, der Wähler
    habe für sie den Auftrag zur Opposition gegeben. Dann hätte der Wähler bei jeder Partei "Opposition" oder "Regierung" ankreuzen müssen. War jedoch nicht auf den Stimmzetteln vermerkt.

  12. Rejecting to join another "Grand Coalition" and going for the role of leader of opposition surely was the smartest thing the SPD could do. Being part of a government under chancellor Merkel caused many people to associate the party with Merkel's policy which made the election campaign an almost hopeless affair for the social democrats and prly also caused their massive losses in the election. Being in the opposition now enables them to distinguish themselves stronger from the CDU's politics.
    I think another term in a Grand Coalition would have ruined the already shaken party entirely.

  13. Im übrigen ist die Wahl sowieso ein großer Beschiß:
    1. Direktwahl bei relativer Mehrheit (z.B. reichen 20% der Stimmen bei einem Kandidaten, wenn die anderen darunter sind),
    2. Koalitionsverträge, d.h Durchsetzung von Parteiinteressen und nicht Interessen der Wähler.
    Die Bezeichnung "parlamentarische Demokratie" ist blanker Hohn, weil unmöglich. Demokratie ist Volksherrschaft und nicht Herrschaft der Vertreter.

  14. Ich glaube nicht dass flügelabspaltungen die afd zerstören können, dass müssen schon die Wähler tun.
    Wenn man sich die ganzen Abspaltungen der SPD anguckt, merkt man dass sie trotzdem noch existiert.
    USPD, spartakusbund und wasg.
    (Es gab die gleiche prophezeihung für die NSDAP bei ihren flügelkämpfen, die Nazis wurden den bei dem "röhmputsch" los. Achtung: ich habe hier nicht die Verbrechen der Nazis mit der afd verglichen)

  15. The problem that the AfD is that strong and will further rise, is that we have rather extrem lefts (die linke) in parliament for quite some time now and no one is constantly calling them out. Right now the media ignores the extreme left and condemns even moderate right. For this reason moderate right parties like the CDU have become more center creating a large vacuum in the right that the AfD filled.

    So how can we stop the AfD? Don't stop calling out the Nazis within the AfD, but stop calling out the AfD as Nazis in total. Start calling out the extreme in The Left. There are people in this party who openly defended the anarchists of G20. There are people who openly defend the squatter-scene and people who simply choose not to act against them.

    As long as we continue to call out everyone that is remotely right while accepting every extreme of the left, the right will rise in power!

  16. Leider ist es nich möglich durch ungültigmachen des Wahlzettels echten Protest zu markieren. Ungültige Stimmen, sowie die Stimmen der Nichtwähler werden den <5% Parteien angerechnet. Stimmen für unter 5% Parteien geben zwar keine Wahlkostenerstattung für die Parteien des neuen Bundestags, jedoch bekommen sie anteilig deren Sitzplätze verteilt. http://www.wahlrecht.de/lexikon/ungueltig.html

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhatWV4plPs&t=0s <– als alternative

  17. Tracey Ullman does a smash-up impersonation of Angela Merkel singing and dancing at state functions It would be a shame if we can't have any more good parodies of Die Kanzlerin!

  18. I really hope that the SPD will stay in the opposition. Germany doesn't need four more years of a great coalition and if the SPD will form a coalition with the Union again, they will drop to 15% or less in the next vote.

  19. Some say Petry leaving would be a bad thing for the AFD, but I would argue the opposite is true.
    Dr.Weidel, Dr.Gauland and Prof.Meuthen (not exactly village idiots) are the team that actually leads the party.
    Petry was a fifth wheel during the campaign. She wasn't a teamplayer and started all sorts of cat fights.

  20. its actually none of my buisness, but with 1,2 million votes from former nonevoters – i can hardly see why the afd is still considered a protest vote. they reached people that had no interrest in politics like no other party with just 980.000 of cdu (conservativ) on second place. so only about half of the votes from afd were "punishing" their big coalition, but not far enough to change the political spectrum for it. i think "protest" is a too simple explaination and underestimates the unconcern of some people. i dont judge them, they may have a reason for their opinions, but i dont think the "moderate" should carelessly shrug them of as a bunch of angry kids.

  21. The AfD is just conservativ and being conservativ seems to be controversial in germany.
    The AfD mentions some important issues which are ignored by the other parties. So I voted for the AfD even though I am not conservative but libertarian. In my view it is just laughtable how the media is picturing the AfD as a nazi party. It's just a bad joke but the sad thing is that most people belive this shit. The AfD is not a millimeter more right, than the CDU/CSU 30 years ago. Technically they are even less right. If the media is correct, this is the first german nazi party with black people, jews and a lesbian on the top.

  22. You described the aftermath of the election very well and it was easy to understand for everyone I think. And I do agree completely with you that it was smart for the SPD to go into the Opposition.

  23. "Though your vote won't count, your protest will."
    That's not strictly true, though.
    The gap between participation and votes allotted to the parties is NEVER addressed in any meaningful manner. It is just ignored.
    If you want to be a protest voter in Germany and be heard your only way to do it, actually IS to vote for parties like the AfD (Die Linke is not shocking enough anymore).

  24. Surprised that anyone would think the AfD is the most controversial party to vote for. You could have voted some actual nazis, full-blown commies or retards that fail at being satire (Die Partei).

  25. I usually vote for "Die Linke" but this time I voted vor the Afd for the reason only that I believe that to allow the spreading of islamic culture in europe is the biggest threat to progressive countries other than neoliberal economics. When it comes to real life islam the other parties close their eyes based on ideological grounds. I can't accept this.

  26. A new fourth Reich?
    Watching "Have I Got News For You" a few years back you got the feeling that it's already here. Called EU and lead by Merkel.
    Strange that they than were against Brexit. Really makes you think……

  27. A smart move for the SPD would be to get rid of all of their former leaders who get them into this mess. Schulz, Gabriel, all former ministers … it won't happen, and so they'll continue to blunder on. 15 % for them next election?

  28. Nope, spoiling the vote is as effective as not voting at all or voting for a party below the 5% boundary. All of them aren't counted. But at least a vote for an unlikely party will be counted in the statistics whereas spoiling the vote won't even be registered, so no that's not a good option. Going on the street and shouting something might even be more effective because it probably has an higher impact on the election and politics than none.

    PS: But seriously why would a frustration vote go to the most stupid party of all? Why not one of the fun parties where it is clear that you're not supporting shitty politics but are just not satisfied with the "real" options?

  29. My opinion is quite near to Your one, Andrew. I see more chances than before that there will be a positive development in German politics.

  30. When I tell coworkers here in the US about the German election and mention the "Jamaica Coalition", they crack up. I then point out that Germans /do/ have a sense of humor [something that most Americans don't think is possible 😉 ].

    I have also decided that, from now on, I will be calling the AfD the „Alternative für DeutschlandDeutschlandÜberAlles“ in every conversation I have.

  31. First of all: Don't let yourself tell who to vote by anyone. Never! Take yourself some time and read the party and/or election programmes of the major parties and the ones that interest you. And if you don't have time for that: Use something like the Wahl-o-Mat as an orientation.
    Anyways, if the CDU/CSU and FDP give in to the Greens' demands too much, they might lose even more support by their right-wing as well as market-liberal supporters, pushing them either to the AfD or smaller, limited-issue parties. On the other hand, an SPD-FDP-Left-Green coalition will most likely create a very left-leaning government, probably disgruntling even more voters from the right and centre spectrum during their term, pushing them right in the arms of parties like the AfD. But maybe, at the end, the SPD is just raising the stakes with their current behaviour and we will end up with a large coalition again. Or maybe the parties fail to form a government and we have to vote again. Virtually anything could happen at this point but the AfD taking part in the government. The AfD could use this to their advantage, but only if they can pull themselves together. Let's not forget that the first years of the Greens' existence were quite turbulent, too and now they are leading a coalition in Baden-Wuerttemberg for the second time and were part of a coalition under the SPD at a federal level. We can make alot of speculations and predictions about the demise of the parties and the country right now, but at the end only time will tell.

  32. I used to vote Greens but especially if they join a coalition with the CDU they are dead for me. The Greens used to be a left wing party. They have betrayed everything they ever stood for.

  33. There is no such thing as a valid protest vote. If you cast a valid vote you voted FOR whatever it was. You can boycott something. That's a form of protest. Or you could cast an invalid vote. That's a slightly more visible form of boycott … or a sign that you are too stupid to vote. You could actually protest. But if you cast a valid vote you did not protest. You voted.

  34. Spoiled ballots are, as others have said, worthless. It won't count. At all. And that's not just because the numbers are tiny.

  35. Die SPD macht sich's mal wieder ganz einfach und beschert uns damit eine instabile Regierung. Willy Brandt hat gezeigt, dass man bei einer Koalition nicht umbedingt als Verlierer herausgehen muss. Man muss nur gute Arbeit leisten und fähige Politiker haben … upps, Da haben wir das Problem und es ist nicht Angela Merkel.

  36. One point I like to point out – which I feel is often forgotten – If the SPD would join a grand coalition again. The AfD would become the leader of the opposition.

  37. Hey, if you want to protest, why not vote for Die Partei (the party)? It's a satire party, an obvious joke, and MEANT to collect the votes of those who are unsatisfied with the bigger parties.

  38. Let me predict something: First, the Jamaica coalition will happen. IMHO, is is by far the more likely of the two coalitions, and it HAS to happen. Oh, they will poker high and leave it until the last possible day to come to some sort of a deal. Hammering that out will definitely not be easy. And the later they consent, the higher the pressure to make it happen, the more they have to bargain with.
    The alternative (no pun intended) would be to let the election default, and have re-elections.
    But no-one wants that! Like, can you imagine? Disgruntled voters gave their votes to the right-wing AfD. If that new government then immidiatly crumbles and hold re-elections ….. how much more assured of government competence is anyone going to be?
    The point is, in the case of re-elections the AfD stands to gain even more votes. Which is what none of the other parties wants.

  39. Spoiling your ballot is a bad idea because it above all means you basically step aside and allow whoever the other people want to reign. And that might be a party like the AfD. There were more than 40 parties in the last election. As terrible as the small parties usually are, nobody can tell me that there wasn't one between them which wasn't an option.

    Anyway, I am actually quite happy with the outcome. Well, not with the AfD being there. But I always wanted a mixture between the fiscal frugality of the CDU, the forward thinking of the FDP and sense for ecologic matters like the Green offers as the government. Luckily all the parties involved have different core themes. The FDP can take care of digital development, education and naturally they will want the finance minister (they have some guy who is crazy competent in that area). The Green can take the foreign ministry (honestly, I would LOVE to see the face of Erdogan when he has to deal with Cem Özdemir), environment (naturally) so that we meet the climate goals and, well, somehow I think that they would do with foreign aid, but they might want family instead (just not education, they are terrible in that area). I wish the CSU would stop talking about the Obergrenze (it is against our constitution) and instead realize that they can really score points by putting "inner security" on their agenda. Herrmann is too surveillance crazy for my taste, but then, he doesn't make the laws, he mostly has to realize them, and I think he would do a good job there. And then they can take the ministry of agriculture, there they can do the least damage. Meanwhile the CDU can continue to push down our unemployment numbers by taking care of business as wall as work and social matters, covering all the other ministries (unless the FDP manages to get a fourth one).

    I think this can work really well as long as everyone acts like a grown up.

  40. 3 things:

    1) a "fourth" Reich is absolutely stupid if you know the history about the ideology. The "second" one was flawed, because it just included the lesser German solution and the "third" one (which btw. was more used as a retronym after the war than by the Nazis themselves) was flawed, since it wasn't everlasting. There is no "fourth" Reich or realm, because it's supposed to stop at the "third" one, the Reich/realm of the Holy Spirit.

    2) the SPD was already in opposition from 2009-2013, yet they didn't come out any better in the following election. To say they would absolutely need the opposition to regenerate is simply wrong. Plus, it's better to go in the government and at least have some of your own ideas implemented than staying in the opposition and never having anything of your election promises fulfilled. If there's something like a "useless" vote, then it's either for voting for a party that clearly doesn't even have a chance to enter the parliament or for voting for one of the smaller parties who has been there for over 10 years and still didn't take part in any federal government.

    3) making your vote invalid out of protest has never been cared about by anyone. But the comparably good result for the AfD seems to be a thorn in the eyes of the media and the established politicians, so it already did reach its effect. Just a bit of pity that it wasn't enough for Mrs. Merkel for critical self-reflection: watch?v=U-8h2vBwWYA

  41. the real problem here is … there are only economy friendly partys in the bundestag … ( exept for the left) and no human friendly partys
    (maybe expect the left as well)

  42. Was hier immer wieder für ein Drama wegen der AfD gemacht wird ist schon hysterische Panikmache. Einfach nur lächerlich..

  43. uuuh…please do not condone vote spoiling…no that protest does not count at all. Nobody except the people who count the votes even see it. And nobody in politics cares if you write "Hitler" over Merkels name on the ballot 😉 And yes it gets registered as "ungültig" but so are the ballots from the people who write there name on it because they think that is how that works 😉

  44. Hey Andrew, another great video 🙂 I didn`t vote for the afd, despite I`m very unhappy with several things. But after I know others who have (in real life "and" the web), I can say (for them at least – and I could imagine several others might think similiar) that the "reason" why they expressed their protest this way is a direct result of and hint towards the "cause" of their protest. To make sure that the parties absolutely get the reason for the protest. I don`t like that utterly and we debated, but after all it is – in an abstract way – logic. But it might not be utterly "foresighted" as I tried to explain. shrugs But that`s democracy. Even when I absolutely disagree with them. Also… after the AfD isn`t really known for it`s "social and ecological agenda" I think it`s relatively unlikely that the people which voted for them did so out of a lack of social love and security. Despite there are of course "real" fashists as well among this party (and their supporters), many voters are not. I would expect the real numbers around the range of the last election (more or less 5%). If we had such a big Nazism problem I think, we would already have seen this on the results of the NPD, DVU, or however the NSDAP had called themself during the last decades. The problem I see is, that Merkel changed so many original positions of the CDU and the opening of the border was just a bigger (but still a) drop that lastly flooded the (metaphorical) barrel. Many people which once voted for a "conservative" party tend to positions of the CSU. But these only exists in bavaria. I have seen surveys which tell that around 60-80% of AfD voters are disappointed that the CSU exists only in Bavaria (but that`s another topic). Which is partially pretty close to… you know. Just with a bit less harnished phrases. So several people feel without political "haven" anymore. And among these I can imagine is only the decision if they vote for the only one they can imagine to "really" try to bring a conservative adjustment back… or don`t vote at all. But likewise to just retreat, don`t vote at all,vote for another party whose concept is made up of pranks or similiar… I think they want something. Something special. And if they would vote "die PARTEI" or something like that, they wouldn`t get any closer to what they want. And the election was a direct hint. I don`t think the SPD in opposition will solve that utterly well alone. Maybe a bit. But with a jamaica coalition you can imagine that the protesters which voted this way will "hardly" find something satisfying in this potential coalition. How should it become more into the direction they wish for, if the greens are onboard? To get an agreement at all would already mean there have to be concessions. For every partie involved. And despite Merkel tried to row back on several decisions she made, this will hardly be enough to satisfy. So I would even see this as a potential reason to cause even more anger and disappointment. What could fuse the protest-voters even closer to the party. They don`t have to "believe" in it. Many people don`t vote what they "believe" in. They speculate on the shockwaves and ripples this sends through the homogeneous political tapestry. Like the buterfly effect. Just my two pennies for what it`s worth. I`m no professional, but that`s what I have drawn from political observation over here in the last years. I don`t think anyone (except always the same handful bowling ball heads) would wish for a fourth reich. But there are many people who seriously feel arsed. And that`s not just the poor to which "die Linke" or the SPD could offer a few new Kindergarten places or social housing. That`s not something the political left could really tackle. I only see a "possible" solution for that in a time after Angela Merkel. "If" the CDU should readjust back to it`s roots. And includes the "moderate" but still more conservative people again. This would likewise make the political frontiers more clear again. Otherwise I could even imagine these might be lost in the middle- to long term and could cement the AfD. The internal ruckus in this party has been there since the beginning nearly. I think it`s more about an adjustment of the wider position, than individual persons of the party. Also… if you look into a manifesto of the CDU in the 90`s you will notice remarkable similiarities to… you know. And people notice such. And it`s part of why they feel there would be a double standard. And the more the public and politics reacts and presses harder, the more such people get driven to the party. And that exactly is part of this vicious cycle. The main responsible actor who triggered it and might stop it again is the CDU as I see it. And you shouldn`t forget that the AfD already causes waves and changes only by existing. They don`t even need to be in any kind of goverment. Very young people will not remember the time, but the CDU has been "different". And a political far right never really had a chance, because if they appeared the Union (CDU/CSU) just did the right-sweeper and just digged off their watersource this way. In the "overall" political system this worked pretty well and stable. And if the people want a different kind of goverment they could always vote for the SPD per example. Or PDS /"die Linke" (since several years). But after Merkel had adjustet many of her parties positions she can`t really go back anymore. That`s why I see a "back to the roots" as a political win for all involved. Otherwise I doubt the AfD will ever vanish "entirely" again. Just because the political spectrum changes, this doesn`t mean the people changed in the same amount.

  45. Yeah you know spoiling your ballot means absolutely nothing. We here in Hungary know this because we tried that option already based on liberal idiots's advice. Thats why we only reached 44 percent in the anti immigrant voting. Liberal leftist parties incite people to spoil their vote as a protest and it was a failure. As we can see there are no terror threat in this country so i guess we were right to close the borders against illegal migrants.

  46. To be safe here from the sh*t storm: I did not vote for the AfD. But why discourage people from voting for them? It is their right to vote what the want, and the AfD did mobilize many "non-voters" and is a showcase that in fact more than 12% of the voters are deeply, emotionally concerned with certain policies. Furthermore, freedom of speech and opinion is to be granted for everyone including parties of questionable repute, to put it nicely. I am in fact astonished that the anti-AfD train – which by the way only plays into their hands of being the underdog "the media" hates – continues on this channel, as I always had the impression of it being fair to all participants and entities, no matter if right-wing, left-wing, socialist, libertarian, or Bielefeld non-believers. In a representative democracy, we have the chance to express in detail what we as voters expect and what we think the real issues are, rather than voting for one of two or maybe three parties until the winner takes it all and around 49% of the votes are null, basically. Radical and splinter parties are a part of that process and are to be met with reason and fair treatment, both which will lead to their deterioration, as long as the "regular" parties can satisfiy the voters with solutions that adress their fears.

  47. I'm getting enough of this crap! Why the hell do leaders of populist movement always resign after they win, first it was Cameron with the Conservatives after brexit now it's Petry. This like a football player in a small yet popular team about to make their first goal and when he makes it, he throws the ball to another player and leaves

    Ich bekomme genug von diesem Mist! Warum die Hölle Führer der populistischen Bewegung immer zurücktreten, nachdem sie gewinnen, zuerst war es Cameron mit den Konservativen nach brexit jetzt ist es Petry. Dies ist ein Fußballspieler in einem kleinen, aber populären Team, um ihr erstes Tor zu machen, und wenn er es macht, wirft er den Ball zu einem anderen Spieler und geht

  48. I think protest voters should vote the Linke ("Left") because they are also anti-establishment but they are not almost Nazis like the AFD. Or maybe one of the about 10 smaller parties which isn't in Bundestag. someone who just wanted to protest without supporting any political direction could have voted for Die PARTEI ("the PARTY"), which is a satirical party. It would be better to vote Die PARTEI than spoil your ballot because a spoiled ballot could also mean that you where just too stupid to vote and a spoiled ballot has no effect at all. It isn't even shown in most statistics.

  49. Spoling the ballot will have no effect at all. This form of protest is not even going to be noticed by anyone in power.
    In the election of 2013 almost 16% of the votes went to partys which didn't make the 5% hurdle. That meant that the partys which made it into the Bundestag were elected by less than 60% of the eligible voters.

    Not a single politician of the last government found this to be in any way problematic and they wouldn't find it problematic even if more than 50% of the votes next time were invalid. As long as they get their seats in the Bundestag they won't care, they will even see it as a confirmation that they are doing everything right if they don't loose a seat in the Bundestag. But what they care about are these seats. Losing them means for them to lose power, money and their own jobs.

    Another thing about people who voted for the AfD is, that they did not only want to protest but they wanted to convey a very specific message by voting the AfD. They might not be perfectly fine with what the AfD wants, but they want a shift of the politics into that direction, they would not have voted for a communistic protest party because that would have been an entierly different message. They want especially the Union to move more to the right again (currently it would be quite a wide stretch to call them right center). Spoiling the vote was not an option for those people and I can understand that although I have a different opinion.

  50. Have Germany ever considered full presidential system. Which mean executive is elected rather than voted in the legislature chamber preventing mutiple party that has no plan of even trying to work together. Two round system like in France would also be a nice procedure.

  51. Im still happy that Germany always has coalitions. I am pritty sure even if one party would get 51% they would still make a coalition. And that is really good! Politicans have to argue and discuss in their coalition, representing more and different viewpoints of politics.
    When I see the US system of 2 parties and the Winner takes it all approche I feel like I am watching a child with personality disorder. 2 Viewpoints is ….welll….nothing. There is no Yes or No in politics. There are countless of different opinions and ideas of different social groups in politics, having only 2 partys feels realloy undemocratic…
    But well who am I to judge about the "democratic" and "freedoom" exporter nr. 1

  52. I completely disagree with your statement about fringe parties. The problem with the democratic governments in the West no is that they are owned by one or two political parties which do not and will not provide the people with alternatives and better solutions. The democratic governments in the West have been acting contrary to the will of the people and what is in their best interest. In the case of the US, such actions by the government are actually unconstitutional. In the case of the major European powers, they have sold their loyalty to the EU and big business resulting in a degradation of their societies. The democracies of the West are no longer under the control of the majority of the people resulting in taxation at a level exceeding any precedent in history and acting in accord with the interests of the political parties, minorities or large business monopolies. One would think that by the 21st century democratic governments would fulfill their mandates and act according to the demands of their constituents and in accordance with their constitutions. Mr. Rewboss, you are absolutely wrong. The large political parties have turned their representative republics into oligarchic tyrannical governments devoid of any appreciable standard of ethics of loyalty to the people. Plato was right.

  53. @3:43 Sadly, it won't. Actually, it is the only way your opinion won't be reflected at all. The percentages for the different parties are percentages of valid votes only. The only way your vote does count is as having been cast, so the politicians can feel more legitimized because of the *high participation*.

  54. and your suggestion to the SPD would almost inevitably result in the de facto formation of a two party–right and left–system as in America, when the formation of coalitions comprised of independently minded and separate parties, all at different points long the political spectrum is the best representation of democracy.

  55. I feel Germany is a traditionally-minded nation (with about 40% of the electorate continuously to the left for the past 100 years), with the terrorism in the West and in the Middle East this has only become more true. You made a valid point: people are railing against the mainstream and they know voting for the Union or the FDP, with their politicians born post war will always run away from any policy which can be remotely referred to as xenophobic–in any and all capacities. Germans are scared to speak German in America. Its pathetic that middle aged politicians, for the most part, simply cannot be counted one to represent the Center-Right interests of Germans. Therefore, you have the rise of the AfD. It like Germans are scared to express themselves, for fear of being called fascists and Nazis. Simply ridiculous. Everyone voting was not a member of the Nazis, most have an aversion to them, so if they want to be conservative it is their right.

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