#2 Training – Ballot Box Setup (2019)

Ballot Box Setup Each precinct will receive a ballot box delivered inside the grey precinct cart. The ballot box
has two wheels on the back… …and you will need to tip it to move it. On the back of
the ballot box there are two compartments. One for emergency ballots
and one to access the main compartment. Using the silver key located on your
Chief’s lanyard, you need to check both compartments… …first thing in the morning
to make sure they are empty. The emergency ballot bin has a hinge at the bottom, you will not be able to completely remove the door. You can remove the entire door to get access to the main compartment. The door has a lip
to assist when placing the door back on the ballot box. Once you have verified
that both compartments are empty… …your ballot boxes are ready to have the
scanner placed on top

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