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  1. Steyer and Bloomberg are only interested because they can see the champion of the billionaires, status-quo-Joe looking shakey.

  2. Am I the only one who finds pence to be something like a dangerous robot, his unnatural, practiced body movements and stilted, phony-sounding evasive speech just scream, "I'm a desperate liar who's trying hard to hold onto control until I can go suck a d**k while mother isn't watching"? I mean, his lie rate is really almost as great as Drumpf's and gets little attention. By the way wtf is up with Melanija misspelling her name all the time??

  3. The sad thing is as angry as they are I dont see much chance of them winning. When i was little i can remember seeing the population sign like 930000 people or so. I member well damn i thought there was at least 4 or 5 million. Now the signs are like 350000 or so. What gives?

  4. I knew it was gonna be a casserole of mess when all these Dems started running. Its. Too. Many. I'm nervous its gonna backfire.

  5. Damn, you managed to open with two profoundly stupid assumptions… So dumb…

  6. It's literally an episode of Round Table:

    ~ Kermit: These Zoning Laws are infringing on the rights of citizens!
    ~ Harold Ramis: Uh, if I might interrupt for a minute, I'd like to point out that~
    ~ Al Michaels: You had your turn, let someone else speak!
    ~ Harold Ramis: I haven't said a word; it was that guy over there!
    ~ Ray Romano: Hey, don't look at me, I can't even get in a word edgewise!
    ~ Kermit: Well, then who the hell's been talking this whole time?!

    (Inaudible Four Way Debate Ensues)

  7. If only the Cheesecake Factory had a “Duck Salad” on their menu for salad comber and duck killer Amy Klobuchar.

  8. I just wanna vomit everytime I see Karney west . Can he go away already 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 and what up with this caption popping up all the time also annoying as hell . I have to turn it off everytime I watch your video ahhhhhh

  9. Keep seeing people in the comments talking about the auto-generated captions but nobody is in shock from the lady who kept screaming and yelling during this clip?!

  10. Fact remains that ANY of the Democratic candidates would be an ENORMOUS improvement over what is in the WH presently. My T-shirt says "Literally Anybody Else in 2020" and as I wear it in public, people are constantly stopping me and complimenting that sentiment. BTW I live in the deep south. People have had enough of trump and his corruption and traitorous antics.

  11. What’s the matter with them? Stop attacking each other and be sensible. Too much candidates doing too little on focusing and paying more on Trumps politics and failures.

  12. There are many candidates because they all have one thing in common…they want Trump out of office ! Each of those candidates think they’ll do a better job than The Donald. I bet even the taco stand man will be morally upright than the man currently holding the office…he’ll do a better job!

  13. The Democrat race is descending into a farce. It is becoming who is the least worst candidate. Trump must be smiling and looking forward to 2020.

  14. I'm going to stop watching any content from this YouTube channel if they keep automatically activating the closed captions. It's really annoying.

  15. Trump will win in 2020. The media fails to show what reeeeeal Americans are. Just look at the attempt to impeach Trump, yet the process is taking so long. The Democrats are weak and ridiculous. The media, like Kimmel, is ridiculous as well. They like to make fun of Trump, yet Americans, when they go to the poll, will let their Trumps out and vote for who they really support. The media is just noise.

  16. Yang is a keeper. The man has backed up his voice with data and has forward thinking on our ever changing and automated industry.

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